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Tim Wikiriwhi’s Submission to the New Zealand Government’s Constitutional Review. 2013


What follows in my Pathetic submission to the government review of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements.
As usual I left writing it to that last minutes.
Leaving my run too late I simply ran out of time.
I have been doing shift work lately and I dont manage shift changes at all well.
I worked 12 hours Saturday night, and had today off, and planned to use it writing a killer submission, and yet I slept until 2.30pm, and then had some house chores to do.
Thus my submission is by my way of thinking… Pathetic!
As Usual I must hang my head in shame at how far below standard my contribution falls.
None the less I submitted it, believing even a Crappy attempt was better than none at all.
so read on…. Cry if you must but please refrain from being too scathing in your criticisms… Oh what the hell Rip into me!
I deserve it.

What is happening in New Zealand constitutionally speaking is quite frightening.
The Key National-Maori party Coalition government have set up a ‘Constitutional review panel to look at our constitutional arrangements and this board is filled with Maori Radicals, and socialists and there is every reason to believe that after a formal semblance of public liaison and submissions, that the powers that be will simply enshrine a constitution which suits them… grant them maximum powers and discretions, and maintains their ability to tax us and in debt us at will, and so I at least attempted to make a submission which challanged the ambitions of the powers that be.
I will add some links etc to this blog post later


To the powers that be, and the Constitutional Review panel.

The purpose of my submission is to lay out some general guidelines by which I believe any proposed Constitutional Laws ought to be weighed, and deemed to be either Good or Bad.

I know my submission will not make some people happy.
I know my use of some terms such as ‘tyranny’ will cause some to ‘Poo poo’ me,
yet I ask you to seriously consider what I say.

My submission is not exhaustive.
There are some things I have only lightly touched upon, and others completely absent.
I would like to be presented with further opportunity to participate in future discussions, and would like to make an oral submission should that opportunity be made available.
Tim Wikiriwhi


The State is the servant of the people, not their Master.

The purpose of a constitution.

There are just limits to government powers, and there are legitimate liberties in which citizens ought to be free to exercise their own conscience in the pursuit of their own happiness.
When theses are not clearly delineated Injustice occurs.

Bad Constitutions, Good constitutions, and the Status Quo.
A Bad constitution pseudo-legitimizes tyrannical powers of government …in particular it grants license to the largest mob… via the ruling party, to arbitrary make laws, and impose their party political agendas with complete disregard to the rights of individuals or minorities.
Bad constitutions give Parliament an open check book by allowing it to Levy Taxes and borrow money… increasing debts…. For what ever reasons…the ruling party wants.
This is a recipe for disaster!
For Bankruptcy, Political Favoritism, and wholesale oppression.
Unchecked parliamentary power appeals and panders to vested interests which come in many shapes and sizes.
Most Political parties tend to be lobbies for particular vested interests rather than proponents of blind and objective principles.
Today our unrestrained Parliamentary system has allowed such parties to expand the State and its burdens upon us and to impose their popular prejudices and delusions thereby producing a totalitarian system with tentacles which reach into every area of our lives.
They have buried us in Debts and taxes, and hobbled our industries and abilities to prosper.
Bad constitutions which give carte blanch scope and maximize Parliamentary power are favored by prejudiced and megalomaniac types , who harbor a distain for freedom and equality, and are possessed with an overwhelming urge to micro-manage other peoples lives.
They desire broad political powers for the sake of granting favour to the special interests they represent, or to persecute unpopular minorities.

Conversely …A just constitution keeps such Tyrannical vested interests in check.
The purpose of a proper/ just constitution is to clearly define the duties of Government and set clear Demarcations and limits of its powers and spheres of operation.
A good constitution contains a Bill of individual rights which are clearly defined and sacrosanct… ie the State violates the constitution if it encroaches upon these rights… even when it claims to have a democratic mandate to do so… ie The purpose of the bill of rights is to protect individuals and minorities from arbitrary Mob Rule.

Thus the legitimacy of a Democratically elected Government is maintained only as long as their powers and activities strictly remain with the restricted sphere of their defined duties.
The sphere of Individual Freedom and self responsibility.

There is a sphere of Individual liberty and responsibility.
It is within this sphere that every Individual functions as a Free, and independent adult, Making their own choices and decisions free of political coercion, thereby benefiting from their own virtues, and suffering their own follies.
It is the domain of religious liberty, voluntary action, and personal ethics.
Under no circumstances is the elected parliament to be allowed to encroach upon, or reduce the sphere of individual liberty and responsibility.
Thus the Sphere of Individual freedom set limits to political power, and also leaves the individual the adult responsibility of self government in regards to such things as their own health, and financial well being, full control over their own money.

