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  1. I always knew the fake science like evolution(the Darwinian speculation),modern atheism and broken value system are part of a greater conspiracy.Just see who donates to research of this people(great corporate giants,government etc…..)How they will allow someone with different,radical and correct ideas? First they need to share disbelief about God in the classrom and from then on they have slaves.People sont need to worry,nobody will punish them…..They can steal,rape,do drugs and dont need to feel guilty.Thats the system of no values we are seeing today.Its great conspiracy aince 19th century turning into money-making machine for this three science-government-business

  2. NEW ZEALAND 4 Nov 2014
    Forty percent of scientists feel gagged
    10:10 am on 4 November 2014

    Forty percent of scientists answering a survey say they have felt gagged because of management policy or concern over losing funding.

    The Government was considering guidelines to scientists on the difference between speaking about their areas of expertise, and advocacy.

    A total of 384 New Zealand scientists answered the Association of Scientists’ survey, half of whom work in Crown research institutes, or CRIs.

    Association president Nicola Gaston said of those who had not felt gagged, many said they had witnessed it happening to others.

    “There’s an issue around embarrassing the Government, but the funding issue is quite poor so the kinds of commercial funding that come into the CRIs, those contracts are one particular issue.

    “But there’s also the idea of Government funding being effected by speaking out, saying the wrong things, perhaps having a point of view which is not that of the expert reviewers on a particular funding proposal.”

    Dr Gaston said most scientists wanted to know what the new ethics code would be before saying whether they were for or against it.


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