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Willful Ignorance and the Limits of human reason (without Divine Revelation.)

Today I want to make my rebuttal of a friends defense for Larkin Rose’s expressed position on God/ Deism. Larken Rose Recognizes the fingerprint of Intelligence within the incredible design of living things yet appears ambivalent towards any further thought … Continue reading

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How Old is this planet? The Bible does not set a date for the creation of The Planet Earth.

How Old is this planet? Get This straight… The Bible *does not* set a date for the creation of *The Planet Earth*. A person does not have to embrace ‘Young Earth’ Creationism to be a committed Bible believer. This is … Continue reading

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Evolutionists admit Global Flood. Joe Rogan Experience.

^ Watch at least the first 10 minutes Just love it when after the Evolutionists wax lyrical about ‘Their discovery’ of a Cataclysmic Flood … merely thousands of years ago that Joe blerts out that their assertion that Mankind came … Continue reading

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God’s gift to the terminally ill

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a Biblical argument for euthanasing the terminally ill. The argument relies on a couple of reasonable assumptions which I now make explicit. And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb … Continue reading

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Harm minimisation vs. harm elimination

It’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say. If you don’t say what you mean and mean what you say, you will likely be misunderstood. The trouble is, even if you do say what you mean … Continue reading

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Hamilton City Council vs. your basic human rights

Citizens denied access to public space for Hamilton J Day NORML NZ Press Statement for Immediate Release: 24/04/2014 Citizens denied access to public space by Hamilton City Council to celebrate Hamilton J Day The Hamilton branch of the National Organisation … Continue reading

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As Biblical as Easter. Russell Crowe’s Noah Movie.

I went to see the Noah movie last night. I was not expecting it to be an accurate portrayal of the Biblical Noah, and was fully prepared for Hollywood licence…. why let the truth get in the way of a … Continue reading

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Evidence for Evolutionism #2. The male libido.

Don Brash is in the news again following today’s publication of his autobiography Incredible Luck. True to form, the NZ Herald focuses on the most salacious bits of the book. In a warts-and-all chapter covering his personal life, Dr Brash tackles … Continue reading

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What does the Bible say about drug dealing?

There’s nothing wrong with responsible drug dealing. It’s an honest trade. Some of my best friends are drug dealers. 🙂 But what does the Bible say about drug dealing? I thought I’d briefly research the question … but I quickly … Continue reading

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Let there be light

Notice how God said “let there be light”, he didn’t say “let there be electromagnetic radiation.” In science light is electromagnetic radiation, but what does the bible say about light? Perhaps light(s) represents daytime, brightness, illumination, and exposure to truth. … Continue reading

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