A proper constitution prohibits Meddlesome socialists from usurping greater powers and responsibilities at the expense of Individual freedom and self responsibility.
This is essential not only for maintaining Just Law and the proper relationship between Political power and individual Rights and liberties, but is also a Buttress against the Bloating of Government in size, scope, and expense.

The fact that we suffer a bloated Nanny State which levies heavy Taxations, and borrows hundreds of millions of dollars every week is testament to our dire need for a Constitution to Hog tie our socialist parliament and their financial ineptitude.

The Rule of Law.
It is a complete lie to equate ‘the Mandate of the majority’ as being the Rule of law.
It is no such thing.
The mandate of the Majority today is used by socialists as pseudo-justification for what ever Law they pass.
‘The will of the people’ is a grossly abused term used to justify Mob rule.
The oppressed are supposed to accept their lot simply because the Law has majority support.

The rule of law is something far less whimsical.
The rule of law is fundamentally the Constitutional safeguards which protect individuals and minorities from the evils of absolute democracy… the whims of populist politics and Mob oppression.
Without such safeguards citizens are exposed to the arbitrary will of Parliament.
It is the rigid nature of the constitution which establishes the true Rule of Law, by setting in stone certain Iron clad principles of justice which limits parliament from arbitrarily manufacturing laws which cater for vested interests, or impose popular prejudice, or from encroaching into spheres of activity which are not the proper domain of Just government.

One of the most important principles of Justice which establishes The rule of Law is the principle of Equality before the Law.
It is therefore one of the most violated of Just principles because Vested interests and warped Political ideologies are hell bent on creating un-equal laws, upon granting favours or removing the rights and liberties of certain sectors of our population.

Having the principle of Equality before the Law as a Constitutional Guarantee would halt the greatest percentage of Bad, unjust, legislations, usurpations, and Partisan Politics.
It should forbid Parliament from making any law based upon Race, gender, culture, creed, etc.
It would prevent laws which violate the personal sovereignty of certain groups… eg laws against drug and alcohol use by consenting adults, laws which discriminate against certain types of sex and Marriage between consenting adults, It would prohibit Parliament Banning or heavily taxing cigarettes, etc…. all these activities being within the legitimate sphere of personal choice, personal belief, and personal responsibility, because they do not of themselves violate the rights of others, esp when practiced on private property.

. keyyy

One of the greatest injustices and violations of the principle of equality in New Zealand has been the Institutionalized racism surrounding the modern interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi.
As a Maori I am deeply ashamed that this travesty is being perpetrated under the guise that as a Maori I am a hapless victim, and that I need and deserve special help and rights to function.
Not only is the Treaty industry shambollic and a massive extortion racket, and a font of Racist law … it actually harms and enslaves the Maori people in dependence upon the state, and is instilling a vile race hatred and bigotry, which shows it’s ugly head in may ways… esp in Maori crime statistics, and ill health.
The fact is that even if in practical terms this apartheid system actually got positive results, it would still be evil and vile because Good ends cannot be justified by evil means.
The wellbeing of one section of society can never be justify the oppression and subjection of other section of society, and this is just one reason why the principle of Equality must be binding upon parliament and government institutions.

Maori as much as anyone will benefit when all race based laws and institutions are abolished…esp the racist Electoral rolls and race based seats in Parliament (and elsewhere)
As a minority people, our rights are best protected by constitutional guarantees of equality before the Law.

In brief…
Self ownership and Personal sovereignty.
The Individual is not the property of Government, not a slave of society, but is Free and sovereign over themselves, their own body, and their property.

Private property is another sacrosanct principle of justice which parliament must be kept from violating.

Though I have not space or time to fully expound everything which a righteous constitution ought to embody, I must make at least a passing comment that the institution of a New constitution can either be a Great leap backwards, or forwards, or it can entrench stagnation.
The Ideals of a truly Just and free society are miles away from where we are today and I am not so silly as to think all my principles can be implemented overnight, but require a period of transition which achieves the desired goals with the minimum pain for New Zealanders who have become depended upon the Status quo.
Thus what is required is a plan of transition, by which incrementally Bad laws and overbearing government institutions are repealed and ‘wound back’… over a period of years.

