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“Heaven on Earth”. The First Extended Quota Syrian Refugees Land in New Zealand. Rejoice for them… and us!

A Syrian Refugee is welcomed to New Zealand with a ‘Hongi’. Read more here> Refugees welcomed to New Zealand New Zealanders Providing shelter from the Storm. This is Essential to the the very *Soul* of our nation. Let us never … Continue reading

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Anti-Terrorism at its finest. The Road out of darkness into the light.

The above link was shared by Muslims against Isis. Im going to write more of my own thoughts on this soon, yet my title says everything. Bombs and fences will never stop the hating. The war is in the hearts … Continue reading

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Kiwi Muslims stand against violence, call for global response: NZ Herald.

“About 100 people from the Muslim community have gathered in downtown Auckland to protest against terrorist group Isis. Both young and old are currently at the Aotea Square calling on world leaders to unite against the group, which in the … Continue reading

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Not In My Name! Muslims Condemn Isis Terror.

In light of the Terror attacks in Paris, Friends of mine ask “where are the condemnations of the so-called moderates?”. To which I reply… a better question is *where is the western media coverage* of the Moderates voice? This exposes … Continue reading

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