Disposable heroes

I made a list of my top 10 all-time heroes.

A paedophile, a philanderer, an anti-semite, a slave-owner, a shoplifter, a misogynist, a mass murderer, a devil worshipper, a guerilla ontologist and a backgammon player.

So much for human role models.

6 thoughts on “Disposable heroes”

  1. 1.?
    2. MLK
    3 Jesus
    4 Thomas Jefferson
    5 ?
    6 ?
    7 Nelson Mandela
    8 Ayn Rand
    9 ?
    10 ?

    Are you a Michael Jackson fan?
    Was Gandhi a backgammon player?

    1. This is Richard’s list remember…
      1. Ghandi was the Pedo… or Socrates… though I herd he never actually participated in it.

      2… King Solomon?… Could just about be anyone

      3. Jesus was not an Anti-Semite Reed.
      Maybe Martin Luther.

      4 I agree… probably Jefferson… or Washington… or Marcus aurelius…. could just about be anyone Pre- 1800ad…. maybe Aristotle.

      5…. no doubt…. Winona Ryder. šŸ™‚

      6…. could be anyone. šŸ™‚

      7 a mass murderer… Could be Churchill…. St Paul?

      8. ?

      9 ?

      10. ?

  2. I have never herd that about Aristotle…. though being a Greek….
    I should have guessed Crowley, and Hume.
    We have all herd the accusation, yet do you really believe Churchill is guilty of mass murder Richard?
    And if so…. what in your opinion was his crime?

  3. Churchill presided over the Bombing of Dresden, Tim. Technically, that makes him a mass murderer. But there were mitigating circumstances. He was fighting (and winning) a war against a truly evil totalitarian regime. He’s still one of my heroes.

    Crowley’s not one of my heroes now … but I was a fan back in the day.

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