The Christian Fellowship is a voluntary private society, not a theocratic political movement.

Christians face the Lions in Rome.

Pray for Liberty!…
“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4 who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
St Paul (1Tim2vs1-4)

A member of The Christian libertarians (new) facebook page asked the following question… supplying a Multi-choice answer format in which you could add your own answers.

“From what fundamental principle(s) do you base your libertarian political principles?”

The Golden Rule…27 votes.
Private Property …12 votes.
The answer I added….Grace gospel = individualistic self government and voluntary association…7 votes.
Argumentation ethics… 1 vote.
The Non-Aggression Principle….23 votes.
Jesus is Lord and Caesar is Not…4 votes.
Pragmatic (libertarianism is best for society)…3 votes.
The Constitution…3 votes.
Old Testament Law…1 vote.

I ticked the Golden rule, and Private property, and also added my own option… Grace Gospel… (see above)
I then qualified my answers in the comments…

“Paul’s Gospel of grace is a personal invitation to the individual sinner for salvation, in which he voluntarily joins the ‘private association’ of the ‘Fellowship of the mystery’, and chooses of his own freewill to make Christian values his own, thus all of his/her good works, charity flow from this voluntary basis, not from any form of legalistic compulsion. … threat of political punishments or prohibitions.
Thus ‘Religious liberty’ is the essential principle, so that we are free to follow our own conscience, and private property is necessary as giving us the place to practice and preach our faith in peace and safety.

This ‘free society’ is to be distinguished both from Jewish Legalistic Nationalism, and from Christ’s and Peters Political gospel of ‘National Salvation’ for Israel via the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom Rule… in which there is no Religious liberty, because the True God will be on Earth.

Contrary to the Gospel of the Kingdom, Paul’s gospel of grace and the Christian fellowship of the mystery do not require compulsory membership of others, or for us to impose our values upon others by force (or Law), and establishes the framework for Peace with others with whom peaceful Libertarian coexistence is possible, Equality, and freedom, and thereby naturally fulfills the Golden rule.

In this freedom sinners may choose to receive the gift of God’s grace, or to reject it and remain ‘outside’ the church and live in sin… as long as they don’t impinge upon our religios liberty, or threaten our lives and property. It is not for us to lock up Prostitutes, drug dealers, Homosexuals, adulterers, etc. They shall reap what they sow, and ultimately shall face the judgment of God.

It is for us to preach the Gospel of Grace, and to set an example of God’s love for mankind via charity and good works, and to prove the benefits of living by the Inner moral compass of Personal Christian ethics voluntarily imbibed, as superior to Anti freedom nationalistic Socially dictated/ imposed moral legalism
Religious liberty is the fundamental principle of the Gospel of God’s grace, and we ought to be praying for freedom to live by our own convictions, and to peacefully practice, preach, and teach our faith, Print our Bibles, Build our schools and other charitible institutions, etc.
We are not attempting to establish Gods Kingdom on Earth, because we know that *Only Christ* can achieve that… at his second comming.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

The Late great Francis Schaeffer has this to say about Libertarian Rights and Liberties…

14 thoughts on “The Christian Fellowship is a voluntary private society, not a theocratic political movement.”

    JUNE 3, 2016
    By: Gary Kittlesen

    Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I am a liberty loving, Constitution regurgitating libertarian. Anyone who knows me, knows that my Christian faith is the center of my life and my life’s driving force. It is the latter not the former that will save my soul.

    Typical response to my personal relationship with Christ is I must be a social conservative and a registered Republican. People are genuinely shocked by my libertarian position. I hear, “but libertarians support legalization of harmful drugs and prostitution and gambling. How can any Christian support these sinful things?”

    I believe these things are terrible, but people need to be free to make their own decisions and we as individuals need to be Christian enough to help these people when they fall, but that is the job of the individual, and Christians and churches, not the government.

    I often here I can’t be a Christian and a libertarian, because they support gay marriage. Again in my personal opinion, I believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman made in front of God. That’s my personal belief, I have no urge to force my personal beliefs on anyone else. If you don’t agree with my feelings on marriage that’s fine, actually government shouldn’t be involved in marriage at all. If government wasn’t involved in marriage at all there wouldn’t be any discrimination in marriage at all. I won’t force my church on your marriage and you won’t force your marriage on my church. This is the very basis of libertarianism, free-will and the concept that I know what’s best for me but I don’t know what’s best for you. Libertarianism is the only political view that I can square with my Christian faith as I will outline with the following scripture:


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