Subjects which need further elaboration….
* the evils of Welfareism and dependency.
* The consent of the governed.
* Articles for the Bill of rights.
* What are the Just duties of a government?
*. How far from the mark is the Status quo?
* Planning the transition from the Status quo towards Justice and liberty/
* Down sizing and privatization
* Maintaining a free society.

NZ Police: Brutalising the Old


(I’m not sure how to embed videos from TVNZ. But click anywhere on the above image to visit the ONE News website and the video will play automatically.)

Last time I posted about the NZ Police they were brutalising the sick. Now (it is alleged) they’re brutalising the old. A 64 year old woman was put in a headlock and her arms forced behind her back when she tried to pick up the phone. Her own phone, in her own home. She sustained severe bruising to her arms and face.

“We’re terrified of the police,” said one woman at a community meeting in the Paparoa Town Hall. And with good reason, it seems.

Once upon a time, police officers were among the most respected members of the community. That’s no longer so. Today, many otherwise law abiding people as well as actual criminals see them as “the filth”. Indisputably, there is corruption in the NZ Police. Who knows how much? I like to think that police corruption in New Zealand consists of “isolated pockets”. But I worry that police corruption is endemic. Regardless, the loss of respect for the police is something the police have brought upon themselves.

The War on Drugs™ plays a huge role in this. The incident reported in the video above is all over a few cannabis plants! Prohibition is unjust and those who enforce our drug laws commit injustices in doing so.

I’m optimistic that New Zealand will legalise cannabis soon. One day the War on Drugs™ will effectively be over. But when it’s all over, will the reputation of the NZ Police recover? The NZ Police support cannabis prohibition. Cannabis prohibition makes arresting people easy. Whether they’re being investigated for a real crime, or not. And they get to go for helicopter rides at the taxpayers’s expense. Will the police become better people when they have to put in real work to establish grounds to arrest and convict people for committing real crimes? Will the police attract a different class of recruit when the job perks no longer include free drugs and free helicopter rides? I’m pessimistic.

Heads up, peeps. I’m starting to have doubts about libertarianism itself. 😎

A few years ago, the Libertarianz Party merchandised some apparel with the slogan, “There’s No Government Like No Government.” And underneath, in smaller letters, “Unless it’s Very, Very Small.” The idea being that the proper role of government is limited to running a police force, a judiciary and an army. But should the government be involved even in these? I’m finding it hard to ignore the mounting evidence that our police force is corrupt and/or incompetent. And I already know that our justice system is severely compromised. Violent criminals get treated like victims, and lying murdering psychopaths walk free, thanks to show trials manipulated by a cynical MSM and obsessional narcissistic former All Blacks.

And, while I’ve yet to hear a bad word about the men and women of the New Zealand Defence Force (and I hope I don’t), I’m starting to wonder—should I abandon the label “Christian libertarian” in favour of “anarcho-monarchist”?

Rabid Anti-Reason Atheists Priesthood Cry Blasphemy!



Creationism and intelligent design are causing quite a stir at Ball State University, a public college in Muncie, Indiana. In addition to sparking an internal investigation into Professor Eric Hedin, a Christian who is accused by the atheistic Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), among others, of potentially indoctrinating students, there’s yet another new target. The FFRF is now joining evolutionary scientists in speaking out against the same university’s hire of Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, an astronomy professor who embraces intelligent design.

What’s most fascinating about the debate is that academic environments really should be the host of vibrant discussion, debate and diverse viewpoints. While most scientists do believe in evolutionary theory, the notion that people who do not should be silenced seems counter-intuitive. But that is exactly what is unfolding as the contention over Ball State’s hiring of these professors progresses.

Read more Here:

^^^ This story exposes the Bigotry which corrupts the academic world which not only stifles real science, but maintains the lies of evolution and Materialist in the position of ‘Orthodoxy’.
These Atheists are complete hypocrites because they are doing today what they accuse the Religious zealots of the past of doing!… Stifling dissenting opinion for the sake of maintaining a monopoly… not by reason… but by force!

Watch this excellent video… Expelled: No Intelligence allowed

Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence

Painting : Napoleon at Fontainbleau

Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence

The adage has been widely attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. It is also known as Hanlon’s razor.

When it comes to the Bain murders, there are many who are in blatant violation of this adage, including some for whom I have inordinate fondness, admiration and respect. For example

This Travisty of Justice … the conviction of Daivid Bain… is what happens when you convict some one on circumstantial evidence and a bogus police fabricated account of events.


the Police [had] been trying to make the evidence point to David.

