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Prohibitionists are violent

Prohibition is violence and prohibitionists are violent. National MP Mike Sabin in police assault inquiry Police have been investigating an assault complaint against government MP Mike Sabin. The investigation is related to events in Northland, but detectives working on the … Continue reading

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Won’t somebody else please feed the children?

I got an email from Metiria Turei, co-leader of the Greens. Education is the best route out of poverty. But hungry kids can’t learn and are left trapped in the poverty cycle. Let’s break that cycle lunchbox by lunchbox. We … Continue reading

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Vinny’s back! Scumbags in High places BEWARE!

From Facebook… “Please Help Vinny Eastwood rebuild his YouTube Subscriber base! His Channel With 16,000+ Subs (NZ’s Most Subscribed News Channel) Was Deleted Without Warning 2 Weeks Before The New Zealand Election! This link will take you to the new … Continue reading

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Am I evil? Yes I am.

I’ve been honoured once again to have received Liberty Scott’s endorsement of my candidacy in his 2014 New Zealand voting guide for lovers of liberty.     Mana – Safe Labour – Richard Goode Kris Faafoi or Hekia Parata? To hell … Continue reading

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Hikois from hell

It’s National Party policy to abolish the Maori seats but John Key says not on his watch. Dropping Maori seats would mean ‘hikois from hell’ Abolishing the Maori seats would rip the country apart and attract “hikois from hell”, John … Continue reading

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Where was Jamie Whyte while Laila Harre was getting high?

So Laila Harre has seized the initiative… and the high ground on Cannabis Law reform. Good for her! I chuckle because this will test the bonds of the Internet Mana Marriage. Will Hone Harawera do a ‘Hone Banksy’ on her? … Continue reading

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Memories of Peter Dunne

Wednesday night last week I was at the Backbencher pub on Molesworth Street, across the road from Parliament Buildings, for the filming of the first episode of the 2014 season of Back Benches. Back Benches is a political panel discussion … Continue reading

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Legal Heroin Ban: PSA and the Evil of Politics.

It’s a great relief to me that at least one of my libertarian friends gets it. This compelling piece on the diabolical Psychoactive Substances Act by atheist blogger and fellow freedom fighter Mark Hubbard is so good, I’m syndicating it. Be … Continue reading

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Real voluntary private Charity vs the evils of welfare and Political force Ruff draft.

Recently I have been in communication with a newly formed charity organized by private citizens moved with concern for the growing number of homeless people in the city in which I live. Though it would not take Sherlock homes to … Continue reading

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Young National Socialists …. Tyrant Spawn!

NZ Young Nats (National Party) National Socialists LORD PLEB RAPINE!!! Wikipedia…. “A robber baron or robber knight is a historic term and title of disdain that was applied to the behavior and practices of a group of unscrupulous and despotic … Continue reading

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