The Great Waitangi Debate. 2010

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Not only is the Treaty separatist movement deceitful and immoral.. a giant scam, it is also the chief reason Maori have such horrible social statistics because it poisons the soul and teaches them to blame others for their own choices and misery.
Today we have Mongrel Mob Murderers appealing their sentences ‘on the basis that they are Maori’…. this is supposed to define them *as helpless victims of greater injustices*.
And this has become the Official line…. This is what they are teaching your kiddies at school.

What is their solution?
To Teach Boy’s they are ‘Warriors’…. that ‘the system’ is some foreign invaders tyranny…. that life was wonderful here before the white man turned up. etc as if that’s really going to help them in their relationships…. and help them to succeed in society!

It teaches them to deny 1/2 of their owe heritage!…. because they are all part- Pakeha too!

As a Maori among Maori, it has been a lonely, thankless and even dangerous path for me to speak out these truths for the sake of opening the Eyes of the Maori people that they have been deceived by the Racist radicals in their midst who are teaching them to become horrible Racist Haters.
When the truth challenges Political Advantage and calls for an end to the blame game, and for Self-responsibly instead …. it is a remedy that is not received with gratitude.
Maori have identified themselves with the disease… and it frightens them to abandon such a world view…. yet it is my sincere belief that it is the average Maori individual who has the most to gain from ending Waitangi apartheid and establishing racial equality before the Law.
Under Equality Maori can and will prosper and will be free to revel in their own culture… no longer political footballs….. this is my dream.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian Independent.

t and j
Tim Wikiriwhi and John Ansell speaking at the Hamilton ‘Treatygate’ meeting in 2013.

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