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America has forgotten its Roots! LaVoy’s Daughter Raises the Call!

LaVoy's Daughter Raises the Call! Tean Finicum stands up. — Will you rise with her and restore liberty or will you stay sitting down?FOLLOW: LaVoy Finicum's Stand For Freedom #LibertyRising Posted by Bundy Ranch on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 More … Continue reading

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Good Eye Closed. The Powder Keg. The Dead keep washing up on the coasts of Europe.

^^^Germany biker gangs are defending the honor of German women by beating the living hell out of ‘muslim’ refugees German anti-refugee right-wingers go on rampage in Leipzig, say police Meanwhile…. Six refugees found dead off Greek island bringing number drowned … Continue reading

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100 years later

Lest we forget.

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Raining V2s. Proportionality of force in military law. British Army Col Richard Kemp on civilian casualties in Operation Protective Edge.

^^^ A Must watch Video. a few quotes… “Hamas are fighting a propaganda war… sacrificing their own civilians… They are forcing Israel to attack… …President Obama, David Cameron, Ban ki Moon have all said that Israel must do more to … Continue reading

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How does the Israeli Defence Force minimize civilian casualties?

^^^ This video goes some way to answer many of the questions raised about concerns of how the Israeli Defence force is going about it’s retaliation to Hamas Terror in Gaza. Read my Blogpost …. Insidious Evil . When ethics … Continue reading

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“One Day”. The Peace Song of Our Generation. Matisyahu.

“One Day” Sometimes I lay Under the moon And thank God I’m breathing Then I pray Don’t take me soon ‘Cause I am here for a reason Sometimes in my tears I drown But I never let it get me … Continue reading

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An arab Israeli with a message for the world

DIRECT FROM THE FACEBOOK PAGE OF MOHAMMAD ZOABI: As an Israeli Muslim Arab, I was subjugated to brainwashing against the Jews while i was growing up. I was taught that we should hate them because they took our land, and … Continue reading

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The Diabolical tactics of Hamas: What the IDF is up against.

Post by Israel Defense Forces. ^^^ WATCH VIDEO!!! (from the Israel Defence Force *Facebook page*) Hamas does not give a Rats arse about the people of Gaza. They are Fanatics with an Evil Political agenda. Tim Wikiriwhi. Post by Israel … Continue reading

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Insidious Evil . When ethics are used as a weapon against you.

Ayn Rand could not be more wrong. Despite the reality that Satan will try and use your virtue and morality against you, the truth is when guns are pulled *morality becomes absolutely essential!* It is essential that the virtuous remain … Continue reading

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IDF Code of Ethics. Fighting a just fight.

Copied from Facebook… One of our StandWithUs Fellowship Alum, serving these days in the Golani infantry corps. He sent us a picture of himself inside a tank holding the IDF Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics states that The … Continue reading

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