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“Libertarians are Nazis!” saith the Commy Zombie.

Campbell Live asked Facebookers an interesting question regarding the spheres of Government opperation…

“Should the Ministry of Health cut funding to other medical areas in order to subsidise the cost of dental care? or is it a matter of personal responsibility?”

There were plenty of responces…
One Lady (Lets call her Lambo) wrote…

“Your teeth and mouth are just as important as other parts of your body. Govt funding would be great, especially for those that can’t afford it!”

Someone please tear my arm off and beat me to death with it! You will be doing me a favour!
How flocking great would it be for the Gabberment to take away another burden of self responsibility!

No I did not say any of those things.
My bridled reply was…

“Definitely Self-responsibility! People cant afford it *Lambo* because they are crushed under the weight of socialist taxes, neither do they have their values and priorities in correct Hierarchy because they are used to being ‘Nannied’ like children whom dont have to think for themselves and make adult decisions… because the Government keeps encroaching into areas of self-responsibility. Why brush your teeth if the state will pay for you to have falce ones? Why do you think it is ok to tax people who brush their teeth, to pay for the dental work in those whom cant be bothered but expect others to pay their dental bills for them?”

Fairly basic sort of reasoning there… yet what followed really takes the sheepish ‘raisins’ and shows the sort of lunacy that has been fostered via The state indoctrination systems… It show just how thoroughly inoculated against freedom the sheeple are…
Lets call this contributor ‘Fluffy’

“Tim not sure of Nazism is allowed in NZ? oh, sorry, apparently it is…as 65% of New Zealanders are as they voted in Hitler Youth himself the great, the mighty, JOHN KEY!!! Ye!!”

Hemlock! I can bear no more!
Am I making a song and dance out of nothing? I wish I was! Yet as someone whom has been a Libertarian activist for well over a decade I regret to inform you that this is sadly an all to typical Kiwi crow.
I made my appeal to the highest authority…

“”Hey John, note how I got called a Nazi by *Fluffy* for advocating self responsibility! That is a typical ‘Sheeple’ response … they want Nanny to wipe their bums and tuck them in at night! And you wonder why our society is becoming so irresponsible! Advocating smaller/ less powerful government and personal responsibility can only be labeled *Totalitarian Nazism*… by brain dead Zombies! This is the society Nanny state has created.”

Quite self explanatory aye. (I’m no indifferent Philosopher!)
By Lefty Socialist logic Hitler was a Libertarian!
This does not bode well for New Zealand… unless you work for the Antichrist… then it’s Poetry! Kiwis are Gagging for it!

I can hear ‘Woolys’ thoughts…
“ Barrrr….Oh Nanny you’re so wonderful!
Libertarians are Evil!
They expect us to take care of ourselves… and bare the responsibility for our own amorality! How Cruel!
Thank God our Flock is bigger than theirs!”…

My Cranial shield, helps protect me from the ‘The screaming of the Lambs’. Tim Wikiriwhi

If a vote is wasted …

I’m never sure if my sense of humour is more of a liability than an asset.

In an ideal democracy, Parliamentary representation is proportional. Christian Choice recommends that the 5% threshold be lowered or abolished. Why? If a vote is wasted, God gets quite irate.

That was my “full” submission on behalf of the embryonic Christian libertarian political think-tank, Christian Choice, submitted 5 minutes before the 5 April midnight deadline for those wanting to present in person to the Commission. It would have been more appropriate as a “quick” 5-minute submission, but that did not give the option of an in-person presentation.

[Update: I video-recorded my oral submission on my Android phone, but I’m damned if I can figure out how to rotate and edit a .3gp file under Ubuntu and upload it to YouTube. For the time being, here’s a transcript of my oral submission.]

I’m making this submission on behalf of an embryonic Christian libertarian political think-tank called Christian Choice.

The first thing I’d like to say is…

I’ll introduce myself first, I’m Richard Goode. I’m a Christian. And a libertarian.

The first thing I’d like to say is, thank God we live in New Zealand, where, even if our votes are wasted, and our representatives ignore what we have to say, at least we get to vote, and at least our representatives do put the time aside to listen to what we have to say. So the second thing I’d like to say is, thank you for listening.

