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What goes up must come down

Auckland rates are already too damn high, and they’re about to get unaffordably higher next month because Auckland Council voted for a 9.9% rates increase! Democracy, said H. L. Mencken is the theory that the common people know what they … Continue reading

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Libertarian Hatchet. Peter Davies. Mayor of Doncaster.

Why this Pic?….. Bloody Internet would not give me a Pic of Pete! From Stuff…. Would you vote for Peter Davies – if you were given the opportunity? He’s a maverick English mayor elected after promising to slash council spending, … Continue reading

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Hamilton City Council’s relentless agenda to starve out the homeless.

Over the last few months I have written several blogposts about a fledgling voluntary charity which has begun operating in Hamilton City, Waikato, New Zealand, attempting to embody the Christian principle of Loving our neighbor as ourselves. Hamilton Homeless was … Continue reading

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Hamilton Homeless Meet and Greet… The Lords feet and hands working in the trenches.

Great ‘Hamilton Home-less‘ meeting tonight. Awesome Interesting caring people from all walks… gathered together in the spirit of Christian charity and good will. The Lord works in mysterious ways! The reasons people said which moved them to step up were … Continue reading

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Mangawhai Rates Rebels to defy corrupt Beehive legislation.

New Zealand has rotten political institutions from top to bottom. New Legislation…. Kaipara bill passes, validating Mangawhai rates Listen to this podcast. The Kaipara City council acted with gross incompetence and criminally in intentionally overspending by tens of millions of … Continue reading

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Banning legal highs ‘not core council business’

This is a recent press release from New Zealand’s #1 libertarian. Banning legal highs ‘not core council business’ “There have been intermittent calls for further government crackdowns on the legal high industry by those involved in local body politics, most … Continue reading

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Freefm radio interview with Affordable City’s Hamilton Mayoral candidate (and West Ward) Tim Wikiriwhi

Listen to my FreefM interview with Radio Host Andrew Johnstone Here Facebook Affordable City >>>Here>> The Irony. Why I follow St Paul… Not Jesus.> The Christian Fellowship is a voluntary private society, not a theocratic political movement.

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I’ve got too many balls

I’ve got too many balls. I dropped a few recently. Apologies to all concerned. Work got very busy. So busy that I stopped paying attention to a few things. Things like blogging and Facebook. A bit like before but no … Continue reading

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Tim Wikiriwhi. Hamilton … No to Fluoride!

Dear Mayoral candidate, We are a local group of citizens with an interest in promoting the health benefits of fluoridation. Could you please respond to these two questions: (1) Do you support the resumption of fluoridation in Hamilton’s water supply? … Continue reading

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‘Revolution At The Roots’ Making Hamilton’s City Council smaller,better, and more conducive towards Prosperity. Tim Wikiriwhi.

I wrote the following spiel for the last H.C.C Elections. Since then Economic doom and gloom has increased…The City of Detroit has gone belly up in debt. ‘Revolution At The Roots’. Making Hamilton’s City Council, Smaller, Better, and more conducive … Continue reading

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