Gangster Police make Gun owners ‘Offer they cant Refuse’. Their ‘Gun Buy Back Scheme’ With Menaces.

Reading the above ‘post’ from a Facebook Group, it is apparent the New Zealand Police continue with their belligerent attitude towards Law abiding and innocent Gun Owners.
If the report is accurate, they intend to run the ‘Gun Buy back scheme’ in such a way that is bound to cause Maximum Grievance and minimum compliance!
They are supposed to ‘Buy back’ the guns recently outlawed by Jacinda Ardern via shambolic legal processes, yet the scene is set for them to Under-value everything and thereby under compensate people for the Fire arms they are confiscating and destroying.
There is every reason to be suspicious given the dubious ‘process’ that has been ‘un-officially described’ and the paucity of the Governments allocation of a mere $168 million for compensation.

Alarm Bells should be ringing!!!!!

It is easy to infer The Government are more concerned about keeping costs down rather than paying a just price, which will virtually guarantee many Gun owners will rebel against being *Robbed of their property by the Police*.

The official details will be released on Thursday.
If it pans out that the Police intend to under compensate Gun owners, why should they comply with such extortion?
The Police are obviously relying on intimidation to cause compliance out of shear terror.
We all know how Jackbooted the New Zealand police have become… They expect compliance to their unjust terms simply because *they have the guns and the legal authority to destroy your life if you dont obey…. Raid your home… point Guns at your wife and Kids… and take you away if they find *anything*.
And this appears to be the Stance the police are taking.
They are delivering an Ultimatum… Treating gun Owners as if they are Criminals.

Unless the Police front up with a fair Deal, it will only be under an atmosphere of Coercive threats that people will comply and part with their property for a sum they consider unfair.

This is not a fair and reasonable transaction but Like Bully Boy Gangsters using Stand over tactics… extorting the property from helpless victims!
This is not Justice but Terrorism by the State!
This is what a Police State looks like!

I am not a Gun owner and so this Extortion Racket will not directly affect me YET I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED that the process (post above) is what the Police have concocted to ‘Relieve Gun Owners of their property’ before they settle what compensation they will pay!

They leave you zero recourse…. any pretense to ‘an appeal’ is farcical…. once they have your property there is no intensive to pay you anything more. *nor any Legal requirement for them to do so!*
Parliament has left the Door open for large scale rip offs to occur without legal redress … and the Police know this.

I guarantee you when you hear this process has begun we will hear stories to low payments and failed appeals…

The Gun Community must Rally Now!!!!!
You must organise.
You must pool some money to stage a legal challenge now.
This group must preemptively Value some guns before handing some over and see what the Buy back scheme pays out.
If it is Robbing people You must all act collectively and refuse to comply until they pay you what your property is worth… *thats what Buy back means … and they are claiming this is a Buy back scheme…. which *always means the price is agreed and paid before the property changes hands NOT AFTER!!!
The Gun community must demand what means the Police are using to deem the value of what they are ‘Buying back’.

Many of you will be thinking The same thing yet will be scared to speak up because as you may have herd that Police are threatening to take away licences from Gun owners who even talk about non-compliance!

This is what tyranny looks like.

Of course the Police will not appreciate me saying these things, or calling the Gun Community to rally in defense of their Rights and Property.
The Police would love to make it Illegal to even *talk about* non-compliance to their plans.
Yet Peaceful and principled Civil disobedience has been one of the most potent forms democratic resistance to Government tyranny and fighting Bad Laws.
Free Speech, and Freedom of association, and protest are some of the most important rights of the people to challenge State injustice, and the Police have no right to criminalise people for organising themselves into peaceful resistance and protest.
Any cursory study of the history of Rights and law reform will result in countless example whereby Good people used peaceful civil disobedience to fight legal injustice… in fact Few would be instances where law reform has been achieved *without protest* or Civil Disobedient non-compliance.
This always takes Brave and principled People to risk persecution by the State…violence, arrest, and even jail for the sake of Truth and justice.

