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The Hobbit is a Biblically Inspired Story

[Guest post by Julian Crawford, Leader of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.] It is well known that J.R.R. Tolkien was a devout Christian, who attended church daily and was responsible for bringing fellow author C.S. Lewis to faith. What is … Continue reading

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Knowledge Filters: All solid evidence against the Theory of Evolution is automatically rejected .

Filtering: “Selective presentation or deliberate manipulation of information to make it more acceptable or favorable to its recipient.” Read more: This is the ‘Human factor’ at work in ‘Science’, and is why the vast % of ‘Research’ ends up … Continue reading

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Swallowing Brontosauri: The great fossil fuel delusion.

^^^^ Hahahaha…. on whom is the Joke really? Many years ago I herd a very interesting theory, which immediately struck a chord. Simply put … It made much more sense than the common assumptions. What is un-questioningly accepted as Scientific … Continue reading

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Evolution in action. Dr Richard Nixon.

Proudly displaying the above photo on the Big screen… “Here we have a clear example of Evolution in action…Elephants are progressing back towards flight.” This is the irrefutable conclusion of Science according to acclaimed Biologist Dr Richard Nixon addressing the … Continue reading

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Why can’t you show me evidence?

This is the very latest meme from an Evolutionist friend on Facebook. It seems to me that both Dawkins and his interlocutor miss the point entirely. Yes, DNA and fossils are evidence for the theory of evolution! But … According … Continue reading

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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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Why the dinosaurs died

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