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Christ Can Forgive Your Abortion Right Now!

It’s come to my attention that a certain heretical church leader has been blaspheming God by saying his church can forgive your abortion “next year”. If you found yourself underwhelmed by that “generous offer”, I have great news!  God through … Continue reading

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A dollar for every sin.

First world problems. To all you Foot soldiers on the outer limits… What’s your Rush????? *Please* Dont mistake this post as an endorsement of the Jihad on drugs.

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Saints of September

September is a quiet month in the Church.  Technically it is the start of the new liturgical year, and the two prominent feasts are the Nativity of the Theotokos, and the Elevation of the Holy Cross (in commemoration of the … Continue reading

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Death of an Atheist. Follow the evidence.

Tim Wikiriwi Engineer …Follow the evidence. When the scales fell from my eyes Once upon a time…. I was an Ignorant Atheist Evolutionist Nihilist Bogan West Aucklander who worshipped Jim Morrison. I was Militantly Atheistic, and believed that people who … Continue reading

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Whistle while you work. Work ethics and work culture. by Tim Wikiriwhi

Whistle while you work! A short guide to work ethics and work culture for employers and employees by Tim Wikiriwhi. Libertarian Independent. Why Read This? I chose my title because a mental picture speaks a thousand words. It encapsulates my … Continue reading

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Why I Support Kim Davis (And the Rule of Law at the Same Time)

In a nutshell, if the State asks you to lie, the State is in the wrong. This is not about bigotry, or denying anyone’s rights.  This is about telling the truth about reality, when the State legislates a lie. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Whakatane. Woman Leadership in the Church.

I belong to a closed Dispensationalist Facebook page, and a question has arisen which I think is worth discussion. It’s interesting for me on many different levels, esp because though I am an Idealist whom despises compromise in matters of … Continue reading

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What can we do? Socialism’s Tungsten shell, and the refugee crisis

Kiwis pledging to open their homes to Refugees>>>Here>> Check this out > ‘Just wait…’ Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe Family of Syrian boy washed up on beach were trying to reach Canada

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