The Great Waitangi Swindle.

The Treaty settlement process of recent years has been nothing short of systematic Treachery.
Not only have the People of New Zealand been forced to accept an apartheid system of Racial preference, they have also be deceived and robbed of Millions upon millions of Dollars.
The scale of this theft is monumental.
And this crime has been perpetrated by a malignant minority of Low lives.

Any notion that the settlement process has been what the Government claims it to be ie ‘redressing legitimate grievances’ can only be maintained by the most gullible and deluded Moron!

I ask why successions of Labor and National party governments have allowed this business to be orchestrated by blatant racists?
Countless times, the process, and the people involved in this ‘grievance industry’ have been exposed as outright dishonest and even Criminal!
Both National and Labour (and their minor party minions) have committed the highest form of treason against us by aiding and abetting a Mega Million dollar Extortion racket.

The latest revelations regarding the dishonesty of the Radical Separatist and Treaty Lawyer, Atareta Ponanga ought to send shock waves throughout the country!
You can read about her crimes and extreme bigotry in today’s NZ Herald article ‘Face of militancy debarred for forgery’.
Former activist turned Lawyer showed no remorse after falsifying Treaty signatures.
Lawyer struck off…
Now here is a Racist Bigot of the highest caliber.
She Hates Pakeha.
As a ‘Maori Nationalist’ She absolutely Rejects The Treaty of Waitangi, calling Non-Maori New Zealanders Riff Raff, and says they ought to either Leave the country or accept Maori Sovereignty.
How, I ask, was it possible that such a Lawyer whom rejects British sovereignty …though it was accepted by the Maori Chiefs whom signed the treaty… how has she been allowed to handle 35+ Treaty claims, involving *‘Much of the North Island’*???!!!!
Pause and contemplate the travesty that fact represents!

Knowing that these grievances and Treaty claims which affect ‘much of the North Island’ have been fabricated by such a Demonic personality, possessed of militant racist hatred, Now a convicted Fraudster, whom is Hell bent on alienating an entire country, and disenfranchising Millions of Kiwi Citizens ought to provoke a National outrage!

How can the govenment maintain it’s claim that the treaty settlement process is bona fide?

We, the people of New Zealand of all races have allowed ourselves to be taken as fools, reduced to second class subjects, and ripped off on a gigantic scale, via a massive fraud that does nothing less than falsify the history of our country!
Satan Himself must be impressed!

The whole business stinks to High Heaven!

It was because of the falsification of New Zealand history for the political ambitions of extorting loot via the settlement process that Dr John Robinson wrote his book ‘The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy’

The exploits of this vile racist are exactly the sort of fraud I was talking about when asked by TV 1 presenter Shane Taurima my opinion of the treaty settlement process as a participant in ‘The Great Waitangi debate ‘Is The treaty holding Back New Zealand?’ TV1 Feb 2010. I said it was a complete Farce!

This is exactly the sort of lies and deception which provoked the late Stuart Scott to write his two books ‘The Travesty of Waitangi’, and ‘Travesty after travesty’

The travesty of the whole process provoked the formation of The lobby group The One New Zealand Foundation, with Ross Baker writing his Books ‘From Treaty to Conspiracy’, and his latest publication
‘New Zealand in Crisis’.

*The government is not even using the real treaty!*
They use a modern perversion re-written to justify the establishment of apartheid Law and government.
The English draft which gives us the correct interpretation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi has been found, yet is being ignored because it exposes all the lies regarding The Treaty as being ‘a partnership’.

And now these same shysters are setting about to write a New Constitution for New Zealand. One which will entrench the Waitangi Appartheid system they have created.

We must stop them!
I must ask you this.
Will you merely shrug your shoulders in apathy… pretending everything is ok?
Are you going to allow yourselves to be so utterly robbed and deceived without protest?
If so I call you Cowards!
If so I say you have a Slave mentality… you are unfit to call yourselves a free and enlightened people!
Rise Up!
Stir up a whirlwind of Protest!
Contact your Local Political Party representatives and MPs, and express your indignation! Tell them you know they have defrauded you.
Tell them they will never get another vote from you unless they act to put an end to Waitangi apartheid!
Tell them you demand the fraudulent and immoral Waitangi grievance industry to be halted forthwith.
Tell them you will tolerate No more lies… no more Extortion!
Demand Racial equality before the Law!
Demand an end to the Separate electoral rolls and Racist seats!