I realise that though the Recent Arms amendments were enacted via farcical practices (esp on the part of the Police playing legislators) that there is now a legal obligation for Gun owners to comply, and that ultimately non-compliance will be in violation of the new laws and risks Prosecution, yet the Police ought not to be running the Buy back in such a Nazi-like fashion!
They should not be allowed to destroy *any guns* before the owners have agreed to accept the compensation offered to them and any owners who believe the offer is not sufficient their Guns should not be destroyed but become part of a second process whereby the owner makes a claim to value, and independent experts access this via Market values over seas… like for like.
Only by treating gun owners with respect can the New Zealand Police maintain Mana and receive Respect in return from the gun owning community, and gain maximum compliance.
Remember these people have done nothing wrong and they deserve to be fully compensated for what the Ardern Government has done.
We all know the Weasles in Parliament dont want to acknowledge the full amount of how many hundreds of Millions of Tax Slave Dollars they have wasted on this tyrannical legislation.
And if this Buy back scheme turns out to be a gigantic rip off how many Good People may end up in Jail because they refused to allow the government to under pay them for their property?
They will be treated like dangerous criminals instead of the victims of dangerously Corrupt government, and as such we can be sure the Jackbooted and Militarised NZ Police will not hesitate to Shoot people dead over the smallest acts of resistance.

Weep you sheeple of New Zealand!
You have allowed your Government to become Drunk on Power!

Tim Wikiriwhi
LIbertarian Independent.

P.S Please share this blogpost on facebook for me as I am currently under a 30 day ban. Cheers!

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Stop with the lies and Blame! Maori need to take responsibility for their own shocking Crime statistics.

Socialism is built upon a mountain of lies that must be maintained at all cost lest the light of truth should penetrate the fog and expose the rot and the deception.
Lies are told by those who seek advantage that they would never receive should the truth be admitted, and any such advantages gained by such dishonesty are always at the expense of others.
Yet Lies also bring curses upon those who make deals with the Devil, and though it may appear for a season to be profitable… ultimately Frauds have a habit of bringing pain and destruction… hence the old adage ‘Cheats never prosper’.

One of the most toxic Political Deceptions that is rigorously maintained by Socialists in New Zealand and continuously served up to the New Zealand public is the ‘Defeatist Entrapment’ of the Maori people as being the eternal victims of White Rapine, and Oppression.
The Great Evil of ‘Colonisation’.

This Blatant lie is not only used to claim that because Maori are said to be the victims of Racism, that they are owed Welfare….’restorative justice’… compensation…. etc… ie Justify all the socialist welfare programs, special Legislation, and treaty settlements, etc but also to absolve Maori from taking any responsibility for their own shocking Social metrics.

Socialists claim:
Its the white mans Fault Maori Men Drink and Beat their woman and children.
Its the white mans Fault Maori Woman are Obese.
Its the white mans fault Maori youth are unemployed and belong to Gangs.
Its the White man’s Fault that Maori Commit violent crimes and fill our jails to overflowing!

This is precisely the sort of vile Political ideology that has just been served up under a report ‘He Waka Roimata or A Vessel of Tears’ that pretends to be ‘an inquiry’ when in reality its just a Partisan Ideological media release designed to dupe the public into accepting Left wing political agenda and program.

Ref: Stuff ‘A Vessel of Tears’: Grief and colonialism at the heart of criminal justice experience, report says

They claim this is *systemic oppression*.

“The report was produced by the Government-appointed Te Uepū pai i te Ora – Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group after more than 220 public meetings nationwide.”

Wow! Sounds like this ‘report’ is based upon a substantial investigation! yet when the resulting conclusions and recommended actions were already known *before the inquiry*… that is not an inquiry!
This whole process was nothing more than a huge Junket at the tax payers expense!
That’s 220 taxpayer funded meetings across the Nation where Socialist ideologues got paid to sit around and have Lunch, and talk *about their own opinions*… peddle their own wares… Paddle their own waka!

(Photos taken from an ‘Action Station’ PDF dated aprox 3-10-18)

The above ‘Action Station’ ‘research report’ encapsulates the ideology that underpins ”He Waka Roimata or A Vessel of Tears’.
The date of this ‘research report’ dovetails perfectly with the ‘Vessel of tears’ program, and you get a feel for the way this whole process was undertaken… and see that it was far from impartial and objective … ” We Honour your Korero, We honour your whanau, and we stand in solidarity with you..”

