“I will give Thee Power and Glory”… saith Lucifer.

The Devil offered Christ all the Kingdoms of the world if he would but bow down before him.

A low vote count can be very devastating to a person or party standing for election.
No doubt many Act party members are moping about, licking their wounds.
There can be many reasons why election defeats occur and those involved in such situations discuss ways to improve their chances of election next time, yet there is a very evil temptation that must be avoided at all cost.
The thing to beware is the notion that principles must be sacrificed for the sake of popularity… Compromise is the road to hell.
Many Power hungry Politicians are Poll driven sluts!.

Humanity is in peril. The stormy world of politics needs an immovible lighthouse to shine its light in the darkness

The Libertarianz Party will Stoically endure all. They have faced election defeats for a decade and a half, yet have always resisted the temptation to soften their bid for freedom and justice. I have stood for Parliament and council both as a Libertarianz Party Candidate and as an Independent, yet have never changed a single policy. My principles are not for sale. Having no lust for power for its own sake. I see no point in striving to win election if the price must be to forsake and betray my values. Yet it is amazing how many parties and individuals do just that. If you read the National party constitution you would think they were the Libertarianz or Act party, yet in reality they are today virtually identical to the Labour party. Via compromise after compromise….step by step they deserted their original/ foundational ideals and now represent the very opposite convictions. For the sake of Political power they sold out. Thus my message to Don Brash and the Act Party is Don’t blame your principles as being ‘the problem’! Don’t fall into the trap that you must ‘water down’ and compromise your Ideals…for popularities sake! No! You must be resolved. You must improve how you get your message across to the public… but stand rock solid… immovable upon the principles which define you and distinguish you from the National Party…lest ye become light blue. Here is a short list of things you cannot compromise upon without selling your soul to Satan.
1. Be resolute in regards to the RMA. Liberty and Property rights are an essential for a prosperous and just Nation.
2. Be resolute in opposition to the ETS. It is a giant socialist scam attempting to cripple industry and growth, and control of the Means of production.
3. Push for the decriminalization of Cannabis. This is an extremely important Law and order issue. The gains that such a reform would make to our society is Monumental.
4. Stand firm upon Ending Waitangi Apartheid. Racial Equality before the Law is a fundamental of Justice. The Waitangi Gravy train is a heinous disease that ensnares Maori in Racism and socialist dependence and corrupts race relations.

Thus Act must spend the next three years working to gain back support. I suggest you push harder…not softer upon these righteous policies… or Quit….and leave the field clear for the Libertarianz Party. Those are the only two moral options you have.

I may have only recieved 101 votes yet I wont be changing my principles.
St Paul said “I have fought the Good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith…”

Christian note: Of all people, Christians ought to be aware of the evils of selling out the principles of justice for Popular support. We are warned about the evil of compromise many times in the scriptures. For example “Broard is the way that leadeth to Damnation, and many there be thereon; Narrow is the way that leadeth to life and few there be that find it”, and again “Let God be true and every man a Liar”, and again What profit a man should he gain the whole world but loose his own soul?, and again “Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon”. The Utilitarian Principle of the greatest Happiness is actually an Anti-Christian Atheist Doctrine designed to opposes Christian Values and Idealism.
Of course this does not mean a Christian cannot make compromises on non-essential questions and be accommodating with the desires of others, as long as this does not compromise essential principles. As far as values go Integrity to truth and justice ought to be much higher up your hierarchy than the lust for power (Integrity to truth and justice ought to occupy the very highest tier and be a defining characteristic of your being!). Do not deceive yourself that you may Compromise yourself to gain power, and that when it is within your grasp that you will then wield it with resolute integrity. Remember ‘Power tends to Corrupt’, thus if you are prepared to make compromises to gain power, undoubtedly you will be prepared to make more to keep it. Tim Wikiriwhi.

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