We Need a Constitution of Equality before the Law and Limited Government.
It is time to get up off the couch and stand with those of us whom have had a guts full of this Racist scam and are fighting to put an end to it.
Contact me.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Libertarian Independent.
Hamilton West.

13 thoughts on “The Great Waitangi Swindle.”

  1. Tim is correct, I think of NZers. as dogs laying on their backs with their paws in the air. Total surrender!

    The Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and the Waitangi Tribunal were founded solely upon Govts false English treaty. This false document was written by a guy, Freeman, who had no authority to write our Treaty! Unauthorised, it was used to catch the overspill of signatures at Waikato Heads in April yet is dated 06-02-1840 to comply with Hobson’s instructions, “That signed at Waitangi on 06-02-1840 is de facto our Treaty & all further signatures pertain to this document.” Unauthorised & carrying a date other than which it was signed excludes any validity as a legal document. Fact!

    Only one Treaty was signed on 06-02-1840, Maori, and it contains no exclusive privilege to Maoris, Article 3. Maori to be given the SAME (not equal) rights as the people of England.

    The false treaty “Partnership” came about by a MINORITY Appeal Court decision which used another false treaty to establish this decision. This false document was written by Hugh Kawharu (later knighted for services to Maori) who named it, “An attempt at a literal translation of the (Maori) Treaty text.” The writer may have named it “an attempt,” but this Court used it to establish a non-existent Crown/Maori partnership which removed the Treaty RIGHTS of all other NZers.

    If you think the above shows how corrupt Governments (plural) have been, think of this. Governments are continuing to settle mostly bogus claims to a group of people they “call” Maori and yet they do not have a definition of who these people are due to inbreeding. Ask if you want, email . He should know, he told the UN that Maoris hold a special status as tangata whenua of NZ, yet he and Christopher Finlayson replied, “no document exists containing this information.”

    Claims are being settled with Taranakis because Government troops attacked them at Waitara in 1860. Yet they aught to know Taranakis started this war in 1853, 7 years earlier, slaughtered whom they could catch, confiscated settler land, stole their livestock and destroyed their homes. Taranakis claim Taranaki is theirs, yet all Wakeling of the NZ Co. could find atop the Sugarloaf island was about half a dozen who were too scared to even grow crops on the mainland in case Waikatos returned and found their presence.

    Wakeling paid Wiremu Kingi/Te Whiti for 300,000 acres in Taranaki, Government confiscated all except 3,500 acres and made Wakeling pay another twice. Government also paid Waikatos for Taranaki, this makes Taranaki paid for 4 times.

    After the Taranakis war to exterminate White settlers was over, settlers had the opportunity to return to their farms provided they paid Govt. a second time at the rate of 8 to 10 times they paid originally. Yes, even then they lay on their back with paws in the air.

    The Waikatos are being compensated for Government troops crossing the Maungatawhiri stream in 1863, yet the Waikatos crossed this stream in 1860, 3 years earlier, slaughtered, stole livestock and destroying property as they advanced within 40 miles (64k) of Auckland. Why are we apologising and compensating these people?

    Because we lie on our backs with our paws in the air!

    Shhhh, back to sleep

  2. Thanks for that detailed reply.
    Do you mean Wakefield of the NZ company?
    I have not herd of Wakeling.

    And you are 100% right when you say that Waikato started the War by setting up Pa and gardens etc planning to attack Auckland and drive the white man into the sea. The whole Kingi Tanga movement was a rejection of English sovereignty and the treaty.
    This was a last ditch attempt by the chiefs and tribal aristocracies of maintaining their power structure over their tribes, which were ‘crumbling’ as more and more Maori adopted ‘individualist’ white man ways of living… no longer subjected to chiefly authority… ie they were being liberated from tribalism and beginning to live like modern men.
    The Chiefs were determined to reverse this trend and reestablish their Power.

