Feminism, Lisa Lewis, and the death of romance.


Yesterday was ‘Wear Orange Day’ to highlight domestic abuse… or so I was informed at the morning meeting.
I was pleasantly surprised when the point was made that the abuse is not just ‘one directional’… “It can go the other way…”.

The truth of that observation cannot be overestimated, despite the Media being filled with Memes, commentaries, and articles by Woman who say ‘They have had enough’ of domestic violence , and Politicians who believe they can win votes by apologizing for being a man.

More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, report reveals


Not belittling the evils of Male violence towards woman, I would like to here take time to discuss the flip side of the coin…and the PC socialist brainwashing which perpetuates the myth of one-sided violence… and the terrible results these myths have for Human relationships.

The Truth is in New Zealand *Woman have more Rights than men*.
It is very hard to get the police to prosecute Woman for assaulting their partners…. and this skews the Statistics , and maintains the deception that woman are the victims of violence.
We have special Laws which *add* heinousness and therefore *increase punishments* upon those convicted for ‘Male assaults female’… and so female assaulting males is of less consequence.
When Marriages fail Woman get custody of the Children virtually automatically… even when they are at fault… and have been placed in psychiatric care.
Men have to Battle in courts… virtually bankrupting themselves… just to get visiting rights.
The IRD heavily *Rapes* the incomes of Men who loose custody, and refuses to properly assess either the justice of the costs imposed, or the plight their Insane child support demands leaves men in.
They seem to think Dad’s are irrelevant, and have no Idea that an impoverished father is in no position to supply his children with ordinary things when they need them.
These are the sorts of Feminist Socialist generated injustices which are driving Dads to Drink,Jails and suicide.

The System is heavily geared against Men.


Now all these things are Bad enough, yet It has occurred to me that this process of emasculation goes even further…. *destroying Romance*.

Not only is Militant feminism extremely Ugly in itself…. a massive turn off, It is also efeminising Manly Romance via politically correct insanity.

let me give you but three examples… millions could be found.

It has become common place these days for Artists to find their Balls on the block for upsetting some PC Feminist sensibilities… resulting in scathing attacks…. “They promote Rape”… “They promote violence towards women.”

Powerderfinger have lyrics… “I wont take no from you this time.”

Pat Benitar sings “Hit me with your Best shot”

etc etc…. none of which in fact ‘promotes violence or Rape’, yet can be misconstrued to infer that they do.


What is really going on here is an attack on Manliness.
The Dominant submissive counterparts of Great *natural* sex.
It’s a Dike attack on the idea that woman want to be manhandled.

It’s a crime to be Manly these days.
Fake claims of ‘Rape’ abound from disgruntled evil woman who have no compunction about using the anti-male bigotry of the system as a tool of extortion or spite.

“It’s not the kill, but the thrill of the chase!”… Deep Purple.

*Yet what these Dimwits are actually undermining *is Romance*.
Woman love to be pursued… hunted… yet today that’s called ‘Stalking!’
Feminists would have men believe there is something malicious about not being faized at the first unsuccessful advance.

When the love of your life leaves you… instead of persevering and attempting to win her back, you are supposed to simply let your dreams slip through your fingers.
It’s does not matter that by doing so you let your estranged partner think “Oh well… he obviously does not give a Damn”.

lisa lewww

Lisa Lewis

The latest and most famous example being the outcry’s against ’50 Shades of Gray’.

Having not suffered the show myself, I was wondering whether such outrage was justifiable… suspecting that this was just another ‘strap on Dildo’ Feminist Tirade when I read some very interesting comments by Kiwi Sexpert Lisa Lewis.
She said she enjoyed the movie, and when I asked her opinion about the claims that it promoted violence towards woman she said… that woman knew exactly what she was getting into, and that in fact she was exercising *a lot more control* than the critical *dimwits* assume.

I liked that insightful observation very much.

This is from a Woman who takes pride in her sexual prowess and boldly warns would be suitors that they had better be up to the job because she “F*&ks back like a Man”… Little whimpy boys beware!

She obviously does not suffer the ‘Woman are oppressed’ syndrome…even after having suffered *Real violence* herself.

She can make the distinction between Manly sexuality and Abuse…. why cant the rest of you?

Tim Wikiriwhi.


“If it’s not Ruff it isn’t fun”…. Lady Gaga

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