Act Party Free Speech National Tour of New Zealand. Hamilton Meeting 7-5-21

Last night I attended Act Party Leader David Seymour’s Hamilton free speech meeting.
This was part of his nationwide ‘Free Speech Tour’.
It was held in the Wintec Bill Gallagher Center downtown Hamilton.
It was a full house, approximately 200 Hamiltonians came along to hear David speak.

David had already visited 12 other towns with similarly good attendance, which he said was a testimony to both New Zealanders strong democratic spirit, and also their concern about the current government’s drive to muzzle free speech.
In my opinion, this turnout is also a response to how David Seymour has been distinguishing himself and the Act party as ‘the freedom party’.
Up until the last election David Seymour was a lone voice in parliament speaking out against proposed hate speech legislation and other Socialist interventions rushed through into law ‘under urgency’ bypassing safeguards and due process.
It was David Seymour’s decision to take a stand on such issues, including standing against Ardern’s gun confiscations that was behind Acts success at the last election.
Many New Zealanders are far from impressed with Ardern’s quickstep march towards a Socialist Police State which is sharply at variance with the Kiwi spirit of freedom and self reliance.
In past decades New Zealand has suffered a decline in independence, and yet the pace with which Radical leftist ideology is being imposed under Ardern, has caused alarm even among many conservative thinkers and this was reflected in the audience.
Today David Seymour rightfully enjoys the position in the public eye of most outspoken member of parliament for free speech, and now has 9 other Act Party MP by his side.
It is a position he has earned, and should his team continue on this righteous trajectory I forsooth Act’s star will remain in ascension, and they will increase their presence in Parliament.

By design David told the audience that he wanted to keep the meeting to an hour in length including Q+A, which many people will have been happy with… not me!
I believe the importance of the topic easily justified double that!
There are many troubling aspects of what is going on that were not aired, yet I guess the difference between a public meeting, and a ‘Convention’ is that meetings generally are shorter.
This being so David’s speech was no lecture, but simple and brief.

He spoke about free speech as being an essential component of what it means to be a human individual, and that it’s suppression is an attack upon human dignity.
He spoke about free speech as being absolutely essential for a healthy democracy because free speech cannot stand where there is tyranny, and tyranny cannot stand where there is free speech.
He spoke about free speech as the enlightened means by which civil society openly discusses and solves it’s problems.
He spoke about how proposed hate speech laws threaten to suppress open discourse about politically charged subjects from fear of being visited by the thought Police, and getting flagged as being a person who has expressed ‘hateful opinions’… which could impact upon such things as job applications.
He committed the Act party to working to prevent any hate speech legislation becoming law, yet admitted that because the Ardern government enjoys a 65% majority in parliament there is probably little Act can do to prevent such legislation becoming Law should it be pushed through this term. In that case he committed Act to repealing any such laws that might shortly come into force, including the wordy ‘Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification Of Publications And Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill’ which he described as Government ‘filters of online content’… and dangerous.
He said one means by which the repeal of any new restriction of free speech could be undertaken was via public referenda, yet to make that a reality would take a petition of parliament with 300 000 signatures. Not a small task… but do-able if those people who care about this issue… such as those who attended the Act tour meetings throughout the country, committed themselves to help them achieve these goals.
Thus David finished the formal part of the meeting with an appeal for active support for Act and their free speech initiatives, and also for financial donations.
Act party membership costs only $20 for 3 years… “A Bargain!” said Seymour… alluring to Act’s ‘market philosophies’ as the solution to so many social issues.

David Seymour has an engaging speaking manor, skillfully throwing in a joke and a laugh here and there.
When asked ‘why is there a distinguishable pattern and common theme between what is happening here in NZ and what is going on all across Western nations… does he believe a grand scheme was at work?’
He responded by pointing to the general dearth of intelligence within parliament, making it in his estimation highly unlikely they are mentally competent to participate in a grand evil conspiracy… rather their evil policies can simply be understood from their overt stupidity!
He does not appear to grasp that far be it their stupidity renders their adherence to a grand scheme unlikely… but more gullibly so!
They are following a well articulated socialist global agenda.
David said many top NZ bureaucrats and politicians are friends, and that no doubt they talk among themselves about what they hope to achieve… in their minds things they believe will make New Zealand a better place.
(My thoughts: They dream of imposing a Leftist totalitarian police state!)

One lady in the audience was a migrant from Great Britain and ex high court lawyer who spoke about how hate speech laws were wreaking havoc there. Seymour agreed and pointed out how far they had slidden remarking also how Britain had up until recently Laws prohibiting the intentional causing of offence, yet these were overturned by the public backlash, including outspoken activism by comic Rowan Atkinson. Seymour joked about how frightening it would be to be confronted by redoubtable Mr Bean!
I chuckled, because I think David Seymour himself bears amusing resemblance to Mr Bean!
Jokes aside, David Seymour and Act are to be highly commended for doing this tour and for making free speech one of their primary concerns this election cycle.

