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Rabid Anti-Reason Atheists Priesthood Cry Blasphemy!

SCIENTISTS ANGRY OVER COLLEGE’S ‘DISTURBING’ HIRE OF ASTRONOMY PROFESSOR WHO EMBRACES INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Creationism and intelligent design are causing quite a stir at Ball State University, a public college in Muncie, Indiana. In addition to sparking an internal investigation into … Continue reading

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Self-serving Susan

Would there be a Race Relations Commissioner if no one complained to the Human Rights Commission? ‘Racist’ cartoon slammed Speaking with Sean Plunket on RadioLive, Devoy called for people to send in their complaints. “It’s caused an understandable fury out … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism NOT failing

Someone posted the link below in the Facebook group Christian Libertarians. ‘Multiculturalism failing’: Swedish PM pleas for order as riots engulf Stockholm suburbs I immediately assumed that the rioters were Muslims, so I searched the page for the terms ‘Muslim’ … Continue reading

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Behead those who ridicule Colin Craig!

Let’s be clear (in case any of Colin’s supporters are reading this). I am NOT calling for the beheading of those who ridicule Colin Craig. This is satire. Earlier this week, however, Colin Craig was threatening to sue those who … Continue reading

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Colin Craig: “Big gay rainbows”

“Williamson likes to talk about big gay rainbows, but it would help if he understood what the rainbow actually means. After Noah’s flood, God painted a giant rainbow across the sky, which was a message that he would never again … Continue reading

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Have we reached the limits of free speech?

Man Made Super-Flu Could Kill Half Humanity A virus with the potential to kill up to half the world’s population has been made in a lab. Now academics and bio-terrorism experts are arguing over whether to publish the recipe, and … Continue reading

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Meme of the Week.

From Capitalisms facebook. Way Too Stary for Atheism! Divine Messengers.

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Justice must be seen to be done

… it’s corruption that needs to be hidden. I went to Court today to support a friend. He has a long complicated story – today’s proceedings relate to a defamation case he has against the Police and the Ministry of … Continue reading

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Gay Red Shirt Day

“What you’re wearing is an absolute disgrace. You parade yourself as some sort of centre-right invested community leader, but you’re in the red!” “You’re going to be nervous when you line up in those par threes now, aren’t you? You’re … Continue reading

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FUCK the government!

Yes, FUCK the government! And thank GOD that I live in New Zealand where I can say that with impunity! From the office where I work, I can see the Beehive. I have a co-worker who is a young Chinese … Continue reading

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