I now think the most plausible explanation is that the Police staged this photo.

Apparently, the evidence that convicted David Bain in 1995 was “fabricated”. David Bain was the victim of a “witch hunt”. To which I say (loudly, clearly and in capital letters) BULLSHIT!

I have it on good authority (i.e., hearsay) that the police were merely incompetent. After David Bain’s badly acted 111 call, a friend of a friend of a friend was one of the first police officers on the scene. He reported that the scene was so blatantly obviously a “son kills family” scene and lame attempt at a cover-up that they thought it would be the easiest open and shut case in history … seems they were just too damn blasé about the forensics. 🙁

Here’s Rodders to give them some harsh words. Twelve reasons to worry about the Bain case.

What’s the plausible explanation? (Part 4)

The Binnie Report clearly states that the magazine found next to Robin Bain’s body was empty.

(iv) The Curious Placement of the empty 10 shot magazine
268. An important element of the prosecutor’s argument against suicide (and a point which found favour with the Court of Appeal) is that an empty 10 shot magazine was found close to Robin Bain’s dead right hand on the carpet resting on its narrow, slightly convex edge.

271. The Bain argument is that the magazine must have been placed on the floor before Robin’s death because in order to make the fatal shot Robin must have switched the empty 10 bullet magazine for the loaded 5 bullet magazine. Each of the 10 bullets was accounted for elsewhere in the house. When the Police seized the gun it was fitted with a smaller 5 shot magazine. It was a bullet from that 5 shot magazine that killed Robin. The Bain team theory is that Robin put down the empty 10 shot magazine on the flooras he fit the smaller 5 shot magazine to the rifle in preparation for suicide.

And this photo shows that there is a bullet in the magazine next to Robin Bain’s hand.

Empty magazine?
A .22 bullet


So what’s the plausible explanation?

1) That Binnie misrepresented the evidence.

2) That the Police photographer didn’t know that the magazine was supposed to be empty.


David Bain proven innocent! I salute Joe Karam!

bain thumb

Never mind the caption… look at those lines on Robin Bain’s Thumb! They were caused by him reloading his Magazine after shooting half his family… then killing the rest (except for David who was doing his paper round)… then turning the Gun on himself!

To all of you who have stubbornly held firm to the belief that David Bain killed his Family Time to Eat Cake!
They have conclusively proven that Robin Bain Killed his Family!
David Bain is an innocent Man!
He’s a victim who was treated as a criminal because of shoddy Police work!
Robin Bain had marks on his thumb and finger from loading the 22 rife Magazines!
This new evidence was picked up by an amateur… a Waikato businessman.


Finally Joe Karam’s fanatical determination to see David Bain freed has been vindicated!
So many people labelled this hero an obsessed Idiot when he was really Obsessed about Truth and Justice!
I Salute You Joe! You should be Knighted!
What a testimony of Faith and virtue!
What a Man of Principle!
Homage to you Sir!
You are an Inspiration!
A testament to Battlers against State injustice… to anyone who champions a righteous cause… to sticking to what you believe to be right no matter what the odds… in the face of every Devil… every army which seeks to defeat you and break your resolve… to demoralise you and make you fall back into line.

Read about Joe Karam: Tireless Campainer Here:

This Travisty of Justice … the conviction of Daivid Bain… is what happens when you convict some one on circumstantial evidence and a bogus police fabricated account of events.
Innocent people get Stomped upon by the State!
This is why it is so important to judge a person to be innocent until proved guilty… beyond Reasonable Doubt!
This is why the innocent verdict of Ewen McDonald in the Scott Guy Murder trial was the correct verdict…. based on the evidence!

Now it’s time David Bain received an official apology from the Police and Justice system… and his Kin whom disowned him ought to now beg for his forgiveness and invite him back into their hearts and lives.

It is also time for the Justice department to get the chequebook out and make reparations for their grievous miscarriage of justice!

Joe Karam also deserves Recompense and payment for services rendered!

There ought to be a commission of inquiry into how the Police go about their witch hunts!
Their bumblings!
Their whole case was a complete fabrication!
*Remember that Robin Bain even left a confession on the computer!*… yet even that was said to be a fabrication by the Real Killer… according to the Police.

scott watson
Scott Watson.
The Bungling and injustice of the Bain case also demonstrates why The Scott Watson conviction definitely needs to be reviewed!
If only Scott had his own ‘Joe Karam’ like champion I sincerely believe he too would be set free.