In the past David Seymour has taken many positions with which I strongly disagree, however as things stand there are no political parties that come close to Acts resolve to defend such a fundamental principle of liberty as freedom of speech.
It is under Jacinda Arderns power mad gaze, and she is hell bent on silencing all dissent .
Her ambitions are nothing short of overthrowing New Zealand’s traditions, values, ideals, and even our national autonomy is in danger as she imposes the dictates of the UN, for example the UN Global Compact for Migration which itself proscribes heavy censorship and prosecutions for anyone who complains about it.
We also know with certainty that Arden regime seeks to use the education system to indoctrinate future generations in such Radical leftist doctrines as ‘Critical Race Theory’ and ‘Transgender ideology’.
Both are an attack on the Christian foundations of the Western civilisation.
These radical socialists in power first need to grant themselves the legal authority to suppress public opposition before they ramp up their globalist woke scheme… which is why hate speech, and ‘online harm’ legislation is such a dangerous Machiavellian precursor.
They want to make it illegal for parents to complain about the radical political indoctrination of their children!
These things being so Freedom loving New Zealander need to think hard about who they are going to vote for next election, and whether or not they will help David Seymour and Act succeed in their ambitions to ensure future generations of Kiwi will have the right to speak their minds in public.

Free speech is necessary is because free individuals will never agree on everything… even among friends.
‘Evil prevails when good men do nothing’
Act is far from perfect… far from Libertarian, yet as things stand I believe getting in behind them on this absolutely critical right… at this absolutely critical juncture in time… is the right thing to do.

Future Free Speech Tour dates:

13 May McFadden Center Christchurch. See here.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

P.S A new Free Speech Union has started up. I certainly will be investigating this further with a view of support.

New trade union launched to promote free speech.

The Free Speech Coalition is relaunching as a trade union under the name “Free Speech Union” and has successfully registered under the Employment Relations Act.

“That name is not ironic”, says Dr David Cumin, a founding member of the Union’s Council. “We think it says crisply just what is now needed to defend freedom of speech. We need to stand with people being intimidated, cancelled, de-platformed, piled on by social media, doxxed and threatened with bankruptcy if they seek legal protection.”

“Becoming a bona fide union is important because defending freedom of speech has come to need the collective solidarity, the mutual support, the kind of activism that made labour unions so important over 100 years ago.”

“For the last two years, the Free Speech Coalition has been campaigning to prevent the growth of anti-free speech case law and legislation. The Coalition was founded in response to the statements by the Auckland Mayor and actions of his Council in banning two controversial speakers from hosting a talk at a publicly owned venue. The founding members of the Coalition saw the greatest threat to New Zealand’s tolerant and diverse culture of free public discourse as coming directly from the power of the state.”

Read more here.

More from Tim.



Tim Wikiriwhi’s Oral submission opposing The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification Of Publications And Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill. 5-5-21.

Today I delivered a public oral submission in opposition to The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification Of Publications And Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill.

I found a video link here.
My contribution starts about 1:21 hour/minutes into this video.

This Oral submission was in addition to the written submission I submitted back in March… That can be found here.

As I could not make it down to Wellington to deliver my submission in person, I delivered it via the ‘Zoom’ Online messenger App, which I found surprisingly user friendly.
I must confess my performance was sub par and I am disappointed with myself.
I struggled to get a draft written right up until midnight last night leaving myself no time to shorten it to length, polish, and practice delivery.
I probably would have been better off not reading my script and simply speaking from my heart.
Anyway it is done now.

Below is the text I wrote for this submission.
I however only got through about 30% before my allotted time was expired, and the Committee did not ask me any questions at the end.
I don’t expect my submission will have impacted upon their thinking one Iota.
The Woke Juggernaut will keep rolling forward without hinderance.

A funny thing is in a case of mistaken Identity it looked to me like todays Hearing was being chaired by Radical Leftist Sue Bradford!
I was sure of it… wondering if SB has a Doppelganger in parliament.
With people like her involved in this process, I feared for the worst.
Turned out not to be Sue Bradford but National’s Barbara Kuriger!
My Bad. 🙂
No offence meant.

I must restrain my negativity when I decide to make submissions to Government bills and inquiries, subjugating my cynical inclination to see the public submission process as farcical… merely a formality these day’s… rather than a genuine desire by parliament to know the will of the people, or out of any genuine reverence for the ideals and principles of Freedom and democracy.
They are feigning due process all the while fully intending to pass such Bills into law… granting themselves greater powers, and conversely eroding the rights of we.. the people.

A draft of my submission follows below.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Tim Wikiriwhi’s Oral submission opposing The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification Of Publications And Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I brief explanation of who I am.
I am a New Zealand Citizen living in the Waikato.
I have been actively involved in both local body and National Politics for over 20 years.
I represented the Libertarianz Party as a spokesperson for 10 years.
I have stood for Election both for Hamilton City Council, and for the Hamilton West Ward for several general elections.
Over the past 2 decades I have made many submissions on a variety of Bills and Government inquiries.
I am a contributor to the Blog ‘Eternal Vigilance’.
I also contributed several chapters to a Book on Free speech called ‘Free Speech under attack’ released by ‘Tross Publishing’.
It came out late 2019 and can be purchased on line.
I recommend that Book to the committee as it is very pertinent to this business at hand, and in fact it predicted Bills like this one would be forthcoming and tried to warn the public about the real dangers involved in allowing politicians to erode our rights to Free speech.
I also have an 11 year old son in his last year at primary school, and 2 grandchildren also in primary school.
I am speaking up for their futures sake.
So that gives you a bit of my background, and will help you to appreciate that this subject is something I am both informed and passionate about.

Why is it that speaking truth takes courage and high character?

“In Times of universal deceit, telling the Truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell.

“It is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong”…. Voltaire

“He who dares not to offend cannot be honest”. United States Founding Father Thomas Payne.

Words are not violence and it is a moral abomination to conflate the two.

