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Enslaved by your own Gullible Stupidity! Taxation and Tyranny.

Think seriously about this people.. By what right does the government demand to you declare every cent you earn? Think about how arrogant and oppressive such a demand is! Tell me please that under such demands that you/we are not … Continue reading

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Hundreds march against animal testing

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Tim Wikiriwhi’s Submission to the New Zealand Government’s Constitutional Review. 2013

What follows in my Pathetic submission to the government review of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. As usual I left writing it to that last minutes. Leaving my run too late I simply ran out of time. I have been doing … Continue reading

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“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice     and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free     and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with … Continue reading

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World’s Hottest Porn Star gives life to God.

Once named by Maxim as one of the hottest porn stars in the world, Jenna Presley performed in more than 275 pornographic films, stripped for money, sold her body in prostitution, abused drugs and even tried to kill herself – … Continue reading

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JJ Cale’s Travelin Light ….

Just herd the sad news that another Music hero has passed away… JJ Cale was Awesome! One of the Giants. His passing has inspired me to created a new category for our Blog… Outstanding Individual Contribution’ Thank’s JJ for enriching … Continue reading

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The myth making processes of Pseudo Science. The Epic Tale of the Simple cell. (Part 1)

^^^^This Video is very interesting as it gives us an insight into how The pseudo scientific theory of Abiogenesis has been constructed so as to appear ‘Believable’…. It even has a Power point display featuring the timeline when Dr Szostak … Continue reading

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Fonterra Te Rapa Winter Shut 2013. Archimedes Engineering. Tim Wikiriwhi.

From the Fonterra Focus July 2013.

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That moment when they begin to explain that Abiogenesis is not Spontanious Generation.

My Meme. To Deny that Abiogenesis is the same thing as Spontaneous generation is the equivalent of saying “Eagles and Chickens” are not both ‘Birds’. Ie The Evolutionist Atheist deludes themselves that the superficial differences between modern definitions of Abiogenesis … Continue reading

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A Mathematician Debunks Atheist Evolutionism. Lennox vs Dawkins

I love how Dawkin’s hangs his disdain for the word ‘faith’ … according to his own warped definition of the term. And this is a fundamental Sophist Semantic Delusion… an anti-concept purposely designed to make Faith look ridiculous. Lennox annihilated … Continue reading

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