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Doomed! Prison of our own device… Read more…. Enslaved by your own Gullible Stupidity! Taxation and Tyranny. Time to Choose…. Storm Clouds Gathering. God given Rights vs Tyranny The Government wants to kill you. They know the end is nigh. Epitaph. The Death of America … Continue reading

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LEAP NZ’s Angus Fisk’s criticism of Dodgy Police decision not to prosecute John Banks, and other Public officials.

Angus Fisk…Retired NZ Policeman and member of LEAP NZ. From A Fisk… Sent this off yesterday……… The Editor Otago Daily Times I submit the following open letter to the Commissioner of Police for publication in your paper. The Commissioner of … Continue reading

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Un-ask-able questions… Police Brutality: When should you shoot a Cop?

This video not only highlights the blatant criminality of police violence agianst protesters, party goers, etc, but also reminds me of the Cannibals case of Jan Molenaar who fired on New Zealand Police officers executing a ‘routine’ cannabis search warrant … Continue reading

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I’ve got big balls

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