Before passing her oppressive new firearm prohibitions New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda Ardern said “Gun ownership’ is not a right, but a privilege”
Now it appears she is at it again… she obviously is of the opinion, that Free speech is not a right… but a privilege too… which she intends to take away.
She wants to decide what it is lawful for New Zealanders to express…

To the average disinterested citizen, and to those with only shallow understanding of politics This bill appears almost ‘benign’.
They will assume from what little the media has said about the proposals as simply the government trying to be nice to the less fortunate, to those they say are getting picked on and bullied… nobody likes bullies!
Many will assume this because this is how this bill has been sold to the public.
WE are supposed to believe this bill is making it illegal for nasty people to bully the weak and vulnerable on line or in print… and if that so… most fools will think that’s just fine!

So it appears. This is the rationale that is being used to get this bill passed into law so that the government and police have the legal authority to take down what they deem to be ‘Harmful or Offensive’ … and to grant themselves… the officials wielding these new powers legal indemnity should it be discovered that their censorship, or punishment’s was wrong and caused distress and harm to citizens.

Those of us who pay more attention to politics and have a far greater understanding of the importance of the right of Free Speech know with certainty that this Bill is in fact a component of a far larger political agenda, and that this bill if it passes will allow Radical Political ideologues to begin attacking the fundamental rights of their political opponents and critics.
And when this is understood it becomes clear that this bill is extremely dangerous to the well being of Freedom in this country, and to our democratic processes.

This is the first point I wish to make in my submission… That far from being just a nice ‘feel good’ piece of legislation that will only negatively effect nasty bullies and bigots, this bill is in fact a piece of subversive power grabbing by politicians with evil intentions cloaked under a guise of ‘caring for the vulnerable’.

Now I mentioned Political Ideologues… what/ who am I talking about?

A chief example, but far from being alone is our current Labour Party Prime minister Jacinda Ardern, and she may be described to be a Radical leftist Socialist who peddles the Woke, Globalist, Politically Correct Agenda and narrative.

Most people listening to my submission will understand those terms… Leftist, Socialist, Globalist, Woke, Politically Correct, and I will add the final term ‘Social Justice Warrior’
These terms embody what I described above as the ‘Radical Political Ideology’ that is already being systematically indoctrinated into our society, yet will be accelerated and intensified once this Bill becomes Law…. because once this law is passed, It will make it virtually impossible to criticise this process of indoctrination.
And this is at the heart of the scheme to make this law.

Now can I justify my use of the term ‘Radical’ in describing the political ideology Jacinda Ardern and comrades advocate and intend using every portion of Government power at their disposal to socially engineer and impress upon our Nation?

Yes I can. And the reason I can call her political ambitions ‘Radical’ is because they are at enmity with what we can describe as New Zealand’s traditional values upon which our nation was built, and which still hold sway… despite massive indoctrination campaigns via our education systems and the media.
This Governmental indoctrination is also being heavily assisted by the so-called ‘Community standards’ of Woke Dominated Social media companies which suppress the vast percentage of dissention opinions.
Social media Giants Like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube have their own version of this Bill already in operation on their platforms and it is resulting in Censorship of Anti-woke Dissenting opinions on a monumental scale… Enough to cause alarm to the degree that this partisan censorship is affecting elections.

Why may describe the Political Ideology of Woke as being radical?
Because Leftist Political Operatives around the Globe despise the prevailing values and beliefs of Western societies, they are attempting to execute an ideological revolution to overthrow the current ethos, and replace it with their own political ideals… and they intend using the force legislation like this Bill to achieve it, rather than via the only legitimate means congruent with a free society…. Free speech and persuasion in an open Public forum or equal rights.

And these are the second and third points I wish to make clear in todays submission.
This bill is a precursor to the imposition of political ideals and values by force that are highly controversial, that are at variance with the values and ideals of significant portions of our population, and that if this bill passes it will effectively remove New Zealand citizens rights to critisise the governments intended Indoctrination, in Schools, On Line, and in the media… because it is *on line* where today the majority of Pubic dialogue, Political debate, and commentary is carried on.
The internet is the new public domain, and an independent person can garner a considerable influence online… via the voluntary nature by which the public can freely access Websites, Blogs, Youtube videos, etc… and it is on these internet platforms that New Zealanders of all varieties can rightfully and democratically express their political opinions publicly… and a vast percentage of these opinions are scathing of what Radical Ideologues like Jacinda Arden are attempting to impose upon our Nation. The Ideologues pushing this bill intend to suppress and control this public backlash they know is inevitable when they crank up their Woke indoctrination esp in schools. They are prepared to use the force of the Law to ‘Take down’ content from the net they don’t like because it may generate greater public resistance to their Woke agenda.
Getting these censorship laws passed will criminalise dissenting opinions so that Parents, Radio show hosts, Journalists, and activists will fear being prosecuted should they dare to challenge the Radical left indoctrination that Woke ideologues intend using the Education system and media to propagate… against the will of Parents and citizens.
This Bill may therefore rightfully be deemed to be subversive to our Democracy.. because it attacks free speech, and will result in partisan censorship of the type that would impress Joseph Goebbels.

It is proper that I highlight the fundamentals of how a healthy Democracy functions in a free society.
The vital elements that must be maintained for Citizens to be able to make informed votes in choosing the candidates they wish to have representing their interests in parliament.
This is important, because when we look at these fundamentals, we see how it is the the Political ambitions of the Woke Radicals opposes itself to these fundamentals… which is why they desire to throttle free speech via this Bill.

