The Boston Bombing. Christian Grace and Freedom and the Higher Path.

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Are you suggesting this is justification to cry out “Death to Muslims”?
How do you differentiate yourself from the hater and the fanatic?
We must walk a higher path.

It is a fundamental principle that when seeking to over throw an evil, you must never assimilate the evil yourself.
That is to fall from the position of righteousness and to become a hypocrite.
Furthermore is your own faith defined by the Religious Zealots whom claim to represent Christianity?
Is your faith even defined by what the so-called majority of Christians claim to believe?
Mine is certainly not!
Thus why would you assume these Muslim fanatics truly represent the Muslim faith?
Is that not Duplicity on your part?


The Higher road may seem to most much too difficult…. an absurdity to even attempt, yet does the fact that it is difficult make it the wrong way to go?
Because the Low road of reciprocal Hatred appears much ‘easier’… much more satisfying, and direct… does this make it acceptible for the Christian to travel?
Are you allowing these haters to sow hate directly into your own heart?
Don’t you have control of your own feelings?

“Vengence is mine saith the Lord, I will repay thee”

I don’t find any place in Pauls’ writings where we are called to Hate the lost.
(I must confess to my own shortcoming in this area too)
Let us not render evil for evil but overcome evil with Good.

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you. Live peacefully with all Men.”
St Paul.

Boston Marathon. The Horror of Religious Violence and War.

I add that even if it is not possible to live peacefully with some people because they are hell bent on your enslavement and destruction, yet still, though we must defend ourselves, we must not become like them, and take the first opportunity for peace.

To allow the Terrorists to sow Religious hatred and intolerance in our hearts, or to make us so fearful as to accept a more tyrannical Police State in the name of ‘Security’… is to retreat in the battle of Good over Evil.
It is to loose faith.
Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings.

I bow my head in sorrow for the Lives lost and pray for the injured and Maimed in Boston.
I also pray for God to raise up Brave Preachers to preach grace to the lost, and to put his protecting hands upon those enlightened Muslims whom seek an end to Religious fanaticism and who work for peace.

11 thoughts on “The Boston Bombing. Christian Grace and Freedom and the Higher Path.”

  1. Remove the thorn.
    Deport them all. Send them to Mecca and allow the Middle East to relocate them where they will. At least by placing them in Mecca they can be in their little happy place.

    They are not all bad people. However they are not good people because of Islam. There are good among them despite Islam. We have no way of knowing good from bad. So by removing potential enemies from within our borders we can better defend ourselves and western civilization.

    Perhaps in the future when Islam has undergone a self removal of it’s fangs then and only then should we reconsider immigration. (Most likely 500 or more years by the looks of it.)

  2. I believe the boston bombing is rubbish, look at the photos, and you can see it. btw i am not the only one who believe it thats why i am not a sheep. Credible medical experts say the same thing.and as for the bomber, who now speaks with an accent, dont you know they were working for the authorities. God opened my eyes I pray he will open yours dear brothers. I must say I am surprised, God has brought me to this page today for a reason. God bless you all.

  3. Hilda,
    You are free to believe what you want, and I believe it is healthy to not automatically embrace what the media presents, and yet I must say that I find these sorts of conspiracy theories which say the Boston bombing, 911, etc are ‘false flag’ opps as being beyond credibility.

  4. Honestly Tim my son is going to share his stuff, if you want to, you can look at it all, or else be a sheep….. same as the twin towers, etc etc, they went to the moon yeh right….lol today

  5. Reading what you replied to me I am sorry to say you are what I said. No offence dear brother….Still want to be your friend. Allan just looked at the photo we have a 32 inch screen, what the heck were they taking photos of a dying man, who would bleed out, and not helping him…If you choose to open your mind and look at the evidence when I get for you, there could be a change in what you think…btw what happened to the guys clothes….

    1. John, as a person whose son is in the Terries, and a stronger advocate of Gun rights… please spare me your pacifist label.
      It’s socialists like you whom disarm our population whom make ‘Terrorist turkey shoots possible.

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