Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certainty… The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!


The main topic of this post is the use and abuse of mathematics.
By ‘abuse’ I mean using math in such a way as to deceive people into believing falsehoods.

Though I am not by any stretch of the imagination a skilled Mathematician, I am an Engineer, and so I appreciate Math.
Engineering is applied Math and Science.
Engineering is ‘generally speaking’ a very ‘Grounded’ discipline… while there is at times the need for innovation and experiment, It is more often Methodical.
There is little room for wild speculation, with expensive equipment and material, and so it’s use of Math is very ‘pure’… righteous … and exact.

Engineer at work on a Lathe… Applied Science and Maths… without wild conjecture or speculation.

When making components I often rely on gauges and dials on my machines, calculating precisely what I want the machine tool to do so as to end up with a work piece which will do the job it is supposed to.
Many jobs are done to very fine tolerances so as to achieve the necessary ‘fit’.
Using high tolerance measuring gear the engineer must decide what degree of rotation on a hand wheel will result in infinitesimal perfection.
Like a captain navigating a ship in the Dark, or a Pilot flying through a storm,
Math becomes essential in Engineering situations where you must ‘fly blind’…for eg when a cutting tool is turning out internal details deep within a work piece.
Like a pilot flying in a storm… Often the Machinist cant see much at all, and must rely on his dials and hand wheels to make very precise and calculated sets of moves.
The smallest errors can result in catastrophe, either in the form of an industrial accident during production of the component, or a failure for it to fit, function or perform when the time comes for it to serve the purpose for which it was designed.

Thus I appreciate just how wonderful Math is as a tool for man in applied science… esp for high accuracy and for working in situations beyond sight verification.
It gets results!
This is applied math at it’s purest and best… firstly because in these applications theory is practically proven beyond any doubt, ….Being well understood and fundamentally ‘Secular’ …as the term is properly understood ….there is no need for wild conjecture or speculations….in this sense it is very mundane, and secondly because of the advances made in this type of applied science and math, which has resulted in the greatest benefits to mankind… and advances in almost every other field of Human Endeavour… for example in astronomy.
Yet alas technical advances are impotent to improve the spiritual condition of Humanity, and instead Mankind’s corrupt nature consistently employs even the greatest of Arts into the most terrible evils and infernal purposes.

The Engineering advances in the development of the telescope serves as an excellent example of how ‘basic’ technical advances led to the expansion of human knowledge of our Universe…. The higher degree of accuracy to which a telescope is made, (and calibrated), the better observations the astronomer can make.
Yet man being man new technical advances not only brought greater knowledge and apprehension, but also brought new opportunities for Man to exercise his vanity and capacity for delusion!


What I am about to talk about now is a very different way in which math is often used … In domains where wild Political and mythical speculations are countenanced, being tailored to accommodate the most Rabid and biased agendas …and even revered as the work of genius…. Under the guise of ‘scientific hypotheses’.
I would like the reader to consider just how ridiculous is the commonly touted atheist ‘Myth’, that Science has always been the tool of Rationalism against religion, primitive ignorance, and superstition!
An Objective survey of the march of Materialist Naturalism testifies to the fact that any pretence that Science may be understood to be the advance of truth against religious superstition is a very naive proposition indeed!

The truth is that on one hand no purely technical scientific advance has ever been in conflict with Religious belief… or placed true religion/ biblical Christianity in any retreat whatsoever!
This Atheist contention that the advance of Science has been squeezing God and Supernaturalism out of existence is patently false.
I will have to leave my explanations for this to another Blog post, It will have to suffice for now to say that this belief stems from a misguided yet historic trend which followed the Enlightenment, and also that this atheist assertion as it stands today is not founded upon the solid rock of science proper…like engineering is, but relies totally upon wild conjecture… upon ‘impure usage of mathematics… and ‘Pseudo-scientific theory’….all of which are expressly designed to prop up and legitimize an absolutely unscientific ideological bent..
And this type of agenda driven pseudo scientific theory is also visibly operational in political arena as well… eg Climate change.
On this subject, I suggest readers go and listen to the arguments of Climate change skeptic Lord Monkton… He is very critical about the Warmist’s Math!