The general tenor and dominating ethos of a free society is nothing more than the sum of the Beliefs and values freely held individually by the citizenry.
For example New Zealand has been described as holding very strong Judeo-Christian values and ideals, which is an inheritance from our ancestors. There are obviously many other influences that have shaped our National character yet this example serves the purpose of this discussion.
The History of Christianity’s influence on the political history of the world is a monumental topic. There have in darker times been Eras in which Christian Nations have harbored strong bigotries and practiced barbarous injustices, and yet there also grew in ‘Christiandom’ the ideals of the Equality of Human beings, and their inalienable God given rights and liberties… and it has been from these foundations that step by step Western nations became freer and more just, and along with this progressive march so too did standards of living rise and rise and rise.
Slavery was abolished, The persecution of Witches and Homosexuals was brought to an end. Woman gained the voting franchise. The rights of people to peacefully practice religions other than Christianity became so accepted and tolerated as to make it a struggle even to imagine living in those darker times when things were very different.
I massive reason why this progress occurred was because of the growth of the recognition of Free Speech… and the growth of other fundamentals to expanded and strengthened democracy.
With the process of Time even in New Zealand’s relatively short history as a nation modeled on English Law and Order we can see the National character has morphed so that Christian Ideals do not hold as great a sway as they once did… and yet the basic values are still there… and the Enlightenment principles of individual rights, and tolerance … though fading… have not yet been totally forgotten…
Thus these ideals still are freely held by a large portion of our Countrymen and they still determine the values they hold dear.
The Radical Woke Politicians despise these values and want to overthrow them… not via the legitimate means of propagating their alternative Woke beliefs via argument and persuasion in an open forum, in competition with other views, but instead by circumventing this just means of achieving their goal… ie by allowing the people to voluntarily embrace their new values and beliefs.
The problem they have is that far too many New Zealanders don’t want what they are selling!
And the radicals don’t care because deep down these leftist don’t believe in Rights and liberties… they believe in the all powerful Totalitarian State.
Hijacking the government, and using the powers of the law, and the engines of State to impose their alternative values… into the minds of the youth… against their parents will… by making it illegal for anyone to critisise what they are doing!
This has always been a part of Socialist political science.
These woke socialists are in fact taking western societies *Backwards* into less free more oppressive times… employing means that have historically proven to be the modus opperandi of tyrants and dictatorships… and they don’t care… as long as they have the power and it is those who oppose them who suffer.

These are the ugly truths that are kept out of sight… out of mind… while this bill works its way into Law.

I implore the committee to listen to the warnings of Citizens like myself.
I am confident that majority of submissions you have received from the public and those most well reasoned ask you to reject this Bill.
It is therefore your duty to report this back to parliament and do not recommend it passing into law.
Do not be party to this subversion of our Democracy and our rights to criticize the Woke Globalist agenda.
The Woke ideology is evil. Fools are free to believe it, yet it must never be allowed to usurp our Government and turn it against those citizens who oppose it.
Science in under threat.
History is under threat.
Free society is under threat.

Any members of the Committee here today who are unfamiliar with my written submission, I would ask you to read it.
I thank you for hearing my submission today. I appreciate the fact that some of you may not have liked what I said, I would only say that in itself is why Free speech is so important to a democracy.
A true Democracy allows unpopular opinions and criticisms of the powers that be to be herd in the public sphere.
Only then are the voting public able to freely weigh up all sides of any issue… and vote accordingly.
Fully informed, not merely being uncritically force fed the propaganda of those in power who desire to limit the peoples access to hearing alternative views.

‘Free Speech Under Attack’.
May be purchased from Tross Publishing Here.
Or Whitcoulls here
or directly from Tross publishing here

I suspect my internet supply is being manipulated by New Zealand Government Cyber Intelligence.

Banksy’s Radar Rat.

Maybe I should not write the following post because it will smack of Alex Jones/ David Ike type overtones… but then again how often have their outrageous claims proven to be on the money?
Far more often than people are willing to admit.

Maybe suggesting Reptiloids have taken control is far fetched, and yet there is something very strange going on with my Social media platforms.
Something diabolical… and yet far less hard to swallow than ‘aliens’… given the known facts.

I am getting virtually zero responses over the past month… It’s as if the powers that be have figured out how to throttle my activity so that it reaches nobody.
The similarity to what happened to my Facebook account is stark.
I have been asking people if they are receiving my posts… and get zero responses… for days on end.
What is going on?
Anyone who does not live under a rock knows that governments about the globe have been working night and day to control all information on the net.
They are busy legislating themselves power not only to censor people, but also power to punish, and jail citizens who don’t conform to their dictates.
They have been setting up systems and deploying government operatives to create ‘Cyber Security Hubs’ to monitor and control the internet… virtually putting an end to the private exchange of information between ‘Users’.
New Zealand under Ardern has in fact been accelerating the governments powers in this domain using the Christchurch Terror attack as justification for the expansion of their Police State which is fundamentally a Surveillance State… The all seeing eye.

Even before that horrific event, specific legislation already existed which allows Spies like the GCSB to target ‘individuals of interest’.
What criteria they employ in making a decision to put a person on their watch list?
The tendency for abuse of power means we should not be surprised if twisting the truth becomes routine… to allow them to deploy against *vocal political opponents and dissenters* rather than real dangerous fanatics.. simply by labeling activists and dissidents as ‘Extremists’, ‘Hateful’, etc.

