Kings and Convicts (Part 2) The Charade.

The following is Part two of my thoughts on the recent Saga involving the criminal activities of
Korotangi Paki, the 2nd son of the Tainui King.

It is way way too long, and at some time in the future I will revise and combine both parts into a single opinion piece.
They will require a massive hatchet job.
I apologize for their cumbersome obesity.
I hope by the end of this second part that it is obvious how the first part relates to the second.

Update: I decided the best solution was to make this a 3 part series. 🙂

Part one is >>>Here<<< Part 2 is below .... Part 3 is >>>Here<<< fantasy-chess-art_00440575

In a letter to the Judge, The Tainui King said that there is no way he would consider his son as a possible heir to his throne, if he should get criminal convictions.

It was in the light of this letter, that the Liberal Judge decided not to convict Korotangi Paki for Burglary and Drink driving being persuaded that the cost to him… should he be convicted would be far too heavy in respect to the offences.

While it is true that any penalties a court of justice imposes ought be justly proportional to the seriousness of the crime, this type of defence employed in this case is a Liberal sophistry which has gained currency in New Zealand, which is primarily used to separate and grant favours to the social elite…. most often by the likes of Sportsman and artists whom have careers or at least ambitions overseas.
Because many countries bar entry to convicts, this defence has been successfully employed to avoid convictions by ‘high fliers’, while the plebs of our Nation are afforded no such leniency, even though their lives are in reality grievously affected by convictions for the very same offences.

The Lawyer for the prince was employing this ruse in a very novel way., and it worked.
The prince escaped conviction.


When the News of this travesty, reached the New Zealand public, of course there was an outcry!
Such a blatant contrast between how this High borne child was treated by the Courts compared to how the youth of commoners are dealt with… it is important to appreciate that this was not a case of Racial favouritism …. as some Pakeha have tried to make it out to be… but a matter of Class…. Favouritism for a member of the Social Political Elite.
Large numbers of ordinary Maori are getting convictions for burglaries and dinking driving virtually every day Courts are in session!
Maori as a race may indeed get mountains of Legal and political favours at the hands of our corrupt apartheid State…. Yet I have never herd of anyone being let off such Criminal charges simply on the basis that they are Maori.

I find it Fascinating that the King decided to throw his weight into this matter…. Very interventionalist…. Very hands on…. And I think…. Very short sighted.
His comments to the Judge are very revealing about how his mind works (or were they merely a clever ploy?)
They certainly embody something ominous about how our political system works.

It’s a system founded upon pretence.

Obviously… like most families would be… The Tainui King was embarrassed by his sons behaviour as it causes the community to question his parenting skills, and to wonder what sort of ethics and examples were the Elders of the house and family setting for this Boy to go so far astray, … and as such the King, instead of keeping his distance from the wheels of justice… like a good political leader ought, he instead transgressed ethical boundaries …. Throwing his weight about with the design to minimise the ‘loss of Mana’ he perceives a conviction would carry for his son… and himself… in the eyes of his tribe, other tribes, and the Nation as a whole.

This demonstrates either an arrogant contempt for the legal system, or at least a massive miscalculation… because the Kings Mana would have been greatly increased had he bravely stood aloof from his sons case, and expressed his respect for the Laws of the Nation, and acknowledged they apply to the Kingly Class as much as the lowliest tribesman.
Unfortunately it appears King Tuheitia suffers that all to common delusion of the High and mighty… that they inhabit a plane above the law… and that power may be used for personal legal advantage.
There can be no doubt that the King worded his letter to the judge on the carefully constructed advice of the QC Lawyer he had employed for his son’s defence, and the Judge obediently accepted the Legal charade it presents…. Rather than bravely disregarding the Letter of the King, and taking the higher Road of ‘Lex Rex’…. The Law is King.
The Judge took the low road… and went along with the carefully construed technicality…. that in the light of the Kings letter… it would appear that a conviction for these offences would result in a punishment out of proportion to the crimes.

That there is virtually no chance that this second son will ever have succeeded his Father adds weight to the commonly held perception that this whole defence and escape from justice, was farcical from beginning to end.

That is not the only aspect worth contemplating about this case.
There is plenty more worth consideration.

It is also striking that both the King and the Judge seem to be on a similar wave length as to the social implications as to the seriousness of being convicted of crimes, rather than merely being in fact guilty of the offences.
They seem to think that what matters most is the legal technicalities rather than the moral reality.
As if maintaining a clean record is more important than seeing justice served for crimes that were indeed committed…. we are supposed to somehow assume that by avoiding conviction, *removes the princes guilt* of having committed burglary… and drinking and driving… and that via this legal trickery somehow … not being convicted means he magically remains ‘fit to reign…. Ie that the King would thereby be able to seriously consider his wayward son to succeed him to the Tainui throne.

