Not a Pimple on Mandela’s Butt! Tama Iti

Sometime soon I hope to write a substantial piece on the deteriorating State of New Zealand Justice and Race relations as there is much that needs to be said, yet tonight I must satisfy myself with a few words in respect to the Tuhoe terrorist Court case that is winding up in particular the barefaced delusions of the Defence which are claiming Tama Iti may be compared to Nelson Mandela!!! Thats like calling a circle a square!

Now From what I remember Black south Africans Were suffering as an oppressed Ethnicity, not as a favoured one as Maori are today… and Mandela was trying to End an Apartheid system, not Perpetuate one! Yes Mandela fought for Equality before the Law…and an end to separatism, the very opposite of what Iti was doing…. planning to Murder white people.
The defence say Iti is a ‘peace activist’… and his fellow Co conspirator Green Extremists “Were immersed in the peaceful teachings of Parahaka”… I await the verdict with interest because if such blatant lies succeed in an acquittal, or a trifling sentence we shall know that There is no Justice in this country. In my view they all deserve at least Ten years Jail.

A better comparison of Tama Iti would Be the violent murderer radical Separatist …Fijis George Speight! (Whom when in the midst of his Coup for Indigenous Rule, Iti took the trouble of flying to Fiji to support!)

I personally liken Iti To Mugabe! Another Rabid violent Racist, whose policies Iti has endorsed many times.

Mandela’s words, “The struggle is my life,” are not to be taken lightly.

“I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”.

Iti Ought to be starkly contrasted with Mandela, and Martin Luther King whom Richard has Blogged just this week…

Tim Wikiriwhi Christian Libertarian.

15 thoughts on “Not a Pimple on Mandela’s Butt! Tama Iti”

  1. yeah, Taame aint a pimple on Mandela. Mandela had hundreds of people killed – Blacks as well as Whites. Taame hasn’t killed anyone. Yet.

  2. Please explain AT.
    I know He was jailed as a ‘Terrorist’ by a vicious apartheid state.
    Please explain why you think he was Evil rather than just.
    He behaivyour after his release has been, in my opinion, Great!
    No hint of Racism, or malice.
    He certainly is no Mugabe!

  3. Yep, jailed as a “terrorist by a vicious apartheid state” – I’m sure that’s what Taame thinks happened to him!

    But Mandela was a terrorist. He personally ordered the deaths of a couple of hundred people. Imagine an IRA-style bombing campaign on Queen St & Lambton Quay – that’s what Mandela did. Quote from the Rivonia speech properly:

    I do not, however, deny that I planned sabotage… I planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation that had arisen after many years of tyranny, exploitation, and oppression of my people by the Whites.

    It was in our view essential to build up a nucleus of trained men who would be able to provide the leadership which would be required if guerrilla warfare started

    Summaries of books on guerrilla warfare and military strategy have also been produced. I have already admitted that these documents are in my writing, and I acknowledge that I made these studies to equip myself for the role which I might have to play if the struggle drifted into guerrilla warfare.

    Mandela was a terrorist guerrilla and lead a terrorist guerrilla army that killed hundreds.

    Tame Iti? Yep – not fit to be a pimple on Mandela’s Butt.

  4. Tim how the f**k do you know Tame Iti was planning to kill white people you f**king point the finger judgemental pr**k – and what do you know about any violent murderer radical Separatist, if you have got any evidence to hand on to the Police – tell us what that evidence is right now – This is a RACIST & FICTIONAL story of yours. And as for pimples I would like to squeeze your head like a pimple until the white puss you call your brain squirts out you piece of hard WHITE SH*T! and you too Angry Tory! I challenge you’s to print what you’s have both written and start handing them out to the public – and see how long you can last on the street without getting your face smashed in! – Pussay’s

  5. Rules
    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

    I would like to make a complaint about the RACIST nature of this article which is in very bad taste, lacking in facts and based on innuendo and to compare a person to a murderer is asking for trouble. – but most of all it doesn’t stick to the kaupapa of the rules – this article is “unwholesome” and “does not build others up” in fact it does the complete opposite of discriminating against a fellow human being – and has absolutely NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER to any right minded and virtual thinker.

    Tim Wikiriwhi Christian Libertarian – i will hand on your message to the Iti whanau in Ruatoki and don’t be surprised if they come looking for you and ask you to say what you just wrote to their face. I will make you my special project to read & check all your other articles too to make sure you are not spreading your RACIST HATRED poison around that ends up on the web – you piece of SH*T!