We know that Obama spied on the Trump campaign… do you seriously believe New Zealand politicians walk a higher path than their American counterparts?
History proves otherwise.


Now when I was a facebook addict and was getting censored and thrown in Facebook jail for Politically incorrect wrong think, there was no need to suspect that Ardern Spooks were at work because we were all well aware that Facebook itself was heavily prejudiced in favour of Globalist socialism and were explicit in their declarations about censorship and deplatforming the most vocal dissenters who attacked the Woke agenda.
Yet it was there first that I began to notice a completely new way in which activists like myself were being censored… not by overt means… instead by secret ‘suffocation’… our posts simply were not reaching any of our friends or contacts…. we were speaking to the void.

After Facebook was party to the US election fraud that helped install the corrupt Joe Biden, I could no longer justify my ongoing presence on such a vile and corrupt platform and so I left and joined Mewe and Gab.



Things started off very well… these platforms though smaller were starting to hum.
But recently I have noticed it’s like some invisible hand has put the breaks on my Social media activity.
It is deja vu.
I have seen this ‘suffocation’ of my Social media reach before… yet this time I suspect it is not the platforms themselves doing this.
In fact I believe these alternative non-woke platforms are themselves coming under attack by powers that seek their destruction.
Have they come under duress to implement woke agenda censorship without informing their customers?
I believe I am witnessing some sort of intensification of Government intervention of the flow of information.
They have been investing millions… probably hundreds of millions on new tech hardware and software.
Bringing all this cyber weaponry online I suspect they can now not only covertly eavesdrop on private activity, but also suppress voices who say things the government wants to suppress.
The government under John Key already got caught abusing their powers with respect to spying with the ‘Dotcom Saga’, and it is my opinion that Jacinda Ardern has far more tyrannical inclinations and ambitions than John Key ever did.
Jacinda Ardern is in my opinion New Zealand’s worst, and most dangerous Prime minister in our nations history.
I believe she is a specially groomed and hand picked Globalist.
Propaganda is her specialty, and she has virtually our entire parliament eating out of her hand… giving her the power to destroy the freedom ,prosperity, and undermine the values that made our country spectacular.

The subject matter of this Blogpost is of the type of thinking the Government does not want the Sheeple to contemplate or discuss.
I freely admit that I have no proof, and only my own intuition that my internet is being restricted by the government.
How does an ordinary person investigate or ‘get proof’ of such cloak and dagger type intrigues?
It was only by chance that Tech Guru Kim Dotcom became suspicious that there was ‘funny business’ going on with his internet because he played online games at world class levels and noticed his internet speed were lagging for some ‘odd’ reason. He discovered the government were in fact involved in devious and illegal tampering with his internet, which when it all came out in the wash John Key was forced to ‘Deny any knowledge’ of what the Spy department under his direct control was doing, and to offer a public apology to Dotcom.

Such apologies are worthless, esp when we see the result was not to slap greater controls on the GCSB but reward them with greater power!
The Government decided to pseudo-legitimise future devious GCSB activities and violations our privacy by writing new amendments that grant them license to do it.

Read: New Zealand Spying Law Passes Allowing Surveillance Of Citizens.

Speaking of the new powers government granted unto itself DotCom said “This will be the birth of a surveillance state in New Zealand,”

Has my name been added to some sort of spy ‘watch list’ for dangerous extremists?
Are the government really using their powerful cyber weaponry to suffocate my political activist outreach?
I have only my suspicions to go on.
I am here ‘Thinking out loud’, seeking to raise these questions for my people to consider with me.
I personally do not have the time or resources to ‘investigate’ what is going on with my Social media, and so I can only speculate.
The Dotcom saga does serve as an eye opener and precedent about New Zealand Governments penchant to abuse their powers.
Now with increased powers, under Comrade Ardern… in the Post-Christchurch atrocity era the political impetus to spy, censor, suppress, criminalise, punish activists and individuals who oppose themselves to the powers that be has been multiplied exponentially… and by it’s insidious nature… spying is purposefully secretive and hidden… and devious.
The justification is always claimed such activities are for the greater public good.

What is interesting to note is that even with these greater powers Brenton Tarrant still slipped past the GCSB, fooled the Police, and manage to commit his heinous crime.
So in reality none of this stuff works to make our country safer from real terrorist treats, it only serves to empower the State to trample underfoot the rights of New Zealand citizens.

Post Christchurch attack Comrade Ardern has publicly spoken at International Committees on ‘Internet Safety’ about gaining the power to detect and shut down live feeds that have characteristics they want to censor.
This ‘initiative’ goes by the name of ‘The Christchurch call’ and makes political capital from the public horror of the event to massively expand government powers over the internet.

Read NZ government Christchurch Call makes significant progress

I speculate that Government Tech Hubs now have formidable tech at their fingertips, with minimal oversite.
They will employ politically vetted operators not merely able to spy, but also to isolate individual internet users.
I suspect they now have the power to effectively put ‘targets’ in ‘virtual jail’ without them even being aware of it… that is until you figure out you have been isolated from your contacts and groups.
By doing this they are effectively rendering my online activism dead in the water…. and when you appreciate that I am very much a dissident against the current regime, critical of it’s legitimacy (Election fraud), critical of its determination to destroy free speech, and pretty much critical of all of the Governments key pillars for their overall agenda, this causes me to think that the Governments Internet spies have put me on their watch list and have somehow ‘taken over’ my internet… rerouting my activity through their systems and using some sort of system to silence me. .. you monitor me…. to look for any sort of comments or posts that might be useful to building a case against me to cease all my work, shut down my Blog, and put me in *Actual jail.*
This is where socialism leads… it does not tolerate political opposition, but creates the crime of ‘Enemy of the State*… because of *wrong think*.