The shocking part of all this is surely what matters most is the actual innocence or guilt for the offence…. and that is something which cannot be washed away by a letter from a king to a judge.
This being so we should marvel at the nonsense of this whole line of defence employed by the King and the QC.
The mind numbing really is however that such games are in fact how our political machine functions!

What this non-conviction achieves is that it works to maintain the Charade of Righteousness the Ruling elite seek to project downward towards their subject populations… a Mask necessary to promote faith in their Leadership and character in the hearts and minds of the great unwashed, and elicit their willing submission…. duping the people into thinking their leaders are benevolent benefactors, when in reality their policies are Machiavellian, and they are in reality unscrupulous, and motivated to rule more by greed, the Baubles of Office, and social status, rather than a genuine concern for society.

This case in question demonstrates that a person’s criminal record…. or lack thereof can simply be a matter of wealth and social standing. or luck, or cunning, or how good a Lawyer you or your parents can afford.
One thing is certain… not having a criminal record is no proof of good character or worthiness to rule.


The Charade is universally employed the world over.
Having enshrined himself as Caliph in his newly conquered territories in Iraq, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi appears to the public in the pious garb of a righteous and devout Muslim leader designed to engender faith in his authority and rule.


Sometimes this Charade comes close to toppling the highest of VIPs from their perch, for example John Key was very quick to distance himself from his fellow ally John Banks… *once he was convicted* of Election fraud, yet he himself is prepared to tell Bare-face Lies to the people of New Zealand and being Neck deep in the Illegal spying scandal and raid on Kim Dotcom.
Hiding behind multiple ‘Memory lapses’, he arrogantly continues to govern rather than do the honourable thing and resign… simply because he has not been found guilty in a court of law for lying and complicity in the illegal activities of his Spies… whereas John Banks ‘Memory lapses’ have been exposed in the courts…. And he is Goneburger!
For John Banks… the Charade is finally over.

ULTCW_WeAreThe99Percent_banner copy

It is not just the Social elite whom carry on this Façade.
They have plenty of help.
The bulk of our society are ‘wilfully ignorant’. Ie they *don’t want to know* anything about this charade because often they support the shysters in power, and most importantly, they don’t want to admit their civilisation is largely built upon lies.
They plead ignorance!
They certainly don’t want to admit that to a very great extent the distinction between Saints and Sinners is a wholly artificial façade!
They are in on this charade of Self-righteousness just as much as their corrupt Leaders are.
They also like to kid themselves that they are righteous and civilised, and also dwell on that superior moral plane and have the right to look down their noses at sinners and convicted criminals …. on that same pretence that they themselves have not been *convicted* for their crimes.
Indeed if this was not so, it would not be so necessary for the Political Game players to put on their garbs of piety.

It does not mean the so-called ‘moral majority’ have not caused others grievous harm.
It does not mean they have never stolen anything…. never committed acts of violence… never committed frauds (told lies)… it simply means they have gotten away with their foul deeds.
… and this is enough to allow the average sinner to be puffed up with self-righteous vanity and bigotry.

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.
For with what Judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”
Jesus Christ Matt 7vs 1-3

“Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.”
St Paul Romans 2vs1.

And so it is that what parades itself as Civil Order does not bare scrutiny.
And many smart people know this, and decide to forsake society and to live ‘outside’ the constraints of law… They are Fools too, because the fact that society is corrupt does not mean there is no moral reality… no justice in the universe, or that it is wrong for society to convict *real* criminals.
Morality has Objective reality, and so an individual ought to walk in righteousness…. Even when the society in which he lives is savage and unjust.
This is easier said than done.

It is with this in mind that I do my best not to pretend to be ‘Holier than thou’… not to ‘fake’ being more of a Saint than I really am.
I do believe in living honestly and respecting the rights and liberties of my fellow man yet I am painfully aware of my own short comings.
The way I read the Bible… one of the very worst of sins, is Self-Righteous hypocrisy.
*The Charade*.

To Re-word the Kings letter….

“How could I even contemplate passing the Diadem to my Son if he has no ‘Cloak of Righteousness’ to fool the people into submitting to his Authority?
How would he be able to manoeuvre in the political arena unless he can fool the other players into considering him a man of virtue?
No that could never work.
A Criminal conviction will ruin everything.”

End of Part 2.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

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