Read more Here… Former detective believes Watson is innocent

These types of dubious convictions are tragically common in New Zealand and clearly demonstrate one good reason (of many) to oppose the Death penalty.
Our ‘Justice’ system is a joke…all too Human… all too fallible.
Pandering to Popular outrage and fear, the Police lay charges and prosecute people on the most flimsy of circumstances… they fabricate the most convoluted stories and motives, are very selective about witnesses they use, they routinely fail to protect evidence and often intentionally destroy it, and their ‘science’ is often later found to be seriously unreliable and thereby unfairly prejudices cases in favour of getting a conviction.

And this is one reason why reparations must be high when bad judgments are overturned.
They need to justly reflect the travesty of the police and courts prosecuting cases upon insufficient evidence, and cause the population to appreciate the gravity of maintaining a defective Justice system.
Currently I believe Kiwis are too keen to see the police ping ‘someone’…’anyone’… rather than only prosecuting cases which have substantial evidence.
Inquires ought to follow and Police ought to be held accountable when they are found to have bungled or been subversive in their activities.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian (Independent)

Read more on this subject Here…

Extra Note Re: the caption of the Photo of Robin Bain’s Hand and the Magazine.
What we must now ask is whether a policeman stood the Magazine up on it’s edge like that!
It is in what Herbert Spencer would call an ‘unstable equilibrium’… and just a small amount of force is required to make it move into a more stable equilibrium… flat on the floor.
It is true that if we were to drop that Mag it is more likely to naturally end up lying flat on the ground rather than up on its edge like that… Yet still how silly is it to think that ‘A Killer’ would place a magazine on purpose like that???
There is something Odd about that… yet not beyond possibility… so…. ???? Just sayin 🙂

Are we Dunne yet?


Dunne now target of private prosecution

Today Graham McCready laid four changes against Peter Dunne in the Wellington District Court.

Peter Dunne was, until recently, the Minister of Revenue and Associate Minister of Health. He remains in Parliament as leader and sole MP of the ailing United Future Party.

Graham McCready is a retired accountant and Wellingtonian.

Mr McCready is currently taking a private prosecution against John Banks, alleging he knowingly filed a false electoral return over $50,000 in donations from internet tycoon Kim Dotcom in his failed 2010 Auckland mayoral campaign.

He also prosecuted Labour MP Trevor Mallard in 2007 over a stoush with National MP Tau Henare.

Mr Banks denies the charged while Mr Mallard pleaded guilty to fighting in public and was fined $500.

Mr McCready said he was prosecuting Mr Dunne “to take on these wayward people”.

All strength to McCready.

Three of the charges relate to the GCSB scandal, over which Dunne was forced to resign his ministerial positions. They allege breaches against the Crimes Act, but it’s the fourth charge of alleged fraud in particular that I hope succeeds.

Mr McCready told NZ Newswire Mr Dunne continued to receive parliamentary funding of $100,000 a year, despite knowing United Future didn’t have enough members to be registered as a political party by the Electoral Commission.

Specifically, McCready has accused Mr Dunne of fraud by receiving $3846.10 between 30 April and 1 June as a fortnightly instalment of his $100,000 payment as a leader of a registered political party. McCready issued a statement saying

Mr Dunne finds himself in the same position as a welfare beneficiary who has had a substantial change of circumstances, takes no steps to alert WINZ of the change and continues to receive the money when he has no ‘colour of right’ to receive it.

Nor did he take any steps to return the money or hold it in trust.

Is he immune from prosecution? If I don’t advise WINZ of a change in my circumstances they would come after me. Why shouldn’t they go after Dunne?

The analogy holds good, but Dunne’s offending is (at least) an order of magnitude worse for the simple fact that Dunne is (or, thankfully, was) a government minister not a WINZ beneficiary.

Dunne saw fit to “take liberties” with the Parliamentary rules. He granted himself some “leeway” in the uncertain hope that he could persuade enough people to sign up and restore his party’s membership to the minimum of 500 required to stay registered.

It’s a very fine line indeed between Dunne’s behaviour and corruption. So blurry, in fact, that I can’t see it. Corruption in government and officialdom is an insidious evil that must be stamped out.

In most of the African continent corruption is rife at all levels of government. I submit that such corruption is the #1 reason that Africa (e.g.) remains the impoverished shithole that it mostly is. Feel free to challenge me on this, but in my view Graham McCready is a hero and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for seeking to nip this bad behavior in the bud.