There are many things which can and do corrupt real and genuine scientific objectivity, and ideology, and vested interests… Bigotry, Profit, and power over the minds… and lives of humanity… are all at work today, and have utterly corrupted science so as to render the world to be filled not with light… but with utter confusion… and darkness.

All too often the most wild of hypotheses are quickly christened ‘facts’… and are then wielded as clubs to bludgeon and crush dissenting opinion and scepticism of the powers that be.
And In academic circles today it is the Socialists and the Materialist Atheists whom occupy the Seats of Power … and who maintain their position via this corrupt means of employing Mass Pseudo scientific Propaganda… and by every means at their disposal …they actively protest and prohibit any opposition to their Naturalistic Cosmology, to their ‘orthodox medicines, to their environmentalism, etc etc.
Anyone questioning the Priests of Naturalism and Socialism receive similar treatment to Galileo when he argued for a Heliocentric model of the solar system !
How Ironic! 

Now it’s time for me to vindicate myself, yet let me confess to being not only ‘an amateur’ in the subject of Math, but also of having but a rudimentary apprehension of the modern methods, claims, and discoveries in field of Astronomy.
Just as I have done with Politics, Philosophy, and History, I have had to content my interest in Astronomy by reading the odd book, by watching The News, and Discovery channel, by chatting with friends in the smoko table or on line… and by Reading articles in Papers and magazines. And though I have been actively doing so for most of my 46 years, I must say that I do not pretend to be an expert, and what follows is purely based upon the limits of such an eclectic and non-professional assimilation of Data.
And these are my current thoughts on these matters, and I will be more than happy to modify my position should Good reason be provided by some critique.

Modern Astronomy = Modern Astrology!

Mankind had advanced virtually as far as possible in Earthbound Astronomy using ordinary optics, and the micrometer, when advances in Electronics, rocketry and the advent of Computers literally opened up New Horizons.

Mankind’s powers have been greatly magnified, yet still we remain trapped in our own self-destructive nature.
War has become so much more terrible, Thefts have become more massive, Tyranny has become more pervasive, and Mythology has become cloaked in White overcoats, and statistics.
We live in the Era of ‘Computer Modeling’ which can be a fantastic tool for running massive math calculations and other chores… yet like everything of Human construction it is not Free of the Human Factor… and so these things… including Mathematics (which play a major part in Computer modelling) can become a powerful tool of Propaganda… for selling Ideology to the Masses, and also can be a form of self delusion… by those who honestly believe their own fancy footwork is something more than mere conjecture and thereby unjustly elevate their hypotheses in the domain of proven *scientific fact*… of unquestionable truth which is supposed to discredit alternative theories and propositions.
We live in times when it is a form of blasphemy to question anything deemed to be a *scientific fact*

One Book… the title of which is ‘How to lie using statistics’ is ‘recommended reading’ in Libertarian circles, and I even own a copy, yet I have not actually read it.
Still it’s Title incorporates a truth that has relevance to a debate I am having regarding the naturalistic theory of the Big bang and evolution of the cosmos which tries to explain the formation of our Home planet the Earth , the solar system, the Moon, etc via the forces of nature, eliminating any need for belief in, or the interventions of a Creator God.

In a recent face book debate, I have been asked to explain the scepticism I expressed about this Naturalistic explanation, and the latest claims by astronomers using the latest techniques to discover new worlds.
I am particularly critical of the latest claims that there are probably billions of ‘Earths’ in the universe… ie the speculation that our planet is in no way special, and that belief in extra terrestrial life is somehow supported by mathematical probability… via the same process of naturalistic Evolution which are supposed by Atheists and materialists to have given genesis to life here on Earth.

