RIP Matt Judd. Tributes to a Veteran of the War to Liberate Iraq.

RIP Matt Judd
US Army Infantry
Grenadier Voltigeur · May 2004 to Oct 2006
Cco 1st Battalion 9th Cavalry Regiment 1st Cavalry Division

Matt Judd I must first say thank you for serving our country and our people, I salute you, your a hero in my eyes, I want to thank you for the beautiful friendship we had on fb, I am so shocked to hear this, I pray for all your family and friends kids and brothers, miss Jennifer don’t ever forget he loved you with his heart and soul and you are the best thing that happened to him. On so sorry sweety. I will NEVER forget b4 jen all the nights me, you and Stephanie Grizzell would sit up half the night clowning bc none of us could sleep. This is killing her, I am standing as strong for her I can bub and will always watch over her. Jen if you need anything plz let any one of us know. God Bless you and your kids and the little man on the way. Matt I will never forget our friendship, your posts the lessons learned or the compassion for your friends, I wish you could see the out pouring of sadness and love going out to you. If any one like they can share or tag or use this pic. He always liked my pics so I couldn’t help but do him proud. We love you Matt forever in our hearts and souls, from many many people. Love you man.
Facebook Tribute by Kimberly Gill.

matt judd 2

I ask that anyone in the Indiana area on Saturday to give some time up for our fallen brother Matt Judd. He will be laid to rest that day. His showing will be at 9am to noon at the Hinsey Brown Funeral Services, 7355 S. State Road 9, Knightstown, IN. If you even have 10 minutes, please go show your respects to our fellow warrior. If you would like to send flowers through the funeral home you can do so through the link I have included in this post. Show his family the love his brothers had for him, by showing your love for them.
Millitary Minds.



I am very sad today because the best friend died ..Today is my birth, but I don’t want to do a party for hearing the news of my brother…We were together in Iraq and I’m very proud of our work together was brave in all the battles … and promised to meet him one day in the United States, but I could not very sorry my brother
I hope the Lord to give patience to his family

Ahmed Jafar Sadeq


matt juddddd

Taken at FOB Headhunter.


Matt and Jennifer
Matt and his Girl Jennifer


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

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11 thoughts on “RIP Matt Judd. Tributes to a Veteran of the War to Liberate Iraq.”

    1. Not all Noble plans come to fruition Richard.
      The Ideal of getting rid of Saddam and his Sons and establishing a West-friendly Democracy in Iraq was a noble idea.
      Wiping Saddam from the face of the Earth was a Just act in itself.

    1. First of all i am astonished by your total lack of respect, if you want to debate the merits of oif/ond do it somewhere else you fucking troll. Secondly to the family of a fallen brother in arms, we devote our time and sacrifice our freedoms our blood sweat and tears to give our loved ones the best future possible. Every deployment, every patrol, every step takin every bead of sweat every incoming round takin and every shot fired selflessly given for the ones we love and our brothers to our left and right, there is no greater love barring only the heavenly father than the love of a soldier because it runs deeper in us than the average person love of country, our brothers, and our loved ones at home, we know what it is to truly hurt, and we know what it really means to die, what it looks like, Smells like and what that loss feels like, but that does not stop us from putting ourselves in harms way and being the buffer that keeps the wolves at bay, far from our country, and our loved ones at any cost, freedom was and still is paid for in blood and that will never change, from the patriots of the revolutionary war, to the veterans of oif/oef every patriot given is a sacrifice upon the alter of freedom, and to aspire to that is truly noble. Never let the liberal trash that has infested this country convince you that your loved ones service was not honorable or downplay there sacrifice because of the circumstances of the war they fought. Because at the very heart of it, it was done for you. That is the definition of true love.

  1. Who cares what you think of the war? That is not what this post is about! It is about a wonderful man, and the fact that he is no longer here. This page is to honor his memory. Why must people make everything political? Matt was a wonderful person. He was a brother, a son, a father….an expecting father!!!!!! Please don’t turn something in his memory into some political debate. Why not just send some words of encouragement and try to lift up his family.

    1. ONYA Holly.
      That is exactly why I put this tribute up in this format.
      There are of course plenty of questions surrounding what has happened, yet there will be better opportunities to discuss them… I will make sure of that.
      Yet this post is both a celebration and mourning for a special person…. a man of our times…

  2. There are of course plenty of questions surrounding what has happened, yet there will be better opportunities to discuss them… I will make sure of that.

    Please do, Tim.

    I apologise to all concerned for any offence caused by my previous comments. None was intended.

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