Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington.

In 2009 I wrote an opinion piece about how Democracy *ought* to function using
the Election of Barack Obama as an example.
I placed his election in contrast to that of Our Racially perverted electoral
system to show Why we must get rid of this perversion of democracy and justice.
The Maori seats must Go!

Note: I am in no way endorsing Barack Obama or the American Democrats.
I am pointing out that Barack Obama won election on equal terms with whites.

I re post it Below because this fight is yet to be won.
Tim W

Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington.
Tim Wikiriwhi. 2009

The world witnessed an historic event in Barack Obama’s victory as the President of the USA. Even for defeated Republicans and sceptical Libertarians it was one of the greatest days in American history. His nomination for the Democratic party presidential candidate occurred on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s 1963 “I have a Dream” speech, with Americans poignantly aware of the realisation of racial social equality before their eyes. Obama has become the American symbol of equality before God and the law.

To achieve this Obama not only defeated The National Hero, Republican John McCain, he also beat off political high flier and rival Democrat Hilary Clinton, herself an icon of social equality for woman. While no nation on earth will ever be free of racial bigotry, in America the violent history of slavery and political racial bigotry has today been put to rest.

The most vital lesson we Kiwi ought to take from the Obama victory is that he did it on equal terms in competition with white men and women in a proper democratic election, free of any racist electoral rolls or special race-based seats. Consequently all American candidates must stand for the same offices and must appeal to the same multi-ethnic electorates, cutting off opportunity for unscrupulous politicians to pedal political, racial favouritism with impunity as is the current modus operandi of racist groups here in New Zealand; such as the Maori Party who pedal apartheid politics, taking full advantage of our racially perverted democracy.

The Racists of New Zealand have the luxury of being able to ignore and even slander all non-Maori and still get elected. The Maori party policies display a total disregard of the principles of equality before the law. Our racist system has in fact served the opposite purpose to the American democracy, having entrenched a great racial divide, instead of racial equality as displayed by the election of Barack Obama. Because our system has never been properly constituted, consecutive Labour and National lap dogs of the UN have implemented its racist doctrines of indigenous rights. Racial separatism is government policy in our sad little nation, complete with racist political institutions, multi-million dollar extortions and laws.

While we too have had a recent change of Government, and are glad to see the back of Helen Clark, the result was little to celebrate. As the Libertarianz party candidate in Hamilton West, I campaigned for racial equality before the law and an end to our separatist electoral system. I told voters that as far as racial justice is concerned, it would make absolutely no difference to vote for either Clark or Key, as both of them were prepared to negotiate with the racial separatists of the Maori Party.

In their campaigns for the Maori seats, and now also in MMP Coalition talks, it is routine for striving Labour and National parties to bargain away the rights and liberties of all non-Maori New Zealanders. This is the consequence of having race-based seats in parliament, and a legal system which like Nazi Germany makes racist laws.

The Honourable Don Brash.

There has been one very important exception to this racist bargaining. It was in the run-up to the 2005 general election in which National Party leader Don Brash single-handedly exposed the treaty of Waitangi gravy train as a travesty and decried the shame of having an apartheid electoral system. He set about putting National in stark contrast to Labour on the fundamental principle of equality before the law. Decades of socialist meddling had brought race relations in New Zealand to an all-time low.

Migrants and tourists began to express how appalled they were at the levels of violent racism and xenophobia in God’s Own. National was at an all-time low in the polls and were desperate to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Don Brash wisely saw the time was right to make race relations the central issue to the next election, and in the process of exposing the injustices and scams of the status quo, Clark was forced to withdraw her support for treaty separatism and indigenous rights in a bid to stave off a massive shift in the general electorates over to National, which threatened to dwarf the significance of pandering for support in the separatist seats. In turn the Maori radicals Tariana Turia and co were jettisoned from Labour, and chose to form their own radical separatist party rather than tone down their bigotry and remain in government as Clark’s machinations required of her underlings.
This was a massive coup for Don Brash, and had Labour not lied, stolen, and overspent over half a million taxpayer dollars to corruptly steal victory, Don Brash would have been prime minister, and our nation today would have been well on its way to a wonderful day of pride such as has just been witnessed in America… The day we re-found our Nation upon a new constitution of Equality before the Law.

In 2005, had the integrity of Winston Peters truly been first to New Zealanders, and not the baubles of power – first to his campaign promises of ending apartheid and not to his own crushed vanity at defeat in the Tauranga seat – he could have supported a Brash government, and have played a hero’s role in the fight for Justice and Equality before the Law. Yet as his actions would prove, he is without scruples. He jumped into bed with Helen Clark, and so by the skin of her teeth, by lies, theft, and bribery, she retained her grip on power, and New Zealand remains ensnared in socialist treaty separatism.

