The War is over…Neo-Feminism is a Sex Cult.

I have changed the name of this post after a person remarked how this behavior “reminds him of all the Phallic Statues and cravings around the world”.
I find this observation instructive.
Modern Feminism is in fact a type of Sex Cult!


Feminism in the West is Defunct… obsolete….
The war is over… You won… congrats on that… stop flogging a dead horse… let it go….
Find something else to Bitch about… Now you are embarrassing yourselves.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.


Emma Watson fires back at critics of Vanity Fair photo shoot


“Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women,” Watson said, after detractors said the semi-clothed shoot betrayed her feminist ideals.
The 26-year-old Watson told The Associated Press on Saturday that the controversy represented “a fundamental and complete misunderstanding of what feminism is.”
She says, “Feminism is about equality and it’s about choice.”
She adds: “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women.”


Update 2-1-21… ‘Diva’…33 meter Cunt (above).
Please excuse the ‘C’ language… I feel it necessary in this case for the sake of justice not to ‘tone down’ for the sake of political correctness but to describe this Perversity mascaraing as Art for what it is.

To be honest I am not offended by any of this… I find it absolutely hysterical and that it shouts out the Artist and their warped ideology is completely Bonkers!
The blatant hypocrisy of Feminists prancing about naked in public or parading massive cunts… ‘Its not Pornography when we do it’…. type rationale.

The Artist Juliana Notari
Notice also how the Feminist required a bunch of Burly Men to actually create this Big Flange… talk about bogus ‘Liberation’. Too lazy to find a bunch of Woman to do the dirty work smacks of typical Feminists these days… leaning on ‘The Patriarchy’ whenever it suits them…. oh and yes these men busy oppressing woman and enjoying their ‘Privilege’!

“Diva after all is a big hand made sculpture. As Roberto demonstrated, the engineer responsible for the work (and who puts his hand in the mass! ), could not use excavator, because she would not allow to accurately carve the reliefs she needed. So it was over 40 hands to make Diva rise, over twenty men working in a heroin effort under the sun to pin, amid a lot of music and joke.”

From here.

The Real feminists of yesteryear would be outraged to see what these ‘5th wave feminists’ have done to the feminist movement.
The big Problem is not these ridiculous and grotesque displays, but that these Sexist man hating psychopaths are gaining massive influence over left leaning parliaments.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

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