One of the latest developments in astronomy which has become possible via the powers of exactitude, and Mass calculations afforded by the Technological revolution is the claims that tiny ‘observed’ patterns of orbital perturbations and oscillations in the positions and motions of stars are best explained by the postulation of the gravitational effects of unseen orbiting Planets… solar systems… similar to our own, and without spending my life checking that their methodology is not flawed, and that their equipment is actually capable of such feats… on face value… I have no problem with this basic rationale. I am impressed with the ingenious ways these technologies are being exploited.


If this basic rationale was maintained I would not be writing this blog post, The problem as I see it comes when Astronomers expose their religious Materialistic zeal… and attempt to conflate these discoveries of solar systems with evolutionary theory… esp the Abiogenesis of Life.

See here>>>> 4.5 Billion ‘Alien Earths’ May Populate Milky Way

This corruption is so commonplace that almost every article about Astronomy mentions something about it… eg almost every report from a Mars rover makes some claim that these rovers are vindicating belief that ‘Martians’ probably existed …’Millions of years ago’. ”Mars once had Oceans” “Mars once had potable water”…etc.
From this speculation you are supposed to leap to the conclusion that there were once also Martian ‘fish’.

mars fish

Just as Engineers have ‘fits and limits’… Tolerances within which they can operate successfully … the breadth of which being dependent upon the task at hand… so too do the scientists of Astronomy, yet it is much easier for Astronomers to ‘play loose’, than it is for Engineers…and their maniacal bents mean they are in a habit of so choosing to interpret the data as supporting the notion that a certain observable perturbation in a stars motion indicates the presence of a particular sized planet… which just so happens to be within the so-called “Goldilocks zone” for that Star… *even if the perturbation can also be just as accurately explain in mathematical terms via a ‘less favourable’ set of variables which are just ad valid mathematically yet they would put a different massed planet either Too close or too far away to claim they have discovered a ‘Goldilocks planet.’
I proffer this argument both from experience of knowing just how often scientists meddle with data until they ‘prove’ their own theories… and because I know a larger planet at a greater distance will generate the same perturbation as a smaller planet at a closer distance… with the same orbital duration.
Me thinks that ‘Materialist Astronomers will tend to play with this extremely broad parameter… and suggest that a said perturbation indicates the existence of an ‘Earth like’ planet orbiting a said star… simply by arbitrarily choosing ‘convenient dimensions’ and by going to ether the inner or outer extremes of tolerance the received Data will allow so as to put the planet conveniently within what they consider to be the ‘goldilocks zone’ for that star.
It is most telling that these Astronomers are without doubt engaging in ideological propaganda because they just as easily say the perturbations are being caused by Mars-like planets!… yet that does not have the same Evolutionary wet dream ….Sex appeal!
I can make this assertion because
Mars is within the tolerances of the goldilocks zone…that’s how board a tolerance the astronomers set for this ‘idea’… and We are bombarded with propaganda from NASSA that they consider Mars to be ‘a goldilocks planet.
They justify the spending of Billions of extorted Tax dollars upon the grand delusion that Space exportation is a noble Endeavour in the quest for the discovery of the origin of Life. And The Billions of Dumbfounded dipshits… swallow this line and submit to their slavery!

The fact remains that it’s not so mystical to make the claim that the latest discoveries of Planets prove the existence of Billions of ‘Mar’s like’ planets… that is not sensational at all!
It is however extremely sensational to say the data supports the idea of ‘Billions of Earths’!… and yet this is a purely arbitrary statement!
Via this rationale Mars must be deemed to be ‘Earth-like’… and yet from this we can apprehend just how bogus such a claim really is!


The original Idea of the planetary goldilocks zone is actually *a theistic ID idea*.
The premise being that God placed the Earth in the Ideal orbit to sustain life.
This is a very devastating idea to Naturalistic atheism as it is one of many amazing factors about the Earth which the atheists must assume is not a matter of intelligent design but another ‘fortunate accident’…

Now lets look at what these sorts of Mathematical shinnaganism really means.
Is this a valid scientific modus opperandi or theory?
Not at all! Their theories are non-falsifiable because when they can jiggy the numbers to almost any Astronomical extreme… until they arrive at something pleasing to their preconceptions… and then declare the numbers add up… that’s not science!

