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The Wanganui River and the incredulous incantations of the Neo-Tohungas…

Note: The ‘Wanganui’ district and River have now been officially renamed ‘Whanganui’ in an act of Politically correct revisionist nonsense. Read about the Whanganui River here Election year,About Ten years ago I was Standing as a Parliamentary candidate for the … Continue reading

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Treasures in plain wrapping. The Advance of the Missionaries by H.C Fancourt (Part 1). My burden to Radically shake up Maori Conservatism. (Black is the new White).

As a Bibliophile few things can compare to the discovery of a Book that contains monumental truths, that have been Forgotten or ignored. Truths that radically challenge the direction of current politics and thought. They can be plainly written… innocent … Continue reading

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Good reasons why I’m voting to keep the flag.

Me: Tim Wikiriwhi Christian Libertarian. Tuhoe Terrorist Racist Radical Tame Iti Shoots New Zealand Flag. Important note: In no way do I seek to belittle or disparage New Zealanders from enjoying their Maori heritage and culture. What I am highlighting … Continue reading

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New Zealand, Racist Sexist Backwater. Your Brain on Internet Socialism.

My Reply to this video… Hi Cassidy….’ I am a Maori, and Let me say you have done New Zealand a great service…. but not in a way you might think. You have shown the world the dangers of simply … Continue reading

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My speech for the 1Law4all party 2014 AGM. Tim Wikiriwhi. 17 June. Hamilton

Me and My Maori Grandfather Autiti Wikiriwhi back in the late 80s Below is the full script of a speech I wrote for the One law for All party AGM which was held tonite in Hamilton. As usual I was … Continue reading

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The New Zealand War of the 1860s was not a ‘Land war’… It was a Sovereignty War.

Watch *this Video* For New Zealand….It is one of the greatest Political Lies of our Day… The lie that the 1860s War was a Land war…. just another example of British Imperial Greed. The Truth is that it was a … Continue reading

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The Great Waitangi Debate. 2010

Part 2.

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Mt Everest is for Wimps! Lets Conquer Apartheid Government in New Zealand! A strategy.

I have been asked what my opinion is on how we should endeavour to End Treaty separatism, and racist law and government. What follows are my first thoughts on this matter. I present them for discussion. With the Separatists working … Continue reading

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TREATYGATE Hamilton…introducing John Ansell

Tim Wikiriwhi introducing John Ansell at the Waikato TREATYGATE Presentation, Thursday 16 May, at the Celebrating Age Centre in Hamilton. Report: Though I had planned this meeting for over two months, it was typical for me to be still hurriedly … Continue reading

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Racism,Violence, and Misery. Why I’m missing my favourite band. Tool!

Tool is playing right now in Auckland. They are my Favorite Band. Why aren’t I there rockin out???? I should be! Yet instead of having fun, Im spending my last buck$ on a Public meeting calling for an end to … Continue reading

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