New Zealand’s Hopeless Election Choices… The Selling out of New Zealand to BrownMail. RMA 2017

Nick Smith: Author of the New Racist RMA Legislation.

Time to grow a pair David Seymour! or you will cement a legacy as being just another Lap Dog of the National Party…like Rodney Hyde.

With the Passing into Law of The National party/Maori party RMA ‘Reforms’ we have witnessed again Nationals capacity for treachery… for Dealing with the Devil for the sake of Power at any price.
Read : RMA reforms pass into law with support from Maori Party

To my disgust Acts David Seymour has not spoken out with sufficient vehemence against this legislation but has growled with the ferocity of a damp flannel.
The man has no spine and his priority is to walk the safe low road to maintain his cozy relationship under Nationals wing.
He obviously puts more weight on his own political Career than on the well being of our Nation.


Some may wonder why my chief criticisms are leveled at David Seymour rather than at Nick Smith and PM Bill English… it is because these clowns are not being two faced… they are doing exactly what we have come to expect from the National party… yet David Seymour pretends to be a ‘Classical Liberal’ fighting to restrain Nationals Machiavellianism … when in reality he is just their little whore.

Times of Crisis prove the mettle of a persons character and integrity… Davids lame efforts on this account has shown himself to be absolutely spineless!
Act under Seymour are a Joke… a continuing joke that started with Rodney Hyde.

The only truly great Leader this party has had was Don Brash!
An ardent advocate of Racial equality before the Law, and of Cannabis Law reform… Two of the most essential justice issues facing our country from which we could expect massive improvements in social justice… Yet David has dropped the ball on both counts.
Jamie Whyte should have been a great leader too yet sold out on principle for misguided pragmatism… and it cost him not only his personal reputation… but also the election.
Both Whyte and Seymour lost the moral high ground to the Left when they avoided making Cannabis law reform an imperative for Act, and they missed the massive voter support base that is in a state of limbo because no *Non-Left* party is willing to make such Law reform a priority!
Read about that here
All the Polls prove this policy will be a massive coup at election time.
What claims can Act now have to represent classical Liberalism under Seymour?

David Seymour ought to be leading the fight to end treaty separatism yet He was absolutely Out-classed by the Old Dog Winston Peters!
Seymours pussyfooting (and the silence of every National party MP) has allowed National’s diabolical sell out the the Maori party to pass into law.

Watch Winston Peters valiant protest to the National/ Maori party

Now I hold Winston Peters as historically being guilty of one of the greatest sell outs to Waitangi apartheid in New Zealand political history when he accepted the Baubles of Office from Election fraudster Helen Clark instead of making Don Brash Pm, and giving him the oppotunity to get rid of the Maori seats in parliament and begin the dismantling of the Waitangi apartheid state. (Read about this here).
This betrayal was on such a magnitude that pales David Seymour’s sicophantism by comparison, yet Today the populist and whiley Winston Peters is capitalising on the Short memories of the NZ sheeple and has re-caste himself as the new Don Brash.. as his speech in the house in opposition to the RMA changes testifies.
Is this just another shameful Peters opportunism?
I think his speech deserves more currency than that.
I found it convincing.
When you start thinking that Winston Peters makes more sence than anyone else in Parliament you know you are in deep deep Trouble.

Compare that speech to any protest from Acts David Seymour!
He has said nothing!… he’s just Nationals Little Bitch!… absolutely hopeless….

Read about Seymour’s token protests here… New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and ACT’s David Seymour have both attacked the government over the way it’s handled the Resource Management Bill.


It is times like these that drives despondent individuals into the clutches of Anarchism… yet something needs to be done to punish National… and Act!
To teach them where such shameful politics gets them.

What are the alternatives?

Surely *No Sane and intelligent person* could vote for Andrew Little’s Labour party…. No… never, and I struggle to think any Sane person could vote for Winston Peters…. yet that is how insane the NZ Political scene has become!
The conservatives are Morons.
Gareth Morgan is a Megalomaniac just waiting to become Dictator.
No need to even discuss the Greens, Mana, or the Maori parties…

That Leaves 1law4all, and Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis parties…
1law4all has good intentions on this one policy yet they are Naive and no better on other fronts than Winston Peters whom is also claiming now to stand for 1law4all.
1law4all wants to maintain all the other Nanny statisms and taxes just as Winston does yet have far less chance of playing a significant roll in ending Waitangi apartheid than the seasoned professional politician Winston Peters… between these two options its a matter of whether or not Peters can be trusted (and that is a significant question).

ALCP stands firm on their single principle… and I commend them for that… yet again they are not the friends of Liberty on any other issue… they are mostly Pro Nanny state.