And astronomy is filled to the brim with such conjectures… which are deemed to be established facts… simply because they ‘add up’.

Another example to further substantiate my point that Astronomers (and others) ‘play games with numbers and then pretend this is science , lets look at a current theory in respect to the formation of the Moon via a collision of another planet with Earth.

moon formation

Scientists set up a computer model and run through a whole series of variables/ scenarios… different size ‘Planet X’ traveling at various velocities …until they narrowed down the variables to a set which when run through the computer appears to give them a pattern which somewhat resembles the Earth and the moon ‘as they assume these bodies would have been like… and then they call a press conference… or write an article for ‘Nature’ declaring they have ‘evidence’ which supports their hypothesis that the Moon was created via a collision with imaginary ‘Planet X’ and the Earth… xxx years ago!
Now many reading this will say “what’s wrong with that?”
“It applies the laws of physics and mathematics and comes up with a working explanation!???”

The problem with this type of ‘science’ is that it was *a foregone conclusion*….even before they began to run the program, that they would eventually get a favourable scenario because when you are at liberty to feed into such programs whatever variables you like that one of these sets will inevitably produce the required Masses and forces to ‘prove’ their hypothesis! Ie this virtual experiment is *Non-falsifiable* … you simply ‘boogie the Masses and velocities until you get ‘a brew’ which satisfies your demands… and then argue that Planet x was such and such a size and it was travelling at such and such a speed…. And yet this whole exercise was nothing more than mathematical gymnastics!

Now that you apprehend the dubious nature of such methodology let me apply this insight to explain just one of the reasons why I am very sceptical about the latest claims of Materialist astronomers using computer modelling etc to make such claims as to have already found ‘Earth-like’ planets orbiting other stars… and further inferring that the earth is not amazingly Unique… but merely one of Billions.

Let me now explain the motive behind why Astronomers are determined to make people believe the universe is filled ‘Earths’ rather than ‘Mars’s’ .
They are playing the ultimate statistical numbers scam of them all!

One of the largest problems Materialist/ Naturalist/ Evolutionist/ atheist have is that advances in technology have not only greatly increase our powers to investigate the vastness of the Universe, but has also greatly increase our ability to investigate the Microscopic… the infinitesimal… and to the horror of the Atheist what has been revealed is not the simplicity they had postulated… and require for their Naturalistic theories of the spontaneous generation of life!

The cell compared to a Factory.

Indeed the advances in real science have done the very opposite…Looking at the Cell, they have reveled a mind blowing complexity! Thus with the advance of science the hopes and dreams of atheists ought to have faded… as the magnitude of improbability of the spontaneous generation of life is today beyond rational belief, yet instead of abandoning their unscientific superstition… they are hell bent on fixing the numbers… so that their wild and irrational belief in Atheism …appears more rational than it really is.
And to do this they Need either Billions of Earths… Or Billions of ‘Universes’.
Without writing another 3000 words to explain this I point out that the odds of life spontaneously generating on Earth have been described as *Infinitely improbable!*

Read about this improbability on my blog post here …

Dingbat Atheist Pseudo-science. Instant Life… just add water!

Yet rather than be despondent about any of this, the Hard as nails fanatical atheist instead have postulated myriads of mythical Earth-like planets… and or infinite numbers of Universe occupying ‘other dimensions’! (and yet they have the cheek to deride theists for belief in Heaven!)


