“Keep things in the shallow end… because I just didn’t want to know…”


“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”
John 3:19

Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Hayride to Hell!

Some people try and deny we have any freewill, or control over what we Believe or accept, yet I reject this.
I say that we are responsible for what we believe because we incrementally condition ourselves step by step, via our desire to know, or our desire to avoid knowing, and this grows into such an edifice that it can be a highplace from which the whole world can be Surveyed accurately… seeing it as it really is, or a self imposed ignorance can settle like a heavy fog completely blinding us from the truth.
This latter condition is all too common… the millions who have placed scales upon their own eyes so that the truth seems completely alien… completely ‘unreal’…. then they cry? How can I be blamed for not being able to believe?
They pretend they are the victims of circumstances… instead of being a victim of their own ignorant and foolish choices.

The same can be said of Hardness of heart.
As we go through life we all face times of horror and hurt, and one of the ways people seek to survive on this earth is to ‘harden up’… to stop themselves caring so much about things which they cant control, ..etc, yet this process is very dangerous… It is Dehumanizing, and we can build such ‘A Wall’ about ourselves that we become completely insensitive to the plight of humanity, and incapable of perceiving the real Moral issues and dilemma’s of life. And this hardness also blinds the individual to the need to seek Personal salvation, or to reform the world.
Yet again We are not victims of the world.
Our hard hearts are of our own creation, and we are morally responsible for our own lack of conscience and Narcissism.
We have freely created ourselves.
When you admit this to yourself you can then choose to awaken and walk with your eyes open and your heart restored.
This can be painful and taxing, yet it is the moral thing to do, as opposed to shirking morality and truth.
Dare You stand in the light of day?
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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9 thoughts on ““Keep things in the shallow end… because I just didn’t want to know…””

  1. When the Bible say’s in Exodus (9vs12) that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, I say this accord’s well with my argument because all that is required to harden someone’s heart is to trigger that persons own sensibilities… not remove their freewill. Ie actually play upon their own freewill, thus all God would have to do is let a small thought enter Pharaohs head …perhaps by him overhearing the conversation of others, and he will harden his own heart like pulling a lever… and yet his free will would not have been negated… but employed! His heart will have been hardened by his own vanity… his own maliciousness, etc.

    There is a very important principle to appreciate here, in that if we seek to enlighten others… and have any hope that they will listen to our arguements, we must be careful to present them in such a way as not to provoke our hearers into ‘hardening their hearts’ to our message.
    I must confess that I tend to provoke a hardened responce to my arguements… and that is not wisdom…but folly.
    Tim Wikiriwhi.

  2. “we incrementally condition ourselves step by step, via our desire to know, or our desire to avoid knowing”

    And how do we get our desires? Is it because we condition ourselves to desire them? But how did we get those desires? etc.

  3. Glenn,
    Our self-conditioning is a process of ‘cultivating’ our desires… and values.
    As humans, we are all blessed with ‘seedling’ capacities, tastes and emotions, etc, all of which have their rightful place and order, and as innocent children we go though a process of coming to terms with our Tastes,and emotions in a world which is not absolutely at our command.
    Yet still as individuals *with freewill* …whom have personal experiences (some inspiring…. some traumatic) …. as members of families, societies, etc each with various ‘social conditions and ‘beliefs’, yet just what desires and values we (as individuals) end up ‘tending’ the most, and which we allow to die off is ultimately indeterminate… a matter of our heart, drive, and Freewill faculty.
    What urges we choose to surrender to… what precepts captivate our psyche… ‘Create our personal identities’…. ego…. etc.
    We can embrace the common values of our elders and Peers or we can rebel against them.
    We are not Robots whose ‘choices’ have all been predetermined by the arrangements of our genes… though of course this is exactly what Materialists are attempting to claim so as to eradicate ‘the problem’ of Freewill and moral culpability.

    We share many things in common with all humanity…. we are all born innocent… our Bodies, souls, and capacities.
    We share less things in common with our immediate neighbours, family, social structures etc …. yet still we experience very personal events and imbibe various degrees of ‘independent data’…. so that though we each have many of the same forces at work within us… yet still we ‘grow’ our personalities…. we entertain a certain percentage of ‘independent ideas and thoughts, experience differing ‘guidance’…look towards, different exemplars and Mentors etc’, and so it is that via this complex interplay of factors we navigate ourselves and choose to live the way will best achieve our secret and fluid values, and become the people that we desire to be…. from one moment to the next.
    *To the degree that such things are within our powers.* … and we are morally responsible for our choices respective of what particular circumstances we find ourselves.
    At times life is very easy.
    At other times we find ourselves between Rock and a hard place.
    And we can sympathise with many of the Bad decisions people make in difficult situations… and yet we are still ‘free’ and accountable… even when we have a knife to our throat.

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