How does the Israeli Defence Force minimize civilian casualties?


^^^ This video goes some way to answer many of the questions raised about concerns of how the Israeli Defence force is going about it’s retaliation to Hamas Terror in Gaza.

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One thought on “How does the Israeli Defence Force minimize civilian casualties?”

  1. There are no civilians in Gaza – particularly no “Innocent Civilians”

    Rather than the IDF following “best practice” in minimising civilian casualties,
    the IDF follows “worst practice” in destroying terrorists and their infrastructure.

    The result is a ceasefire in which Israel will stop firing, but which leaves Israel desperately exposed to terrorists a hundred yards from their houses, and with tunnels still coming up into Israeli Kindergartens.

    Their is a military solution – but it does not involve minimising non-existing civilian casualties. Like any other war, the aim is to inflict the most damage to the enemy in the shortest possible time.

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