Epitaph. The Death of America and Western Democracy. Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech.

The Vid below is one of the greatest speeches on what’s wrong with Western civilisation ever delivered.
God Bless you Mr Ron Paul.

Update: 16-11-12
Transcript of Ron Paul’s Historic Farwell Address Here:

Update 2.
On Hearing Ron Paul is retiring,…even after his monumental address an Objectivist says…
“Best news in the last eight days. I wish the rest of the Tinfoil Hatters would follow his lead into retirement”

Read how Objectivist Atheist Bigotry worked to undermine Ron Paul here:
God is the Font of Morality. Why Objectivists Hate Ron Paul.

The Rape Of American Democracy

Fizzer. American Demo-crazy.

13 thoughts on “Epitaph. The Death of America and Western Democracy. Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech.”

  1. Reading the responce of Objectivists from your post on Solo Richard, it’s interesting that many Objectivists choose not to differentiate Ron Paul from the leftist Occupy movement.
    Many Objectivists seem incapible of appreciating that Ron Paul’s anti-corporate bail outs as differing in any fundamental way than the socialist Occupy folk… when he never supports the Leftists.
    The Reality is They dont want to aknowqledge any Christian Hero of Freedom via Constitutional Republicanism.
    This goes against their Randoid Philosophy of history… which preaches that Religion is anti Reason and has always resisted the progress of science and Humanity.
    They think Religious folk want to tyranise, and overspend on welfareism… not speak up for a free/ libertarian society.
    Thus Objectivists do the only thing theiy know how… Condemn the Christian Economic Realist as a ‘Tin Foil Hat Guy’… Meanwhile it was one of their Toga Wearing Objectivist mates who teamed up with Romney!
    This really exposes the incapacity of Randoidism to rationally deal with emperical realities which twarts their rationale.
    I have added some links and updates.

  2. Exactly right, Tim.

    The vehemence and persistence with which Objectivists seek to demonise Ron Paul baffles me. Could it be … hatred of the good for being good?!

    While we have much for which to thank Ayn Rand, ultimately her philosophy is barren, bogus, corrupt and contradictory.

  3. This really exposes the incapacity of Randoidism to rationally deal with emperical realities which twarts their rationale.

    One such empirical reality, the mere mention of which sends Objectivists into a blind rage, is blowback.

  4. Objectivists are divorced from reality… just like their Space cadet Philosopher.
    People who believe absurdities commit atrocities.
    In this case Their Atheist Bigotry inspired them to work for the Evil One against the Righteous Champion of Liberty simply because he Exposes their Bigotry for what it is… irrational.
    The Extreme Egoism and Atheism of Objectivists Demands the world be saved by the gospel of Objectivism… Not Christian ethics.

    This shows how skewed their values are. They prefer tyranny and the destruction of humanity over bowing down to Christ.

    *This is what their Hatred of Ron Paul proves*

    Objectivism is Satanic.

    I cant understand why Objectivists would Rile against the Idea of ‘Blowback’ Reed. ???
    It’s fairly simple to understand, and correlates well with Human nature… ie People do think and operate like that.
    It is also fairly straight forward to understand that even moral and righteous actions can provoke Evil reactions… I simply don’t understand why they would deny this reality?
    Could it be the Objectivists are saying that The righteous ought to do what is right without regard for such things as ‘Blowback’… ie not be ‘terrorised’ into compromising with evil powers simply to avoid their malicious revenge?
    I can understand that. I can understand why they would loath being forced into negotiations with such vile powers whom function via such diabolical means.
    It’s like doing deals with Gangsters…

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