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“Jesus and Weed” This Pastor Gets It Right About Alcohol And Marijuana (Video)HD You Tube.

“Drinking alcohol in moderation does not make you an addict…. doesn’t make you a bad christian, and being a Christian does not mean you have to be a boring weird freaky person that doesn’t have fun anymore.. how about this…. … Continue reading

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Christian grace and compassion for the Suffering. Against suicide, yet tolerant of euthanasia.

Two different perspectives about Life, Death, Suffering, and Euthanasia have appeared here recently… Why No Christian Should Support Euthanasia, by Blair Mulholland and God’s gift to the terminally ill by Richard Goode. Most thinking people fall squarely into either of … Continue reading

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Norml J Day Protest Hamilton 2014

Hamilton New Zealand. An Eternal vigilance Salute goes out to Hamilton Activist Gary Chiles for organising the Norml J Day for the Waikato this Year. It took place in the Hamilton Domain (Lake Stage) despite the fact that Hamilton City … Continue reading

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Hightimes. Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Cells.

Got this Video (below) from Hightimes A very interesting explanation about the progressive understanding of THc’s Anti-cancer properties. She particularly mentions Neuroblastoma… brain cancer. Dr. Christina Sanchez from Cannabis Planet on Vimeo. Update…. 4-4-14 New Video below… Read more about … Continue reading

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The Exit Drug… Cannabis.

So true! Great Meme! Pot has helped millions of people get off pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, and many other heavier substances. It has helped millions exit the Death spiral of depression. Thousands of Hardened Criminals have found peace…. Families been saved…. Sitting … Continue reading

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Syrian Shit Sandwiches: Allied to Bin Stalin.

In League with Lucifer…. Is my Enemies Enemy …my friend? In war… do expedients trump Ideals? The Syrian mess. The Rebels have a just cause against the Tyrant, yet does victory for their cause justify their allying themselves with Al … Continue reading

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Life and Death. Hope and Happiness. A Tribute to Rev John Steele Clark.

The end of this month marks the 7th anniversary of my Grand Father, John Steele Clark’s death. He was a wonderful and inspirational person. The Greatest human being I have ever known. I was blessed beyond measure to have him … Continue reading

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Self Help. Hands on…Fighting the Demon Cancer (No2). Cannabis cures Cancers

Self Help. Hands on…Fighting the Demon Cancer. No1. Alkaloid Body Metabolism Here: ^^^^^ CHECK OUT my First blog post On Self help.^^^^^ Now I appreciate the use of Cannabis is a sensitive topic to many people, yet to my thinking … Continue reading

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