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Atheist Priest$ lobby Government for Tax dollar$ to fund their Religious Pseudo-$cience

^^^^Talk about vindicating my Blog posts! These Quacks in the above tube vid want more Tax loot to fund their own cushy existence on the basis of their own Bat shit crazy beliefs! The say that is “a matter of … Continue reading

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Space Truckin: Dead for 45 minutes.

From >>>Here

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Swallowing Brontosauri: The great fossil fuel delusion.

^^^^ Hahahaha…. on whom is the Joke really? Many years ago I herd a very interesting theory, which immediately struck a chord. Simply put … It made much more sense than the common assumptions. What is un-questioningly accepted as Scientific … Continue reading

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Dunne fails Drugs Test. Colin Espiner. Sunday Star Times. May 4 2014

A very good commentary appeared in this weeks Sunday Star Times which articulates many of my own opinions regarding Peter Dunne’s/ The National Party collapse and back pedal regarding the PSA and banning all Synthetic Cannabis products. This was Election … Continue reading

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Mankind is on the verge of creating Sentient artificial intelligence? BULLSHIT!

It amazes me just how ridiculous are the myths of Materialism! That all life forms are the result of mindless accidents. That ‘unguided’ evolution can change a worm into a human with the ‘magic wand’ of time. Etc Etc. And … Continue reading

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Norml J Day Protest Hamilton 2014

Hamilton New Zealand. An Eternal vigilance Salute goes out to Hamilton Activist Gary Chiles for organising the Norml J Day for the Waikato this Year. It took place in the Hamilton Domain (Lake Stage) despite the fact that Hamilton City … Continue reading

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Evolution in action. Dr Richard Nixon.

Proudly displaying the above photo on the Big screen… “Here we have a clear example of Evolution in action…Elephants are progressing back towards flight.” This is the irrefutable conclusion of Science according to acclaimed Biologist Dr Richard Nixon addressing the … Continue reading

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Newly detected Gravitational ripples prove once again that Biblical Creationism is a scientifically sound belief… not the bogus Atheist Materialist Multi-verse theory.

In a carefully orchestrated ‘announcement’ ‘Big Bang Breakthrough’…about the detection of ‘Gravitational Ripples’ The Materialist PR engines were quick to attempt to ‘channel’ the sheeples minds away from the obvious implications of this new ‘discovery’ which again proves the Universe … Continue reading

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Nothing required from God

A sermon from the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster… Lawrence Krauss explains that the universe came from “nothing” – and by “nothing” he means “not nothing”. FYI: Belief in God is ridiculous but believing that a room full of … Continue reading

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Abandoning Evolution.

‘Liberated’ this from ‘The Illogical Atheist’

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