I’m going to talk about the wasted vote problem, and I hope you’ll take heed of Christian Choice’s recommendation to lower or abolish the 5% threshold.

I alluded to the Life of Brian in my “full” online submission. “If a vote is wasted, God gets quite irate.” I’d now like to allude briefly to the ministry of Jesus. He gave us two new commandments, the second of which is “Love thy neighbour as theyself.” He could have said love thy neighbour twice as much as thyself, or half as much as thyself … but he didn’t. The second commandment, I hope you can see, embodies a principle of egalitarianism but also a principle of proportionality.

I think an ideal Parliamentary democracy should embody the very same principles of egalitarianism and proportionality. This means, one man, one vote. And it also means that each is to count for one, and none for more than one. (Or each is to count for two, under our system, and none for more than two votes.) But our current voting system falls short of this ideal.

I was 20 years old when I voted for the first time, this was in 1984. I voted under the FPP (First Past the Post) system for the local New Zealand Party candidate. And despite gaining 12.2% of the vote, the New Zealand Party gained no seats. Now I’m not somebody, and I never have been someone, who’s a mainstream voter. I wasn’t back then and I figured, quite correctly, that it was a pointless waste of my time voting again, so I didn’t vote again until the first MMP election in 1996. (Although I did vote in the 1993 referendum to bring MMP in.) And I have voted since then.

In ’96 I voted for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. Their vote was 1.66%, which fell short of the 5% threshold. The Christian Coalition’s party vote was 4.33%, which also fell short of the threshold. And I believe that both parties should have been represented in Parliament.

I’ve voted since, again for the ALCP but also for Libertarianz Party , but I still consider it a bit of a pointless waste of time. because none of those parties has come close to the 5% threshold. And the reason they haven’t come close to the 5% theshold is because of the 5% threshold.

I’d like to talk about Epsom as well in the last election. The so-called strategic voting that went on in Epsom is an example of a fundamental flaw in the current system. The 5% threshold meant that voters in Epsom had to vote for a candidate they did not support, necessarily in order to affect the national result. And I’m talking about libertarian-minded voters. They had to vote for John Banks or felt that they did to get Don Brash and others into Parliament on John Banks’s coat-tails, as it were.

So they did manage to affect the national result, but … What good is it for someone to affect the national result, yet forfeit their soul?

You see, the existence of the 5% threshold provides perverse incentives to vote for parties who are not your first or second choice of party, and for candidates who are not even a third or fourth choice of candidate. I know of libertarian voters and members of ACT on Campus who voted “strategically” for John Banks in Epsom. And now those voters have to live with the fact that all they achieved, from their point of view, was to elect a single conservative MP to Parliament who actually has recently come out in opposition to the “Keep it 18” policy which ACT on Campus had previously championed. This is a perverse outcome.

I’ll quote a couple of libertarian acquaintances of mine. They’re not close friends and they’re not Christians but this is what they had to say, on the day. One of them said

last week I voted Banks and party vote ACT. I hate Banks. ACT isn’t good enough.

but they voted for him. And another person said

I’ll be voting for Act and I’ll utilize my Epsom electorate to candidate vote Banks. He’s an abominable piece of slime

Okay … now, when you’ve got people voting for John Banks, and that’s what they actually think of him, there’s something wrong with our electoral system. And I said to them at the time, I said, look, with friends of freedom like you guys, who needs enemies?

Christian Choice would like to see the threshold lowered or abolished to remove the incentives for such electoral perversion.

Now there is some concern that we need to keep a threshold, even if it is lowered. I think this concern is misplaced. There’s a worry that eliminating the 5% threshold will mean there are more parties in Parliament and make it more difficult to establish a stable Government. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Totalitarian regimes are often more stable than democratic ones but that doesn’t mean that they are a good thing. The purpose of having a democratic election system is not to ensure a stable Government. It is to provide representation for voters. And the most democratic way to do this is through proper proportional representation.

So we would like to see the threshold lowered, preferably abolished. There will still be a natural threshold. In a Parliament of 100 MPs it would be 1%. And in a Parliament of 120 MPs, it would be 0.83%.