    They started murdering settlers on the outskirts, and interfered with free movement up and down the Waikato river. Governor Grey warned them that if they continued their rebellious activities that they would provoke a military response. He said if they quit these evil activities they would keep their lands as guaranteed by the treaty, yet if they rebelled against the authority of the Crown, they would be subdued and loose their lands as punishment. They chose to ignore this warning as they believed they would win the war.
    Once they were subdued by the colonial forces (which included many Maori tribes) Their Land was confiscated in punishment for their murderous rebellion, this showing the consequences of Rebellion against the treaty.
    These confiscations were ‘the teeth’ of the treaty, and it is directly because of these confiscations that the tribes were pasified… kept from starting new rebellions.

    It is also ironic that Today is not the first time the treaty has been used by government to rob the Pakeha in favor of the Maori.
    This occurred in the early days after the Treaty, when the early government approached Maori about lands they had sold prior to the treaty. The crown wishing to nullify all such transactions and told Maori that if they put in complaints… the Government would confiscate the land and give it back to them. They (The Maori) knew this was wrong because they had sold the land and received payment in good faith, yet went along with it because they reasoned it was the government who was committing the evil not them.
    Thus the True Irony of all this is that way back then in the early days it was simalar to how it is today… the Pakeha whom have been wronged and oppressed, not Maori!

  3. Hi Tim , Thanks for your excellent and informative blog , i have been reading alot of articles from the ‘Old days’ on the blog Papers Past and the start of the Waikato/Kingi Tanga conflict with the crown is a realy interesting issue for me and your conformation of the lighting of the powder keg , so to speak , is a facinating subject.
    Please keep up the good work.

  4. Tim, you really must stop using the word “whom”.

    You have used the word “whom” three times in this piece, and in each instance the correct word to have used is good old “who”.

    It isn’t a fanciful choice between who and whom, in which whom comes across as more highfalutin’. Who is a subject word, while whom is an object word. These grammatical errors detract from what you have to say here. I’ve suggested before that you fix it, but you are too stubborn to accept advice. You embarrass the “end the treaty grievance industry” cause with your intransigence.


  5. I am of Ngatiwai descent from Great Barrier Island, our whanau have be decieved by a Governed pan maori organization to represent our interests.

    Before her passing, our mother told us all of how (Ngati Rehua) came to be, she was very clear we are, Ngatiwai.

    After our mothers passing, we all had different times for dealing with our grief, but we have all finally come together to work as one for dealing with our grief, but we have all finally come together to work as one to acknowledge our true Whakapapa.
    1980’s Michael Beazley arrived in Katherine Bay and told the Kaumatua’s he was rela
    ted to us
    He wanted to learn the history of our Whakapapa
    My Aunty took this man under her wing schooled him. Teaching him about the history of Katherine Bay.
    When (MB) learned about the history he then went on to become a historian and a Treaty Negotiator.
    Then in the late 1990’s Michael Beazley started to bully and intimidate.
    The Kaumatua’s signed some papers for (MB) believing he was doing good by all who signed.
    1990’s The name change came about through filing in the companies offices by (MB) and (KB) after the death of the Chairperson Witi McMath.
    A newly formed trust was set up in (1996) and there was a name change. To Ngati Rehua
    We are concerned about the way in which beneficiaries signatures have been collected.
    On the basis that they have information provided to them was deliberatley misleading to obtain support for Ngati Rehua.
    A Hapu is reconstructed for political reasons.
    “Eponymous Ancestor” Rehua – giving one’s name to a tribe/place or Ngati Rehua founder of Katherine bay or an imaginary person after whom a plae is named.

  6. Very interesting James,
    The whole modern ‘Treaty industry’ is a rewrite of history.
    Would you be interested in writing an article with a few more facts/ dates/ etc?
    I would be happy to post it as Guest post here.

  7. Hi. Posting and ranting on a blog is one thing. There must surely be enough knowledge and people to take this to the next level with a legal challenge in the High Court and then the Haig if neccessary

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