Note: Sean Plunket has since been ‘Deplatformed’ from Radio due to attacks by the Woke.

Some people may think that this is just silly paranoia…. I personally think it is naïve not to understand what the State is up to with respect to Internet surveillance and fanatical zeal to control the flow of information under the guise of gaining ‘intel’ on ‘possible extremism’… which is simply their convenient excuse to violate personal privacy and spy on dissidents like myself.
And how else do you explain that all of a sudden your growing Social media activity dies?

As I am not a Tech head, I am personally at a loss as to how We the people might work to get back our internet freedom and privacy… despite the implementation of tyrannical laws, there still could be legal avenues… this blog post is simply about raising the alarm.
Getting people to think about the loss of liberty and privacy… and ask themselves what is the government really up to?

Covid 19 has also been another gigantic excuse for governments to rob populations of their rights and expand their Police States.
Protests against lockdowns, collapsing economies, fears about untested experimental vaccines has also been a monumental impetus for tyrannical leaders to try and censor dissident information reaching the general public. In many nations public protests have been banned. Big Sister Jacinda Ardern has also banked heavily upon the New Zealand Public submitting to mass vaccination and with that in mind suppressing contrary opinions about the safety of the vaccines… or the wisdom of her lockdown policies is without doubt high on her priority list.
You can add these ‘thought crimes’ to the list of reasons why I suspect that I… as one of New Zealand’s most vocal Libertarians probably am under the gaze of the Evil Eye.
‘Most caring and transparent government eva? YEAH RIGHT!

People whop seldom engage in critisism of the Woke agenda will no doubt be left to their sheepish activities, yet I would not be surprised to find out that other outspoken activists have also noticed something fishy is going on with respect to their internet outreach… viewership way down of videos, etc.

Please share my Blogposts so that they actually reach the public.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

More from Tim….













Soft White Underbelly Intro Video. Mark Laita

This guy Mark Laita is a hero and his interviews are mind blowing….
The spectrum is super Broad.
Mob Bosses, Crack heads, Moonshiners, sex offenders, prostitutes, Hillbillies, etc etc.
Mark has taken the time to get these real life stories herd.
When you watch a stack of voices from Skid Row and other Homeless, and Criminals…clear patterns emerge… commonalities.
Despite rough starts and dysfunctional childhoods, still many admit *their own responsibility* for their condition… because of Bad personal choices.
Nonetheless Mark opens a window for us to see the conditions many people face and help us to empathise with these people.
I hope to discuss these topics in greater detail in the future.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Here’s a link to the new GoFundMe campaign to support this channel and to help some of the people in these videos:

Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich by Kerry Bolton.

I recently watched an exposition on Freemasonry that provoked me to spend some time surfing the net looking at what interesting materials I could find on the subject.
While searching the internet this evening, researching the Masonic Secret society, and the ‘Lucis Trust’… a Satanic organisation dedicated to ‘a New World Order’ that offers ‘consultancy services’ to the United Nations.

I watched a short You tube documentary on Alice A Bailey, whom the Lucis Trust claims as their Esoteric philosophical founder… several clicks later I was watching another video called The devils 10 Commandments located in the United Nations Building!!! A MUST SEE

Within the opening minute of this video it made what is purported to be a quote from Adolf Hitler on his plans for Christianity to give way to some sort of restoration of Germanic Old Paganism…

Quote… “The Old beliefs will be brought back again… The whole secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, of the demonic. We will wash off the Christian Veneer, and bring out a religion peculiar to our own race.”

The Nazis obsession with the Occult is well documented yet still this was not where I was expecting to be led.
Still as a Christian this quotation touches on a subject of interest to me, and anyone who has spent any time studying Hitler and the Nazis, that quote certainly embodies what ought to be well understood about the basic premises of Hitler’s fundamental beliefs. He was no Christian!

Putting aside for the moment my investigations into the Masons and the Lucis Trust, I decided to see if I could find corroboration on the net that Hitler did in fact make that statement… so I put that quote into Duck Duck Go and it listed some hits… one of which is the article by Kerry Bolton… ‘Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich.’
Found on ‘National Vanguard’ Website.

I am completely unfamiliar with the tenor of this site yet just from looking at the Websites Header gives me the creeps… It looks to me like some whack far right site… ‘New Consciousness, New Order, New People’ type jargon could hardly be mistaken for anything else… and yet I might be wrong about that… I simply do not have the time right now to investigate this sidetrack, yet browsing Kerry Bolton’s ‘Essay’ I found it a very interesting read. Well written, and worth making a blog about so that my friends and readers could check it out for themselves.

I have no clue who Kerry Bolton is or what his personal ideals and values are. I must write a disclaimer that I distance myself from any association with the ‘Far right’ to which he may subscribe or the website ‘National vanguard’.
It is simply a matter of ethics to correctly credit the authorship and website.
That is as far as Eternal Vigilance blog has to do with the source.