I’ll close by once again alluding again to the Life of Brian. If you’re worried about loony parties like the People’s Front of Judea getting elected to Parliament—currently polling at 1%—don’t worry too much because before the election they will surely schism into the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s front, and gain 0.5% each and no representation!

Thanks for listening.

I think my sense of humour was more of an asset than a liability on this occasion! My submission was well-received.

Those present and named were: Dr. Therese Arseneau, Jane Huria, Sir Hugh Williams, Robert Peden, John Spencer and Louise Vickerman.

MMP Review

In the 2011 Referendum on the Voting System, held in conjunction with the General Election on 26 November, the majority of voters chose to keep MMP as New Zealand’s voting system.

This triggered an independent review of MMP, conducted by the Electoral Commission, in which all of us can have our say on any changes we’d like to see made to the way MMP works.

TODAY (5 April) is the deadline for submissions for those wanting to present in person to the Commission. Submissions must be lodged with the Commission by midnight on 5 April.

You can make a quick submission. Or you can make a full submission. To make a quick submission, all you have to write is, e.g.,

I believe that to achieve better representation the MMP threshold should be lowered to 2.5%.

Let’s give freedom-friendly parties such as the ALCP and the Libz a better chance next time. And dissuade people from committing “the ends justify the means” atrocities such as “strategically voting” for John Banks to get Don Brash into Parliament.

In the words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

What you are about to do, do quickly (John 13:27)

Okay, so that was quoted totally out of context. Never mind. Just SUBMIT! DO IT NOW!

The New Jews… Meth Users.

Man o Man The Paranoia and bigotry of the sheeple is so easily manipulated into the evil spirit of Persecution. The ease with which common Paranoia’s and bigotries are manipulated and inflamed is currently evidenced by the comments on Facebook, that one photo receives, as it ‘does the rounds’.
It is that Photo above (looks like Red Jelly crystals)… and therein lies the seeds of Hysteria… It looks yummy… yet is supposed to be ‘P’… Crystal Meth… esp flavoured we are told… to poison little Children!

Now this post is spreading across Facebook provoking both terror and hatred against Drug users… and insodoing fans the flames of legalised persecution and support for the vile ‘War on drugs’.

Kiwis look with revulsion at the fanatical hysteria of Muslims over a Cartoon, yet I say to you Prohibitionist chumps ought take a look in the mirror you Hipocrites! This Meth story is absolute crap yet that does not hinder you all for wanting to lynch all druggies!… You are all as pathetic as the worst religious zealots… bunch of witch burners!

Common sense ought to prevail. This story is completely irrational. Simply put ‘P’ is way too expensive to be dished out as candy to wee kiddies.
Oh but you think the dealers want to hurt the kids (They are all Evil bastards aye) or They wanna get them hooked so they can fleece them of their pocket money! (The diabolical fiends!) *BULLSHIT!* ITS ALL IN YOUR PERVERSE HEADS YOU NASTY FEAR RIDDEN FREAKS! CAN YOU NOT TELL WHEN YOU ARE BEING PLAYED LIKE A FIDDLE? YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED BY HITLER LIKE SCUM WHOM HATE FREEDOM! Meth users are the ‘New Jews’ of our Era.
And if that’s not good enough here is a link which shows this Paranoia has no basis…

As long as You sheep are so easily manipulated by your fear Evil political Forces will prevail.
By Tim Wikiriwhi Christian Libertarian.

Does the war on drugs do more harm to America than actual drugs?


Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, 1947


Go with the flow….
Banish all thoughts of Freedom, Justice, prosperity, self ownership, Individual rights, and the pursuit of your own happiness… Banish your Mind!
Fall into Line… with the rest of the herd…

I cant wait until Sunday. Not because I expect to be elected on Saturday, but because I have had a guts full of this Charade that is the New Zealand Democracy… the pretentious BULLSHIT filling the Media, The pig headed Ignorance and Evil spirit of suppression and willing subjection posessing the sheeple, The mania of political manipulation and compulsion infesting the Ballots, The Hypocrisy, The Fear, The Envy, The laughter. We are Doomed to ongoing Socialist Nannyism and injustice, to our headlong plunge into Debt, taxes, and poverty. People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time.