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Why did Grandma put her underwear in the refrigerator?


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A robust demonology

Demonic possession? Crazy, crazy shit. No, Richard, your speculation is not a legitimate scientific theory, it is infantile hocus pocus, which is all I’ve come to expect of you. Infantile hocus pocus because demons do not exist, neither do gods, … Continue reading

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The second greatest man who ever lived

See also Disposable Heroes.

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Space Truckin: Dead for 45 minutes.

From >>>Here

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Visitations. Fox News atheist Democrat: I met Jesus!

She’s the intelligent, gorgeous, Democratic commentator at Fox News who has been an atheist for much of her life until she says she had a personal encounter with Jesus. It was in 2006 during an overseas trip that Kirsten Powers … Continue reading

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No Free Will = No Moral Responsibility. William Lane Craig

“And God made man in his own image….” When God made Man he not only formed his body out of matter, He breathed ‘spirit’ into him and he became a living soul… a freewill moral agent capable of making real … Continue reading

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I am Jesus

Phew! It’s hard work trying to be *like* Jesus. Even harder work trying to actually *be* Jesus. But at last! I’ve joined the exclusive Messiah Complex Club. My Christ delusion is complete. I’m the latest in a long list of … Continue reading

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He that hath seen me

For an entertaining exercise, name the third person of the Unholy Trinity. Who is it? Mini-Me? Fat Bastard? Frau Farbissina? Or … ? Brian Leftow on “One Person Christology” is Glenn Peoples’ latest blog post. How can a Chalcedonian Christology … Continue reading

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Married to a Megalomaniac…

It was with amusement that I read an NZ Herald article today which said…. “…The way you sleep may reveal aspects of your personality, with dark traits such as narcissism and cheating linked to night owls. A study by researchers … Continue reading

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These are the days My Friend… Happy Birthday Richard. :-)

^^^ 🙂 Onya Richard! Respect.

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