I am a Libertarian who is as opposed to far right socialist tyranny as I am opposed to far left socialist tyranny.
It is sad that We live in such times that make inserting such disclaimers a matter of self-preservation due to the threat of being ‘investigated by the police’ for simply sharing opinions and articles on the internet which they might deem to be ‘Dangerous’ or ‘hateful’… or from sources they have flagged as ‘Extremist’, etc.
Thanks to the censorship tyranny and surveillance of Jacinda Ardern’s Post-Christchurch Terror attack Police state … constantly hunting for ‘White supremacist Boogiemen’ Kiwi bloggers like myself are reaching the point where we will need to attach permanent disclaimers to any subject we write about that does not ascribe to the official Politically correct perspective… or our own views for that matter.

All this aside Bolton’s essay itself appears to me to be an objective history upon the subject stated in the title.
It is in fact one of the clearest and well reasoned articles I have read in a very long time on this subject.
I believe it to be a highly informative read that stands on it’s own merits.
He sites his sources.

As a student of Political history whose personal library contains many books on The Nazis, I find the article compelling, and truthful, and exposes the folly and ignorance of the many people who try and implicate the Nazis and Hitler himself as being ‘Christian’.
This dishonesty is committed by intellectually and spiritually twisted minds seeking to bring the Christian faith into disrepute.
Hitler was at his core a Machiavellian Liar and would mold his speeches and propaganda to suit his own immediate ends.
Any statements he made that appeared at face value to be supportive of Christianity was always a ruse by which he gained the submission of German Christians to his aims.
His real intents was always to destroy Christianity once his war ambitions were accomplished.
Anyone with half a brain can see that his deeds and modus opperandi were the very antithesis of Christianity.
Hitler was a type of the Antichrist, and his persecution of the Jews was Satanic.
He lifted himself up and committed great evils before God, whom visited him with Judgment and Justice.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Read Full article here: Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich

Please follow the link (above) and read the full article.
Below are a few examples of Bolton’s assertions copied and pasted here for a record in case the original web source ‘disappears’.


“THE PLACE OF CHRISTIANITY under National Socialism has been a matter of contention, as with all else connected with that philosophy. Hitler has been damned as the devil incarnate by his Christian opponents, and heralded as a Jesus-like messiah by his Christian proponents. The 24th point of the NSDAP’s political programme even describes National Socialism as standing for “positive Christianity.” In order to access the real relationship of Christianity to National Socialism it is necessary to go beyond the propaganda of both pro- and anti-National Socialist Christians. (ILLUSTRATION: Adolf Hitler)

To do this the private pronouncements of the National Socialist leaders must receive greater attention than their public statements. An additional consideration is the actual practice of the National Socialist regime towards the churches. Hitler’s private conversations with his inner circle between 1941 and 1944, as recorded by Reichleiter Bormann, himself one of the National Socialist Party’s most avid anti-Christians as we shall see, provide the most insightful of sources in determining the real attitude of Hitler towards Christianity.”


Hitler’s analysis of Christianity is Nietzschean: “The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity.” “Christianity is a prototype of Bolshevism: the mobilization by the Jews of the masses of slaves with the object of undermining society. Thus one understands that the healthy elements of the Roman world were proof against the doctrine. Yet Rome (i.e. Fascist Italy) allows itself today to reproach Bolshevism with having destroyed the churches. As if Christianity itself hadn’t behaved in the same way towards the pagan temples.”


“It is deplorable that the Bible should have been translated into German, and the whole of the German people should have thus become exposed to the whole of this Jewish mumbo-jumbo. As a sane German, one is flabbergasted to think that the German folk could have led themselves to such a pass by Jewish filth and priestly twaddle.”


The SS epitomizes the contradistinction between Christianity and the philosophy of the Third Reich. It was a Black Order in its own right, and Himmler envisaged the creation of an autonomous SS State which would be an example to the world of National Socialism. In 1937 Himmler instructed his chiefs to plan a counter-culture to replace Christianity, and it was declared, “the age of the final showdown with Christianity” had dawned, and one of the objectives of the SS was to provide Germans with “the proper ideological foundation” to replace it….


Martin Bormann, who became Hitler’s secretary and deputy after Hess’ abortive peace mission to England, like Himmler, Rosenberg, Heydrich, Hitler and most of the others at the top of the Reich hierarchy, also had a clear perspective on Christianity. The following is taken from Kirchliches Jahrbuch fur die evangelische Kirche in Deutschland: “National Socialist and Christian concepts are incompatible. The Christian churches build upon the ignorance of the men and strive to keep large portions of the people in ignorance because only in this way can the Christian churches maintain their power. On the other hand, National Socialism is based on scientific foundations. Christianity’s immutable principles, which were laid down almost two thousand years ago by Jews, have increasingly stiffened into life-alien dogmas. National Socialism however, if it wants to fulfill its task further, must always guide itself according to the newest data of scientific researchers.”

“When in the future our youth no longer hear anything about this Christianity, whose doctrine is far below our own, Christianity will automatically disappear.” “When we National Socialists speak of God, by God we do not understand, as do naive Christians and their clerical beneficiaries, a manlike being who is sitting around in some corner of the spheres. Rather, we must open the eyes of mankind to the fact that in addition to our unimportant earth there exist countless other bodies in the universe, many of them surrounded, like the sun, by smaller bodies, the moons. The force which moves all those bodies in the universe, in accordance with Natural Law, is what we call the Eternal, the Allfather or God. The assertion that this world- force can worry about the fate of every individual, every bacillus on earth, and that it can be influenced by so-called prayer or other astonishing things, is based either on a suitable dose of naiveté or on outright commercial effrontery.”