We can be certain that at no point did the truth about why there are so many Maori in Jail get aired…. Ie That Maori are failing to take responsibility for their own behavior… their own lack of personal ethics… their own sloth, and lack of civil values… ie that the lies of Socialism are failing them… no…. no such Truth Bombs made it into this Left wing propaganda piece… Truth Bombs that would blow the entire left wing Political system out of the water and free Maori from the Delusions that all their misery is the white mans fault!

Even the name of the report ‘Vessel of Tears’…. is nauseating! (like Ardern’s ‘Well being Budget’)… who the hell dreams up these pompous propaganda names … how ‘basic’ do these Charlatans think the average New Zealander is?
They seriously believe such weasel words make the lies they are selling more palatable to the masses?
I shudder to contemplate they may be right!

As a the son of a failed marriage between my Violent and Alcoholic Maori Father and a Pakeha Mother who was the victim of his abuse, My Childhood was a combination of Living with my Pakeha Grandparents, Times lived with my Solo Mum on the DPB, and times lived with a violent Stepfather when my mother re-married, My childhood was less than Ideal, and I would leave home by the age of 15… more on my story here… and I came very close to becoming another Maori Social statistic that could have easily been written off as ‘just another victim of Colonization’ yet thankfully my Journey through the School of hard knocks taught me some priceless life lessons… that I could not blame my ruff childhood for my lot in life, but in fact that I myself, and the choices I made were (and are) chiefly responsible for how my life pans out… and it is this realisation… that I am *not a victim* of anything other than my own foolish ideas and values… that in reality… and irrespective of my dysfunctional upbringing… I am responsible for how successful my life will be … this Truth is *self empowering*… and I became a Libertarian… and an outspoken Critic of Socialism for the Toxic Racism and defeatism and entrapment in perpetual victim-ism that it entails.
I have spent nearly two decades speaking out against the Lies of the racist radicals and their fraudulent claims of the Colonial oppression of Maori, and the evils of Maori dependence upon Socialist Welfare.

Waitangi Treaty Separatism, and all the socialist lies that it is Built upon is *Bare-faced Racist Politics* *Vile Fraudulent Revisionist History*… Yet to deny these Truth Bombs Socialists Like Justice Minister Andrew Little has the audacity to claim that Political pamphlets that speak out against his party’s Racist agenda and call for Equality before the law “as being Hate speech”… here… Anti-Māori pamphlet shows gaps in hate speech law: Andrew Little calls for action

Little repairing to the pseudo history of left wing accademics that infest of education system when he said… “It peddles myths about pre-European Maori society that historical scholarship does not bear out. If it demonstrates anything, it is that the author of it is an ignorant fool.”

So that is how Rigged this game is!
Socialists have positioned themselves at every station…
The Government.
The education system.
The Media
Fighting the socialist racist politics of the Leftist Government, and calling for Equality before the law is fed to the New Zealand Public by our Left wing infested Media *as being racist*, and as such the government wants to make such Political opinion *illegal* to speak about in public.

Yes Socialism seeks to use Political power and the law silence it’s critics!
Socialism uses political power and the law to re-write history!

And they want New Zealanders to think of those who call them out on their racism as being ‘Alt Right’ ‘White supremacists’ ‘ etc’.
So of course Socialists *cant stand Maori like myself* who deny We are victims of Colonisation… and who call for an end to treaty separatism and Apartheid politics!
An example of this hatred socialists have for people like myself can be seen in how triggered US democrats get when Black Woman Candice Owens destroys their claims of ‘White privilege’.
They likewise cant stand Gay man Milo yiannopoulis because he refuses to join the Socialist ranks of Homosexuals raging against Christianity. (think Israel Falou)
Likewise any woman who rejects militant left wing feminism and their blatant Man-hating sexism under the guise of ‘fighting the Patriarchy’.
In all these spheres it is not Equality before the Law that is the ideal of left wing ‘Identity politics’… but legalised Discrimination against whites… against holding Christian ideals and values… against Men, etc.

Again who is it that the Socialists in government, in the media, the Liberals running internet Social networks want to de-platform… want to silence?
Who is it the accuse of being ‘Hate speakers’ and try to associate with the ‘Alt right’… or accuse of ‘fake news’?