So for me it is now a case of choosing between putting my vote for the principle of one law for all (Peters), or the Legalisation of Cannabis… and when you place these two in the scales… both vitally important matters of justice… the scales get tipped in favour of Peters simply because he has more chance of repealing these insane RMA clauses than ALCP has of getting Cannabis reform.
The New RMA clauses represent a new threat… whereas cannabis Law reform has been an ongoing fight… that will remain an ongoing fight here in New Zealand as a petty Nation of small minds that is dragging its heals on this issue that other western nations are now committed to change.
A National Party led by Bill English will never legalize cannabis.


Of course the greatest Political party New Zealand has ever known no longer exists…. The Righteous Libertarianz party!
After struggling for traction for nearly two decades It became too hard to maintain the small amount of momentum they had gained despite our greatest efforts.
Is it possible to resurrect the Libertarianz Party in a Glorified body… like a Phoenix from the flames?
New Zealand is in desperate need of a Party of resolute principle committed to enshrining a new constitution to guarantee the inalienable rights and liberties of Individuals are respected by Government… Equality before the law… and so rendering any and all attempts by Parliament to impose unjust laws and Party political agendas upon us *Illegal and Null and void*.
Currently any thoughts of such a wonderful Re-birth are merely a pipe dream… a hysterical joke.
Read about my submission to the Governments constitutional review here.

Will David Seymour and Act finally wake up to their own folly regarding their failed attempts at pragmatic expedience over principles that has rendered them merely the door mat of National?
Will they grow a spine… and cut away the apron strings that secure them fast to the National party… and finally begin to stand on their own two feet… as truly an independent party committed to classical liberal values *In fact* rather than mere lip service?
I’ll believe that the day I hear David Seymour grows a pair and declares that Act will not only fight tooth and nail for racial equality before the Law, but also for the legalization of cannabis… which is a matter of urgency and Justice… and marks a fundamental point of Personal freedom.
Hell will probably freeze over first!
The truth is they have never given a rats arse about personal freedom, but have always only been a vested interest for crony capitalists whose only desire to keep the left from imposing regulations that will affect their profit margins.
And this obvious fakery of being ‘Classical Liberals’ when in fact they are ‘fascists’ (look up what that term really means) has been the chief reason Act has failed to garner the freedom lovers vote.
This sell out strategy never worked for Jamie white, and it doesn’t work now!
Message to David Seymour!
Wake up!
Have a discussion with your old comrades Jamie Whyte and Don Brash!

So this leaves me squirming in a fettered pond… between a rock and a hard place with regards to which political actors in the New Zealand Tragedy to give my vote (If any… or simply not to vote at all…. come what may?)


I sympathize with Readers who like myself recoil at giving support to Winston Peters given his long history of dubious dealings, yet I see a dire need for Outraged New Zealanders to Punish National for their treasonous activities in collaboration with the Maori Party.
I cannot believe things have become so acute that I would ever contemplate that it could possibly be in New Zealand best interests to support a Winston Peters/ Labour party Coalition!
The Horror of even writing such a sentence… let alone having to endure such a Government chills me to the bone… yet what are the alternatives?
If Peters could negotiate with Labour, to shut the Greens out, and the repeal of these Evil RMA and get a commitment to Roll back apartheid in general, this would be *Justice* upon the absolute *Sell outs* in the National party… and seriously how much worse could such a Labour led coalition Be compared to what we have now?
So a vote for Peters under such conditions would not be the same thing as a direct sanction for Littles Labour… but for a Labour led government with NZ First Racial equality Reforms.

Is this seriously the depths to where our Nations political scene has stooped?

These are my current moral dilemmas…. I will now sign off and go and Vomit…. hopefully that will give me a temporary relief to the nausea in my stomach and the spinning in my head.

It is at times like this I can sympathize with why so many people have abandoned all political contemplation as Voodoo… as shysterism… and instead play chess… Watch sport… or go get high by the beach!

I think I have reached a personal conclusion… that I must again stand for parliament in Hamilton West to give myself and the hand full of Libertarians who live in this electorate at least a Candidate of principle to vote for.
I am under no illusions of my chances for election… I am but a voice crying in the wilderness.
I have zero political weight in the scale of things… begging the question why would someone like David Seymour take advise or criticism from a nobody like me?
I have no time, or money, or support… my stand is merely a token gesture… yet still a moral imperative.
They will have to make up their own minds which Party will get their vote… yet Peters recent stand against the ever expanding Waitangi apartheid certainly has given a vote for his party some moral weight.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Libertarian Independent

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