Modern Technology and the growing *real scientific knowledge* about Reality has forced Atheist Naturalists into the most extreme absurdities and Math shenanigans… to maintain their atheism… and they know it!
What this gimmick does is not make the spontaneous generation of life any less fantastic… but dupes the fanatical Materialist into a false sense of certainty…reasoning that if a truckload of 1 000 000 dice get tossed 1 000 000 000 000 times or more that simply by chance every now and then on particular throws… all the dices will fall six face up!… by pure chance!
They are so enthralled by this hope… their entire atheist faith has come to depends upon it being true… and as they have no hope of finding other universes …they today scan the heavens with the express determination of discovering billions of Earth-like planets … because to their way of thinking just finding one other earth-like planet improves the odds for their deranged faith by 50%!
It does not make the appearance of life by natural means any easier… but by a quirk of mathematics it doubles the opportunity for fate to smile!… and the atheist are betting the farm on this! They are so insane as to believe that if they can prove that billions of ‘Earths’ exist that this would somehow move the belief in The spontaneous generation of life from an absolute absurdity into an absolute certainty!
This surely must rank as the greatest majic trick of all time!
If ever there was a pseudo science… this must be the king of them all!
And knowing this powerful ulterior motive is a driving force in astronomy, is why we should be very wary of these latest claims that astronomers have already ‘discovered’ Earth-like planets. They have serious vested interests to make such wild claims…in the vain attempt to add credibility to their absurd Atheism and to rescue Naturalistic Evolution and Materialism from the dustbin where the latest discoveries of Biology indicate such superstitions belong.
The Idea that science has liberated Mankind from superstition via Naturalism and Materialism is a ridiculous joke!
Modern Astronomy differs little from the astrologers of old… in its superstitious notions.
Modern atheists academics are absolute hypocrites! They are barely distinguishable from the Superstitious Luddites of old whom they say resisted every scientific advance. Today it is the priests of Atheism whom rail against the appointment of any Free-thinkers as teacher… whom reject the absolute Religious Naturalistic orthodoxy of our day!
Just look at the extremes to which the will go to combat investigation of the alternative explanations… that God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
King James Bible believer. Dispensationalist. Libertarian.

god created

One of the aspects of the Atheist quest to find life in outer space which I left out of this post is the fact that they stretch the so-called Goldilocks zone to the greatest extremes, and even justify the wildest speculation about life spontaneously Abiogenesising in the most Bizarre and harsh environments such as on Saturn’s Moon Titan, and Jupiter’s Europa… both of which do not fall into what is deemed to be the Goldilocks Zone for our Star by presenting examples of Life living under extreme conditions here on Earth… such as in the Darkest depths of the ocean by volcanic vents, or in Acid, or near boiling pools.

What this proves is that there is virtually no limit to the extremes these atheists will go to convince the world of the Atheistic theory for the Origin of life. All talk of the Goldilocks zone is in fact rendered meaningless. They prove this by making claims about abiogenesis on planets and moons which are’n even in the zone.
NASA Team Investigates Complex Chemistry at Titan

NASA experiment indicates possibility of life on Saturn’s moon Titan

The possibility of life on Europa

Update 2

Update:3 This just in…. so here we have the same game being exposed in yet another field… not only are astronomers, Evolutionists, and climatologists playing funky with Maths…. so are Economists….


Read more here:

7 thoughts on “Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certainty… The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!”

  1. Alex …. “Besides all the other issues like Hoyle’s fallacy, you leave out an important fact when talking about planet size. Orbital velocity is dependent on orbital radius. So a big, distant planet will *not* have the same effect as a small, close one. Try learning the methods before you declare that scientists can’t know something.”

    Martin ….” I just can’t believe it took a whole three weeks to write it”

    Rob …. “I can’t believe I just wasted 30 mins reading it! I assume from your rambling a you have no physics / astrophysics education.”

    Tim replies…
    ” ‘Education’ Rob… That’s a whole different subject! I specified my ‘education’ in the Blogpost. I will be back to respond to Alex and others… I am on my lunch break right now, yet I can say that I maintain my arguments are sound. I will need to explain. And I appreciate *real testing* of what I have written… such as Alex has proposed… which is to be distinguished from the *non-arguments* as Rob or Martin have offered. I have said that I am more than willing to modify my position should valid arguments be presented.”