  6. What is your real name ‘Collar shirt’?
    Very brave talk coming from someone hiding behind a pseudom.
    And your threats prove the validity of my statements Re: the Violent mentality of the Racist radicals.
    Your threats are a testimony to fact that while you want so called ‘Maori rights’ to be recognised, you don’t recognise any one else’s rights (like mine) to free speech, etc.
    Yet I have been threatened many times in the past… face to face with radicals at Waitangi and other places.
    I have always spoken my mind in the open… not the shadows, and will continue to do so irrespective of threats like you have delivered above.

    I have spoken many times publicly, on Marae, and on TV before my peers.
    See a TV One debate Here:

    My reports about Iti’s intentions are based upon Media releases regarding the recordings the police got of conversations between Iti and his crew.
    If it had been for the bungling of the Legislation, and the bungling of the police Iti and crew would have faced much more severe charges… including discussion of kidnapping John Key and ‘practicing’ by killing white people.
    I don’t suppose you bothered to use our search engine to find out what I have written about Tame Iti’s conviction on Fire arms charges… Here…

    You would see that I actually *condemned* the basis on why he was actually sent to jail! I defended the right of peaceful people to own firearms, and even to be members of private militia. Thus I show my integrity is to justice, and though Tame Iti is a dangerous radical, yet still I have no desire for anyone to be jailed on bad laws or bad judgments.

    Yet I dont expect that my integrity in this post will impress you either.
    You fanatical haters only want to hear your own hate… you are not interested in tolerating dissenting views…. a lot like the Nazi’s whom hated the Jews, and who likewise could not tolerate any criticism of their mentality, or methods.
    Think about that.
    Think about what race hatred has done to the world?
    This is the very evil I am seeking to save the Maori people from.. the manipulations and hate mongering of violent racist radicals whom blame everyone else but themselves for their own lack of achievement, violence and misery.

    Tim Wikiriwhi
    Christian Libertarian.

    P.s I made a New Blog post just for you. Here:

    Is it too much to expect a cogent responce? You have ample oppotunity to present your views.
    They will not be blocked, unless you Spam us with nothing but obscenities. Your real name would also be a token of crediblity on your part.

  7. All power to you, Tim.

    Honest achiever Maori need an inspiring example, and you’re it. Would it be too much to hope that some others will summon the courage to stand up with you?

  8. Challenge me to publish what, precisely?

    That Nelson Mandela was a self identified terrorist, the leader of MK, the Armed Wing of the ANC, and that the MK under his and subsequent commanders killed a couple of hundred people?

    That is a fact.

    Given that Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Canada, and many of the Pacific Islands have long histories of “terrorists” or “freedom fighters” – call them what you will! – that at least burned houses and at most kill thousands – the question is not why NZ as so much terrorism.

    The question is: why does it have so little?

  9. And of course I should add: Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Greece.

    Name almost any country similar to NZ and it will have had a serious terrorist episode at least once in the last 50 years.

  10. Like your Treaty vid post confirm people do get behind groups as with you claiming to be a Christian Libertarian – yet you seem righteous in writing amatuer articles refering to Mandela’s butt! & your comment comparing Tama Iti to a separatist murderer – makes you a separatist hypocrite. So lets examine your beliefs – please tell us why did you make comparisons between Tama Iti, George Spieght & Mugabe? – and how does any person decide when one man is qualified to be compared to another?

    Did you think that you did not have a responsibility to Tama Iti as a writer on this website or a responsibility to the rules of this website? You’ve basically said Tama is guilty of conspiracy to murder and is a separatist.

    And please enlighten the audience about how you a Christian Libertarian are seeking to save Maori on your article especially when you’re article is referring to adolescent skin conditions & Nelson Mandela’s butt.

    You are definitely a storm in a tea cup – and I’m not as stupid as you to lend my name to fictional pieces of writing. Integrity you say – thats simple – Tim Wikiriwhi doesn’t have any, I compare Tim more like a “Whoopee cushion” and his writing and comments has about the same amount of appeal and rationality as the sound that comes out of one of them. Unless he can respond to my dialectic questions – that is?