Those outspoken individuals whose Truth Bombs decimate left wing delusions, and expose their corruption and lies!

These are the speakers and activists Left wing Politicians like Auckland mayor Phil Goff try to prevent from getting Visas, or having venues to share their ideas to the voting public.
its left wing politicians like Goff who want to keep the public ignorant… and voting left!

Getting back to my original topic about the Lies that underpin the Racist Socialist agenda and their ideological excuse that Rampant Maori Criminality may be blamed on ‘Colonisation’, let me remind people of what New Zealand first MP and Minister of Regional Economic Development Shane Jones recently said….

Check this out…. ‘Shane Jones rubbishes claim colonialism is to blame for family violence’

Shane Jones, fresh off rescuing a woman from an alleged brutal domestic assault, has called on Māori to stop blaming colonialism for their woes.

Jones and his wife Dot were driving in Wellington on Saturday when they noticed a “fracas” in the car behind them….

The attacker, Jones said, was a young Māori man.

“I say to our Maori people – this sort of carry-on, don’t go blaming colonialism; don’t join the chorus of idiocy I’m seeing on the East Coast where the artists don’t want Captain Cook celebrated because they’re responsible for family violence on the East Coast. That’s pathetic. I hate that soup of excuses.”

Author of ‘Once were Warriors’ Allan Duff also copped a lot of hate from Maori for challenging their Culture of Blame and perpetual victimism.
The Movie was an indictment against the attitudes… and ‘culture of violence’ prevalent within Maoridom and it exposed the sort of mentality that causes Maori people to end up in prison… Nothing to do with ‘white men’s oppression’ and everything to do with the lack of Values.
In The sequel ‘What becomes of the broken Hearted’ Jake the Muss meets some Maori Guys who were using their time and talents much more constructively, and Jake tries to re-invent himself… to become a better man… and that folks… is the road to redemption!
Once were Warriors cut very close to the bone for many Maori because of how it reflected their reality.
Like my own Father… White people were not to blame for his own lack of self control… for the bullshit running around in his head… for his violence and his drinking!
He was fully responsible for that!

Read: Alan Duff: Time to break silence on Maori violence

It is the height of dishonesty for Socialist politicians to try and deny these most basic Moral truths!

The Real ‘Vessel of Tears’ is the fact that ongoing blame of Colonisation will never rescue Maori from the mire!

That will never come via Socialst lies and delusions.

It will only come the Day the Maori People shrug off the lies of socialist victimism, and racist blame, and determine to escape Socialist welfare dependency by taking ownership for their criminality and thereby determining to *Morally change* and to embrace *Values* that embody the virtues of Hard work, forsaking vice, forsaking violence, forsaking crime, forsaking Race hatred against Pakeha, forsaking the toxic lies sewn by socialists for political gain … that they are the victims of their Pakeha neighbours greed.
Throwing Off all that Dead weight and facing the future as an opportunity to prosper … by their own efforts… In Freedom…. under equality.
None of this entails an abandonment or lessening of their own Culture or identity.
This is pure empowerment… the very opposite of socialist victimism and dependence.

And New Zealanders must fight against Left wing attempts to outlaw Political criticism and alternative opinions!
Free Speech, and Freedom to assemble and hear Critics of the Government is essential for a democracy to remain Free.
Websites, Social media platforms, etc must remain accessible to all so that the people are truly informed at elections rather than just spoon fed left wing lies.

As Jesus Christ said “And ye shall know the truth, and the Truth shall make you free”.


One Law change that could significantly Help Maori would be to End cannabis prohibition!
Its a Bad/ unjust law, and while it has zero to do with racism, Maori are disproportionately affected by it.
So vote to end Prohibition in the coming referendum.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

PS… Neither has it only been the Labour Party that has practiced this apartheid politics… For Decades The National Party has also facilitated it, and gotten into bed with Racist radicals of the Maori Party, etc… New Zelanders need to find a Political party dedicated to ending Treaty separatism and abolishing the Maori Seats in parliament… as a non-negotiable bottom line (never trust Winston Peters! Sadly for all his claims to want to end the ‘Brown mail’…the man speaks with forked tongue)

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