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Blog entry New Zealand Preps for the Great Reset: Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill. Submission by Tim Wikiriwhi, Christian Libertarian. Tim 2 2021-12-04 20:03:13
Blog entry In Honour of New Zealand's Greatest Theologian, Dr Dennis Spackman. Apologist for the 1611 AV King James Bible as God's word, Dispensationalist, and Preacher of the Gospel of Grace. Tim 4 2021-11-27 07:31:59
Blog entry Tim Wikiriwhi. The Right to Self Defense: My (Undelivered) Oral submission to The New Zealand Committee Of THE ARMS (PROHIBITED FIREARMS, MAGAZINES, AND PARTS) AMENDMENT BILL April 2019 Tim 28 2021-11-20 20:18:24
Blog entry 'My Pillow' CEO Mike Lindell's 2020 US Election Fraud Videos Absolute Proof and Absolute Interference. Plus Commentary on Kill Chain (2020). Plus Hacking Democracy (2006). Tim 1 2021-11-19 00:54:27
Blog entry The Rock FM 2000, 2020. Bands and Best Song lists. Cheers to Carlsberg Beer! Tim 20 2021-11-13 18:26:12
Blog entry The Sophistry of Ayn Rand. Selfishness. A conversation with Prodos Marinakis Tim 1 2021-11-13 08:45:31
Blog entry Making Ardern Go Away! 30-10-21. Large Anti-lockdown/Vax mandates protest in Hamilton (and elsewhere). New Zealanders have had enough and Demand their Freedom and Rights back! Tim 6 2021-11-12 22:11:58
Blog entry Individualism. Stay The Course, Remain True To Your Convictions. Don't Let Other Peoples Actions Govern Your Own Conduct. Tim 2021-11-12 07:58:43
Blog entry Legalised Force attracts Thugs and Bullies like flies to... Tim 8 2021-11-11 11:41:40
Blog entry Dr David Bellamy: Experienced Climatologist lost his career simply for telling the truth. Tim 5 2021-11-11 02:50:32
Blog entry Jacinda Ardern's Contempt For New Zealanders Who Will Not Submit. Ardern's Economic Destruction Of Our Nation, And The Rising Of Resistance Against Her.. Tim 1 2021-10-29 21:32:56
Blog entry Willie the Waiters 75th Birthday Party at the Rangiriri Hotel. 31-10-20. Tim 4 2021-10-29 10:59:04
Blog entry Never confuse Christ's 'Great Commission' to Peter to preach, with God's comission to St Paul... they are two separate commissions with two separate gospels. Tim 20 2021-10-25 19:23:19
Blog entry Bye bye my Facebook people. It's time to go. Tim 19 2021-10-24 19:42:50
Blog entry How Manufactured Fear Turns Society Against Minorities and Individuals. The Jackboots of Jacinda Ardern. Tim 2 2021-10-24 18:09:51
Blog entry Jacinda Ardern is more Dangerous than Covid-19: Censorship and Control of the Press. Tim 26 2021-10-24 16:11:24
Blog entry Self Help. Hands on...Fighting the Demon Cancer (No2). Cannabis cures Cancers Tim 94 2021-10-23 15:12:16
Blog entry How can a Good God exist when there is so much evil in the world? (part 2) The Thirst for Blood. Tim 6 2021-10-23 04:32:38
Blog entry Louisa Ball's Rugby (Definition of Rugby) Amendment Bill Richard 5 2021-10-23 04:08:17
Blog entry My Rock 2000 2021 picks... Tim 4 2021-10-09 09:03:56
Blog entry The Story of Ivermectin and Covid-19. Tim 2 2021-10-08 15:32:35
Blog entry Medical Safety Authorities Face Heavy Political Pressure to grant Vaccine Approvals For Children For Non-medical Reasons. New Zealand Parents be warned. Tim 9 2021-10-08 11:45:53
Blog entry The Puppet Masters. What the evil bastards are doing surpasses the wildest of Conspiracy theories. Facebook experiments with subliminal brainwashing of unaware 'users'. Video by Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff Tim 4 2021-10-07 21:25:04
Blog entry Repost: New Zealand's First Official day of Remembrance of the Wars of the 1860s. The Hauhau Rebellion and the Heinous Murder of The Reverand C.S. Volkner. Tim 2 2021-09-13 18:58:19
Blog entry Rock 2000 2021. The Datsuns... Tim 2 2021-09-10 22:47:42