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Putin is cool


Putin is cool.

Putin is cool like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness. But far be it from me to judge. That’s just the opinion of the deathly cold shiver running down my spine.

Those shades. Look at those shades.

Does Putin wear them to be cool? Or does he wear them to keep out the light of the world so he can continue his uninterrupted walk in darkness? (False dilemma or true? Putin is effortlessly cool, either way.)

How did Putin get to be so cool?

There could be a simple explanation. Russia’s a cold place. Only hell is colder (when it freezes over). Perhaps Putin’s still thawing out after the Cold War. But here’s how I think Putin got to be so cool. The chilling effect of censorship in Russia.

In 2013 Russia ranked 148th out of 179 countries in the Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders.

Putin is cool. The camera doesn’t lie. But the photographic evidence is redundant. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.

Put on your God-goggles. Now what do you see? You see the hidden person of the heart. Do you see the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious, or do you see a crooked heart, a heart that devises wicked plans, which is an abomination to God?

Still got the God-goggles on? Good. It’s mirror time.

Rabid Anti-Reason Atheists Priesthood Cry Blasphemy!



Creationism and intelligent design are causing quite a stir at Ball State University, a public college in Muncie, Indiana. In addition to sparking an internal investigation into Professor Eric Hedin, a Christian who is accused by the atheistic Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), among others, of potentially indoctrinating students, there’s yet another new target. The FFRF is now joining evolutionary scientists in speaking out against the same university’s hire of Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, an astronomy professor who embraces intelligent design.

What’s most fascinating about the debate is that academic environments really should be the host of vibrant discussion, debate and diverse viewpoints. While most scientists do believe in evolutionary theory, the notion that people who do not should be silenced seems counter-intuitive. But that is exactly what is unfolding as the contention over Ball State’s hiring of these professors progresses.

Read more Here:

^^^ This story exposes the Bigotry which corrupts the academic world which not only stifles real science, but maintains the lies of evolution and Materialist in the position of ‘Orthodoxy’.
These Atheists are complete hypocrites because they are doing today what they accuse the Religious zealots of the past of doing!… Stifling dissenting opinion for the sake of maintaining a monopoly… not by reason… but by force!

Watch this excellent video… Expelled: No Intelligence allowed

Self-serving Susan


Would there be a Race Relations Commissioner if no one complained to the Human Rights Commission?

‘Racist’ cartoon slammed

Speaking with Sean Plunket on RadioLive, Devoy called for people to send in their complaints. “It’s caused an understandable fury out there.”

She said that although no official complaints had been lodged, she encouraged people to complain.

When Plunket asked her to clarify whether she was soliciting complaints, she said she hoped that people who had expressed their displeasure on social media would do the same through official channels.

‘Racist’ cartoon slammed

Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy said the cartoons were offensive and appalling.

Her distaste for them has spurred her to question the high threshold required for a finding of racism within the commission’s inquiries and complaints process. The threshold under the law was “very high” and was about inciting racial disharmony.

“Perhaps it is not right that the threshold is that high,” but that was a matter for the Government she said.

Asked why anyone should make a complaint about the cartoons when the threshold for what was considered racism was so high, she replied: “I ask myself that all the time”.

Despite that, the Human Rights Commission could still address the issue, and she encouraged people to complain to the commission, the editors of the newspapers, and the Press Council.

It would not be any more acceptable if just white people were depicted.

Multiculturalism NOT failing

2013-05-22-17-44-04.zweedse migrantenrellen stockholm 21-22 mei 2013 c



Someone posted the link below in the Facebook group Christian Libertarians.

‘Multiculturalism failing’: Swedish PM pleas for order as riots engulf Stockholm suburbs

I immediately assumed that the rioters were Muslims, so I searched the page for the terms ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’. No results. So I Googled for another link.

Riots rock Sweden’s immigrant suburbs for fourth night

Again, I searched the page for the terms ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’. Again, no results. So, who are the rioters?

I live in New Zealand. My family emigrated here from England when I was 11 years old. I work with Chinese people. I blog with a Maori. My local MP is a Pacific Islander. It’s all good.

Multiculturalism is NOT failing.

Behead those who ridicule Colin Craig!


Let’s be clear (in case any of Colin’s supporters are reading this). I am NOT calling for the beheading of those who ridicule Colin Craig. This is satire.

Earlier this week, however, Colin Craig was threatening to sue those who ridicule Colin Craig. Suing is so much more civilised than beheading, but both belong on the same slippery slope. Threats to sue those who ridicule Colin Craig and threats to behead all those who insult the Prophet both have a chilling effect on free speech.

Freedom of speech is the bedrock of our democracy. Any attempt to stifle free speech, whether by threats of beheading or threats of legal action, must be nipped in the bud early. It is a relief to read that Colin Craig abandons defamation suit. But he should never have threatened The Civilian in the first place. That he did shows contempt for the most basic of our Western values.


Meanwhile, 25,000 Muslims March in England Calling for Laws to Silence Critics of Islam.

Up to 25,000 British Pakistani men, women and children from across the UK gathered in Aston Park to call on the British government to introduce legislation that bars people from insulting Islam under the garb of the freedom of speech.

The participants, who also travelled from several parts of European cities, were led in a mile-long march by Hazrat Peer Alauddin Siddiqui. This is the fourth consecutive gathering for the biggest Melaad-un-Nabi of British Pakistanis in Britain but this year it was dedicated to “protect the honor and legacy of Hazrat Muhammad”.

“To say Islamic terrorists represent the Muslim religion,” says this meme, “is like saying the Ku Klux Klan represents the Christian religion.” But this misses the point. Islamic terrorists are NOT a minority of Muslims. There’s at least 25,000 living in the UK and openly seeking to subvert freedom of speech under the guise of a ban on insulting their evil politico-religious ideology!

Restrictions on Islamic immigration must be put in place now before it is too late. It’s a numbers game.


Colin Craig: “Big gay rainbows”


“Williamson likes to talk about big gay rainbows, but it would help if he understood what the rainbow actually means. After Noah’s flood, God painted a giant rainbow across the sky, which was a message that he would never again flood the world, unless we made him very angry. And we have.”

– Colin Craig, Leader of the Conservative Party of New Zealand


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Streisand effect


Genesis 9:8-17

Have we reached the limits of free speech?


Man Made Super-Flu Could Kill Half Humanity

A virus with the potential to kill up to half the world’s population has been made in a lab. Now academics and bio-terrorism experts are arguing over whether to publish the recipe, and whether the research should have been done in the first place.

Have we reached the limits of free speech? Discuss.

Justice must be seen to be done

… it’s corruption that needs to be hidden.

I went to Court today to support a friend. He has a long complicated story – today’s proceedings relate to a defamation case he has against the Police and the Ministry of Social Development. The Police and MSD are trying to stop the defamation case from going ahead and they are trying to ensure that some videotaped evidential interviews are never seen.

I was a couple of minutes late but when I arrived my friend’s parents and his other supporters were all outside the courtroom. They explained to me that the proceedings started with the public there but the judge noticed that someone was taking notes and when the judge found out that it was a reporter the judge declared that the court room needed to be cleared.

This indicates to me that the judge is going to protect the Police and MSD and he doesn’t want to be seen doing wrong.

I hope I am wrong.