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Prohibition fails again. Synthetic Cannabis still here… driven underground. TVNZ

Oh yes Prohibition is a smashing success. Here you go all you Anti-synthetic cannabis wowzers! Read the TV1 article below!!! When will you learn that Banning things does not remove the hazzards but drives them underground and makes them profitable … Continue reading

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Kings and Convicts. (Part 1) The Clean Slate Act.

Hello my Pretties, I apologise for my recent absence and neglect….. I still love you…. believe me when I say that matters of Cosmic importance have kept me in the field… chief among them earning my ransom for the IRD. … Continue reading

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Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism. Socialist pragmatism vs Libertarian Idealism

It has been with great sadness that over the past year I have witnessed my fellow Libertarian Blogger Richard Goode change tack and sail off course, and now become an apologyst for Socialist Statism. This has been evidenced by his … Continue reading

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Why your kid doesn’t want to talk to you, and prefers to sleep on the streets.

My Last >Blog post< criticizing the Governments reversal on synthetic cannabis received a heated response from a fan of this latest Prohibition... someone who admits they could not be bothered to actually read my post... She said ... "bit long … Continue reading

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Dunne fails Drugs Test. Colin Espiner. Sunday Star Times. May 4 2014

A very good commentary appeared in this weeks Sunday Star Times which articulates many of my own opinions regarding Peter Dunne’s/ The National Party collapse and back pedal regarding the PSA and banning all Synthetic Cannabis products. This was Election … Continue reading

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Hell’s Bells! Drugs and Alcohol are being consumed in an Adult manner by the employed masses!

Afroman… what Druggies are supposed to be like… turns out this common portrayal is contradicted by the facts. Some News reports stick out like Dogs Balls for their sheer incredulity. This one in particular is from Stuff…. Live chat: Kiwis’ … Continue reading

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Hamilton Homeless Meet and Greet… The Lords feet and hands working in the trenches.

Great ‘Hamilton Home-less‘ meeting tonight. Awesome Interesting caring people from all walks… gathered together in the spirit of Christian charity and good will. The Lord works in mysterious ways! The reasons people said which moved them to step up were … Continue reading

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The Exit Drug… Cannabis.

So true! Great Meme! Pot has helped millions of people get off pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, and many other heavier substances. It has helped millions exit the Death spiral of depression. Thousands of Hardened Criminals have found peace…. Families been saved…. Sitting … Continue reading

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A modest proposal

The Ministry of Health is asking for help to shape the National Drug Policy, which sets out the Government’s approach for tobacco, alcohol, illegal and other drugs. NORML has provided a handy guide to people and organisations make submissions. Submissions … Continue reading

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This is the video documentary that, in the past 48 hours, has been viewed by 1 in 10 New Zealanders. Won’t somebody please think of the children? That’s the question I’m asking. Because somebody needs to do something. But that … Continue reading

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