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Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction

Today I’m happy for John Banks that his conviction for electoral fraud has been overturned, and sad for my leftie friends on Facebook who have seized the opportunity to spew yet more hatred and bile. What did John Banks ever … Continue reading

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Richard gets Dunne

Good evening. Thank you all for coming. My name is Richard Goode, I’m here tonight representing the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. I’m the Legalise Cannabis Party’s candidate for the Mana electorate just north of here. We have one policy. To … Continue reading

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This garbage is not worth re-electing

Minister criticises pro-cannabis groups over medicinal marijuana The Associate Health Minister has weighed in on the medicinal marijuana debate criticising pro-cannabis groups as “misleading and emotive”. Peter Dunne says the claims from pro-cannabis groups that the Government is blocking research … Continue reading

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The STAR Trust is perishing from an orgy of weasel words

My outlook for Thursday was good but Thursday turned sour when I read the following report and watched a 3 News interview with Grant Hall of the legal highs industry lobby group the STAR Trust. Did legal highs reduce crime? … Continue reading

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Tracinski’s ratchet

The last time I stood as a candidate for the Libertarianz Party was in the 2008 general election. We gained 0.05% of the party vote. We needed to gain 5% of the party vote to reach the MMP threshold and get 6 … Continue reading

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P-lab risk vastly exaggerated: Mike Butler … Breaking News.

The following is a few excerpts from a very Bold New`Zealander whom has the audacity to question many Mainstream pet political superstitions. Mike is revered for his substantial efforts to expose the lies of Waitangi treaty separatism. Today he challenges … Continue reading

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Memories of Peter Dunne

Wednesday night last week I was at the Backbencher pub on Molesworth Street, across the road from Parliament Buildings, for the filming of the first episode of the 2014 season of Back Benches. Back Benches is a political panel discussion … Continue reading

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Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism. Socialist pragmatism vs Libertarian Idealism

It has been with great sadness that over the past year I have witnessed my fellow Libertarian Blogger Richard Goode change tack and sail off course, and now become an apologyst for Socialist Statism. This has been evidenced by his … Continue reading

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Back to basics

This meme has been doing the rounds of drug law reform social networks. Regular readers may have seen it once or twice already. In this post I want to consider the message that this meme is sending to young people. … Continue reading

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Legal Heroin Ban: PSA and the Evil of Politics.

It’s a great relief to me that at least one of my libertarian friends gets it. This compelling piece on the diabolical Psychoactive Substances Act by atheist blogger and fellow freedom fighter Mark Hubbard is so good, I’m syndicating it. Be … Continue reading

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