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Real voluntary private Charity vs the evils of welfare and Political force Ruff draft.

Recently I have been in communication with a newly formed charity organized by private citizens moved with concern for the growing number of homeless people in the city in which I live. Though it would not take Sherlock homes to … Continue reading

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Change is progress

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Charlie Delta and Cliven Bundy: New York Times slander.

Charlie Delta and Cliven Bundy Stand together. From Facebook … >>>Here

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Jesus said, Jesus said

Here is an example of ones own conscience being the final authority on matters of faith. Instead you shoud free your mind to enable the spirit to guide you. Allow God to be the final authority.!/WarOnWomenExists/photos/a.263272553797860.1073741828.263257327132716/325583444233437/?type=1&theater Ok so what … Continue reading

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A warning to anyone still in command

They flutter behind you, your possible pasts     some bright eyed and crazy, some frightened and lost A warning to anyone still in command     of their possible future to take care In derelict sidings the poppies entwine     with cattle trucks lying … Continue reading

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Hamilton City Council vs. your basic human rights

Citizens denied access to public space for Hamilton J Day NORML NZ Press Statement for Immediate Release: 24/04/2014 Citizens denied access to public space by Hamilton City Council to celebrate Hamilton J Day The Hamilton branch of the National Organisation … Continue reading

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US State Terrorism. Pretext to abolish the second Amendment. Bundy’s declared ‘Domestic Terrorists’.

Updating Developments on The Bundy Ranch resistance. As predicted the Bundy’s, and all their supporters, Vets, and Patriots have been labelled “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” By Senator Harry Reid! This is frightening…yet on cue and text book Socialism…. Tyrannical government is preparing … Continue reading

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The Warsaw ghetto uprising. 1943. The Right to armed resistance against tyrannical Government

From the album: Timeline Photos By United States Holocaust Memorial Museum >>>here

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The Boy Mountain. Scott’s towering example.

Chemo cant keep Scott down There are many great people recorded in history… many famous stars on our Tv’s… yet I want to write a small tribute to a boy who truly was Great in a way that is truly … Continue reading

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Eternal Vigilance welcomes food porn queen Higella Lawson to New Zealand!

Nodding with approval Eternal Vigilance applauds the eminently sensible decision by Immigration NZ in giving Nigella Lawson an exemption so that she can enter New Zealand and star in a commercial for Whittaker’s Chocolate. We also Salute Whittaker’s for bringing … Continue reading

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