    So yes “I did accept or show an interest in tolerating your dissenting views” at first by bothering to read it in the first place and yes I found it offensive in every manner you seek to call me. I look forward to your answers to my 3 questions I have put to you – unless you are only interested in your own bigoted views. Is that a cogent response enough for you Tim.

    Angry Tory – you’ve already published what you have written by entering your comments on this posts of Tim’s and its already gone public on google – thats how i found it (also under a pseudom but Tim is not asking for your real name is he?) You stupid woman I said print/hardcopies of wot u & Tim wrote about Tama Iti & distribute them around if you are as supportive of Tim’s article as you say you are.

    Did you not affirm Tims article by saying: yeah, Taame aint a pimple on Mandela
    and again
    Yep, jailed as a “terrorist by a vicious apartheid state” – I’m sure that’s what Tame thinks happened to him!
    and again
    Tame Iti? Yep – not fit to be a pimple on Mandela’s Butt.
    and I ask you the same dialectic questions I asked Tim: Did you think that you did not have a responsibility to Tama Iti as a writer on this website or a even a moral responsibility to the rules of this website? What are the standards you have based your conclusions on? Plez the public audience awaits your answers or “dissenting view” as Tim puts it. I think he means alternative/far right wing extremist/ an irrational coward/ REBT.

    waiting for a reply

  11. ? How is it possible Collar shirt for you not to know the Tame Iti flew to Fiji. Met George Speight, and Publicly supported Him?
    There is a Photo of him and Speight together up there ^^^^^.
    Now If you did not know that… and it appears by your questions that you must not have… then *Now* that you do know it…will you at least admit that I am not lying or inventing anything… but am reporting the truth?
    Not only Did Tami Itis support Speight.
    He was busy planning to do very same thing here when he got caught!
    He even had Radical socialist Greens with him throwing fire bombs and practicing hijacking etc.
    *I didn’t invent any of that*
    That is what Iti was doing and neither you or I can change that.
    You have two options. 1. admit that I was telling the truth.
    2. Pretend none of that happened… and carry on deluding yourself that I am some sort of Nutter who invents lies…. why? ‘Because I am a nasty white supremacist’….
    *Do you know what it means to call Evil men Good, and Good men Evil*?
    That is to be on the side of the Devil, and against the Righteous.
    Is that the sort of person you are?
    Are you so consumed with Race hatred that you are blind to the truth and happily work against those who speak it in sincerity?
    I am defending the principle of Racial Equality before the Law… one Law for all.
    How you can twist this into me being a ‘Far Right winger’… can only evidence an irrationality on your part driven by a need to hate me for daring to speak the truth.
    If you are capable of introspection… ask yourself if Hating me is really justified.

  12. The Ureweras – the real story

    The evidence shows that Police surveillance of the accused began in April 2006 and over the next 18 months a group were seen to be recruiting and training people capable of joining a terrorist army committed to securing the Maori sovereignty goal of an independent Tuhoe nation.

    As incredible as it may seem, the Police affidavit showed their strategy was to establish small squads capable of committing such heinous acts of violence that the public would think Al Qaeda was responsible. Comments show that targets included US President George Bush, who was reported to be considering visiting New Zealand after APEC in Australia in late 2007: “Why you want to go and focus on Mr Bush for?… I’ll wanna go back and get my .308 and shoot the c… – shoot him in the f…… head.”

    John Key was also considered a target: “Just go to Parliament… Get someone to assassinate the Prime Minister, the new one, next year’s one. Just been in office for five days, bang… Yeah John Key… Just drop a bomb… Just wait ’til he visits somewhere and just blow them. They won’t even find you.”

    Another target was ‘Pakeha’. They talked about “it being a good thing to kill Pakeha to get them used to killing” and “the day coming when Pakeha will be kicked off their farms.”

    They not only planned to use firearms, but rocket launchers, Molotov cocktails and napalm as well. Their strategy was to be so violent and brutal it would divide the country: “What do you reckon the best strategy is? … revolution that goes on across a specific area, you know set up a strategic bombing campaign… Tuhoe wouldn’t have popular support for a bombing campaign in New Zealand as a whole… It would in Tuhoe though… What about if we did a bombing campaign that blew up Waihopai spy base, power dams, gas facilities, TV stations and radios… It’s a strategy that gonna be f….. urban warfare… Strategy will divide, will divide Aotearoa… extreme violence, and extreme f…… actions too.”

    During the period of the investigation, eigh

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