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Why Motorcycle helmets are Cool.

A picture speaks a thousand words of wisdom, that many who need those lessons cant be bothered to read. The Pic above show why Helmets are Cool, and no helmet is Dumb. Yet still there ought to be *No Law* … Continue reading

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Falling to Pieces …. Thank’s for the music Scott Weiland

Now I am going to say some things that will upset some folk… yet It must be said… It keeps getting swept under the carpet… so that the party can carry on. Though an indisputable Icon of Grunge, Scott was … Continue reading

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Anti-Terrorism at its finest. The Road out of darkness into the light.

The above link was shared by Muslims against Isis. Im going to write more of my own thoughts on this soon, yet my title says everything. Bombs and fences will never stop the hating. The war is in the hearts … Continue reading

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We have always been at war with plants

[Hat tip: VJM Publishing]

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