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Salt is a four-letter word

[WARNING: This blog post contains lots of very strong language and is practically guaranteed to give offence to weak-minded prudes. Please proceed at your own risk.] The use–mention distinction is a foundational concept of (Western analytic) philosophy. To fail to … Continue reading

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Should Christians kill all the homosexuals?

I chose the title of this post carefully in order to comply with Betteridge’s law of headlines. Should Christians kill all the homosexuals? (Let’s be clear. The answer is NO.) Not even Pastor Logan Robertson thinks that Christians should kill … Continue reading

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Racism,Violence, and Misery. Why I’m missing my favourite band. Tool!

Tool is playing right now in Auckland. They are my Favorite Band. Why aren’t I there rockin out???? I should be! Yet instead of having fun, Im spending my last buck$ on a Public meeting calling for an end to … Continue reading

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‘Together New Zealand’ presents ‘TREATYGATE’. Hamilton. 16-5-13.

Advocate for one law for all New Zealanders…John Ansell Advocate of Freedom, Equality, and Self reliance. Tim Wikiriwhi John’s Treatygate Blog here: Map to the Celebrating Age Centre Here:

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The Shame of Maori Radicalism. Hate and Violence.

The lies against the Jews which underpinned the fanaticism and extreme violence of The Nazis under Hitler are being replicated by the Maori separatist movement, and the endorsment of their ‘grievances’ by consecutive Labor and National led governments. Waitangi separatism … Continue reading

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Luther on bondage

Some concluding remarks from Martin Luther’s The Bondage of the Will. Sect. CLXVII. I SHALL here draw this book to a conclusion: prepared if it were necessary to pursue this Discussion still farther. Though I consider that I have now … Continue reading

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Where Haters come from.

Where do Haters come from? This is an important subject I have been wanting to blog for some time. It has to do with the Nature vs Nurture debate. It’s a very big topic which will only lightly be touched … Continue reading

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A High Calling.

Christian Libertarianism to aspire to. Easier said than done. Take heed ye Islamophobes, Homophobes, Ye Pharisaic Legalists. Now I am not a Righteous Man, I am full of Human imperfection and only function as a Christian trusting in God’s grace. … Continue reading

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Believe absurdities? Commit atrocities!

Over on my other blog (where I’ve wasted way too much time lately, but that stops right now) it’s often heard said (for example, right here) that They who believe absurdities commit atrocities. It’s often heard said to me. Apparently, … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Flood

A man was trapped in his house during a flood. He began praying to God to rescue him. He had a vision in his head of God’s hand reaching down from heaven and lifting him to safety. The water started … Continue reading

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