Brash had raised his party back into a fighting force, yet was himself to fall victim to petty personal politics. Soon afterwards the Clark government was scraping the bottom of the political barrel due to their unpopular legislative meddling regarding the anti-smacking and electoral finance bills.

Quisling PM John Key ‘Brown noses’ with Radical Racist and would-be terrorist Tame Iti.

National’s new leader John Key is not cut from the same cloth as the honourable Don Brash. John Key realised that come election time Clark was history as long as he did not put his foot in his mouth. So National fought the most PC campaign of hollow words chosen for their cultural safety, making no radical policies distinguishable from Labour; also bending over backwards for support from the Maori radicals who command the racist seats. To get that support he was even willing to hongi terror suspect Tama Iti, who had just been discovered plotting to kill him and other pakeha New Zealanders. He also distanced himself from Don Brash.

His abandonment of the Brash campaign of one law for all New Zealanders was the green light to the renewal of apartheid politics, and having been let off the hook on which Brash had hung them, the Clark government instantly re-commissioned their Treaty separatist policies in a bid for support from the Maori seats. A flood of Treaty claims were settled as Dr Cullen hurriedly bribed his way back into favour with Maori communities.

Much to the glee of Maori radicals, Labour’s Treaty settlement minister did not hesitate to breach the 1 billion dollar cap that had been placed on settlements, thereby perpetuating the industry indefinitely, as some settlements had such corrupt clauses, that if in the future the billion dollar cap was breached, they could re-negotiate! Thus the consequence of John Key’s pussyfooting, and the shyster politics of Cullen and Clark, have been to expose New Zealanders to racial extortion indefinitely.

We all know John Key’s lame campaign was a success, yet this was not because Clark lost due to any greatness on his part. People reluctantly voted for him. He has now formed a coalition government with the Maori Party and Act. This coalition is a very grievous thing, as it forebodes an ongoing system of extortion which Key must maintain to keep the radicals in his midst onside.

The irony is that not only must Key now carry on the appeasement of Clark and Cullen to racist radicals; he is actually appeasing the very same radicals who were once embedded in the Labour government! We also know the Maori Party intends the entrenchment of racism so deep into our political system that it becomes democratically impossible to abolish.
Furthermore they are relentlessly soliciting Maori to sign onto the separatist roll so as to grow the number of apartheid seats in parliament. This in itself has the effect of making an audacious break with racist appeasement such as Don Brash made so much less likely to succeed.

Because Key’s coalition relies on appeasing the Maori radicals, it has meant that no progress has been made in international relations with Fiji, despite Clark’s exit. Had Brash become PM, I believe he would have extended a hand of friendship to Bainimarama, and offered assistance in making Fiji a nation of equality before the law, just as he hoped New Zealand would become. Yet we have no hope of this with Key, and so NZ-Fiji relations continue to ferment.

This is the current situation. Race relations in New Zealand are at an all time low; violent crime is still on the rise, committed disproportionately by Maori.

The Act Party have compromised themselves for 5 pieces of silver by getting into bed with Key and Turia. Rodney Hide should have thrown down the gauntlet and told Key “No deal with the racists!” He didn’t. Now Act can have no claims to represent equality before the law!
Only the Libertarianz party remains true to this cause!

The Libertarianz party wants to dump the Treaty, the racist electoral rolls and the racist seats in parliament and town councils. We would abolish all race based laws and institutions and shred the UN codebook on indigenous rights. If elected, the Libertarianz party will enshrine the principle of equality before the law into a new constitution – a watershed in legal reform – setting our nation up for future prosperity and justice. This constitution will benefit Maori as much as everyone else. Maori will still be Maori the day we abolish the Treaty. It will only stop the radicals from using their own people as pawns, and extorting money and favours from the rest of us.

How long will this travesty continue? I can only wonder what predicaments we are bequeathing our own posterity in not having the moral fortitude today to face the racial separatists in a showdown and abolish the apartheid electoral rolls and seats in parliament immediately! Until that day America can be proud – but we can’t. They have a better and more just Democracy than we racially divided Kiwi! We cannot expect to enjoy the same national pride for being a land of freedom and equality, because our current socialists are running a separatist system of apartheid!

Until Kiwis stop voting for pragmatist socialist politicians, and grasp the essential need for government by legal principle, and not divisive socialist policy, things will only get worse here. That’s a guarantee.

Tim Wikiriwhi twikiriwhi@yahoo.co.nz

Update: 8-5-12
I posted a link to this Blogpost in Don Brash’s facebook page and recieved this most gracious reponse..
“Tim, you are very generous – I greatly appreciate your comments, thanks.”

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  1. The considerable assistance Obama received from the left wing media which refused to examine his background should not go unmentioned. Had it done so it is very doubtful Obama would have been able to run for President.

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