    Rob … “The point I was making is that if you really wanted to make an arguement regarding astrophysics then I expected to see some astrophysics in your arguement or at least some actual calculations. It’s an interesting insight into the mind of one man but has not advanced my understanding of the universe.”

    Tim replies….
    Rob how many Newspaper, or magazine, Net articles and opinion pieces by Dawkins, or Hawkins, or Hitchens, or anybody …on these subjects written for the general public contained equations?
    Virtually None!
    Why is this?
    Because it is sufficient to talk in *general terms* and principles.
    And that is exactly what I am doing, when I say things like the odds of life arising by chance as being virtually infinitely implausible/ improbable.
    That General statement is absolutely true… however I even provided a link to where some actual calculations reside… and so your criticisms are unjust on many grounds.
    You ought be able to deduce the validity of what I am saying , and yet before I am through I hope to provide you with more to think about … keep reading

    Alex wrote:
    “Besides all the other issues like Hoyle’s fallacy, you leave out an important fact when talking about planet size. Orbital velocity is dependent on orbital radius. So a big, distant planet will *not* have the same effect as a small, close one. Try learning the methods before you declare that scientists can’t know something.”

    Tim’s response….Alex, please do me the courtesy of keeping my observation regarding the equality of gravitational effects of larger and smaller masses at greater and lesser distances within the specific context *as specified*… ie I did not say that *any extremes* are plausible, but that there were *Parameters and tolerances* within which my observation hold’s good, esp given the scale of accuracy being dependent upon and limited by the precision of the technology … in the very same way that the accurate observations of the motion of heavenly bodies via optical telescopes…were limited by the quality of their engineering precision and calibration.

    Please look again at the picture in my post regarding the size and orbit of Kepler 22-b and how they place this very large planet on the very inner edge of the supposed ‘Goldilocks zone’. It is not well within the zone… and this fact makes it very vulnerable to my assertions. Ie I don’t need to suggest radical variations of mass and orbit to hit my mark.

    All that is needed to prove my point is that the tolerances/ parameters I mention are broard enough to encompass the plausibility that the observed perturbations may be indeed caused by a slightly smaller planet (or planet and moon)… which is in fact at a slightly closer orbit… then it is very possible that such a planet is too close to the star… like Venus is shown to be in the same picture!
    This would mean Kepler 22-b is actually a Venus-like planet!

    As for you Alex invoking Hoyle’s fallacy I would appreciate it if you would present me with some examples of Spontaneous complexity (increased information) which occur within an ‘open system’.
    Unless you can do so… and I don’t believe you can…. You best shelve that so-called logical fallacy.
    You see the truth is the Earth receives energy from the Sun… and yet still abiogenesis has never been observed…. Does not happen… and the probability of life arising by blind chance has been calculated as infinitely improbable… *On Earth*… ie even under the most fortuitous circumstances… it remains ridiculously improbable!
    Thus your Logical Fallacy is impotent!

    ^^^^ I hope you read that last paragraph Rob! Abiogenesis is absurd! That is the verdict of the latest discoveries in cellular Biology!

    Let me say I am quite heartened by the fact that my blogpost has not come under any real criticism of weight!

    Bagging me for taking three week to write it.
    Bagging my long-windedness and style.
    Bagging my ‘education’.
    Demanding Equations etc… these sorts of ‘attacks’ are very puerile!

    My post is virtually unchallenged.
    Having said that I must say that It was a rush Job (I do have a life outside face book Martin!) and so I have not really had time to refine it or to populate it with sufficient data (to satisfy peeps like Rob), and so I intend to continue to work on it and improve it in these respects.
    I will seek out professional opinion by posting it on astronomy pages in the hope that someone with credentials will validate my assertions and provide some specific weights and measures… some idea of the tolerances and accuracy of the measurements etc.

    Tim responds further… ” Of all places… Wikipedia has a section on ‘Extrasolar planet’ which validates many of my assertions… so many in fact it is quite uncanny … including my discussion on Tolerances imposed by technical ‘problems’ and my notion of ‘Venus-like’ planets! I had not read this until a few moments ago!”

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