“In contrast, we National Socialists call upon ourselves to live as naturally as possible — that is, in keeping with the Laws of Life. The more thoroughly we know and attend to the Laws of Nature and Life, the more we adhere to them, the more do we correspond to the will of the Eternal; the deeper our insight into the will of the Eternal, the greater will be our success.” “It follows from the incompatibility of National Socialist and Christian concepts that we must oppose any strengthening of existing Christian denominations and must refuse to give them any assistance. We can make no differentiation between the various Christian confessions. Any strengthening of the Christian concepts would merely work against us.”

“To an ever-increasing degree the Folk must be wrested from Christianity and their agents, the pastors. Obviously, the Christians, from their standpoint, will and must defend themselves against this loss of power. But never again must Christianity regain an influence in the leadership of our folk. This must absolutely and finally be broken.”


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Cell phones are exposing the monumental scale of vaccine injury. The medical establishment is losing the battle to cover up their atrocities.

Look at this poor girl.
Appreciate why she is broadcasting this message… as a warning that there is a high risk of serious injury from taking the Covid 19 vaccines.
We are seeing more and more of these despite Social media threatening to deplatform ‘users’ who share such information that might be construed as being ‘Anti-Vaxx’.

Watch the video here
Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details HORRIFIC J&J Covid Vaccine Side Effects from Hospital Bed

She just had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine…. never had seizures before… yet no medical staff will admit the vaccination is the most likely cause!

It does not take a rocket scientist to do the math!

The willful non-committal ‘ignorance’ of the medical staff is simply trained collusion in a cover up.
They don’t want to admit their Snake oil is most likely the cause and that their so-called cure is worse than the disease!

What is blowing away the medical establishment is that now patients have the technology to broadcast these sorts of adverse reactions that in the past could easily be hushed up … and the scale of this Medical Scandal is an outrage!
Just as cell phones in the hands of ordinary people are catching out rouge Police engaging in abuses of power, intimidation and violence this same ability to broadcast videos to the internet is exposing that scale of adverse vaccine reactions that in earlier times would not be known by the general public.
Medical staff who witness such adverse affects are often too scared or indoctrinated to speak out about what is really going on.
We can see why Socialist Governments want to get control of the internet, and use AI Algorithms to hunt out and block streaming that exposes their programs as dangerous…. because they want to keep the populations stupid and gullible, and submissive to their tyranny.

What is also amazing is watching friends and family’s Cognitive dissonance when they are confronted with this empirical evidence!
They have an automatic shield … a fire wall… which will not allow them to properly evaluate the mounting evidence… and so they simply resort to name-calling and other derogatory devices to excuse rejecting what they don’t want to acknowledge… and they are hell bent on maintaining the lies of the Medical establishment.

Just the fact that this video is being shared by Alex jones Infowars can be enough for them to throw up their shied and not contemplate the evidence.
They label people like myself as Nutcase conspiracy theorists.

They completely fail to appreciate that these sorts of stories will never be front and center on main stream media, or given traction on their officially sectioned woke social media platforms.
They label people like myself as Nutcase conspiracy theorists.

Meanwhile poor young girls like this are having their lives destroyed.

Watch the video below… It explains how the Medical Guild maintains its ‘Orthodoxy’ in the public mind and thereby protects it’s monopoly over the healthcare of nations… Not by the quality of science it champions, but by indoctrination, persecution, Mass marketing, and coercion.
And the results are abhorrent.

In ‘Free Speech Under Attack’ I said this…

“Consider how Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has taken the opportunity from the measles outbreak in Auckland in 2019 to drive home her desire to make vaccinations compulsory.
She blamed the anti-vaxx movement for low uptake on the government’s vaccination programme and the spread of the disease, even though medical experts said there were other factors that were responsible.
The anti-vax movement is another unpopular minority group that has been singled out for censorship because they vocally resist the concept of compulsory vaccinations. They too have been getting slandered and de-platformed on social media.
The biggest problem with regards to vaccinations in New Zealand is that, because we have a state health system, they don’t take kindly to criticism of how they function, and are always covering up their medical misadventures. As the saying goes, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and so many people don’t trust politicians or the health system they run. Personally I am not anti-vaxx but I am absolutely opposed to compulsory vaccinations because there are defnitely serious risks involved. And here is where the issue becomes a matter of free speech and access to the whole truth – not just the government’s side of the story. It is a parent’s right to decide if they will risk vaccinating their kids and yet, to exercise this parental responsibility, they must be told the whole truth; they must have all the facts and opinions so that they can make informed and prudent decisions. Yet the power-trippers who want compulsory vaccinations, seek to downplay the risk and silence those who are morally inclined to raise the alarm and highlight the risks. The concerns of these pesky ‘anti-Vaxxers’ that lobby against compulsory vaccinations are dismissed as being fallacious, and they are castigated as being ‘anti-science’ – the equivalent of ‘Flat Earthers’.
Parents need to know that there is a risk of serious reactions to vaccinations. They should not be lied to about this or have their parental rights taken away by the state making it compulsory.
One of my wife’s cousins had a catastrophic reaction to the Rubella shot. She was crippled, and died young.
It has been proven that these adverse reactions can be a hereditary disposition. Thus families are going to be far more aware of such propensities within their own kin than politicians who don’t give a dam about such things and have convinced themselves that they are acting for “the public good”. And most importantly via the right to free speech it is the right of those who believe that vaccinations are dangerous to make their case publicly and it is wrong for the government to censor them.”

‘Free Speech Under Attack.’ Tross Publishing. pgs 188-189.
Get a copy from here.

I pray for Tabatha Lauren.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Give me Liberty, or give me Death!