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George Carlin – Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners

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FcakeBook Transgender Prejudice Not Funny.

If there is ever a real alternative to Facebook where free-speech and equal rights for all prevails… I’m dumping facebook and heading there! This is just a quick protest blog to highlight a clear case of Prejudice by Facebook whereby … Continue reading

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I just dropped in

I just dropped in to proffer an explanation of my absence from this blog for the past 18 months or so. In a word, depression. I have been beset with mental health problems my entire adult life. I have at … Continue reading

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Tim the Toolman: Jesus built my Hotrod.

2000 years on, The Gospel message about ‘The Builder’ Jesus Christ still works it’s life changing…. saving power. All the Atheist Lies and darkness in this world have not dimmed the Light of truth. It shines for anyone who doers … Continue reading

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Salt is a four-letter word

[WARNING: This blog post contains lots of very strong language and is practically guaranteed to give offence to weak-minded prudes. Please proceed at your own risk.] The use–mention distinction is a foundational concept of (Western analytic) philosophy. To fail to … Continue reading

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The second greatest man who ever lived

See also Disposable Heroes.

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I’m Hunter S. Thompson’s Latest Fan. Kingdom of Fear.

Hunter S Thompson. Knowing my tastes and ‘Fringe opinions’, a friend of mine insisted I read a Book by Hunter S. Thompson…. Kingdom of fear. He knew that I would like Him…. and he was Right! It’s an amusing autobiography … Continue reading

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Eternal Vigilance is a front for CIA Disinformation! :-D

It’s a bit of a Mexican Stand off! I’m trying not to act suspiciously yet am determined to weed out the Snake in the Grass! Eternal vigilance is so fundamental to the struggle against tyranny that it would be childishly … Continue reading

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Eternal Vigilance welcomes food porn queen Higella Lawson to New Zealand!

Nodding with approval Eternal Vigilance applauds the eminently sensible decision by Immigration NZ in giving Nigella Lawson an exemption so that she can enter New Zealand and star in a commercial for Whittaker’s Chocolate. We also Salute Whittaker’s for bringing … Continue reading

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Bad Moon Rising. 15-4-14

Kiwis have a ‘good chance’ of seeing blood moon…. NZ Herald….. Saw it! ….and it surely bodes ill… I Say, I Say! Dont go out tonight. Yall loose yer life Fersure. Dont says ye weren’t warned! Hmmmmm Hmmmmmmmiiiiimmmmmm…… P.s I … Continue reading

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