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Keep calm and carry on

Suppose I’m trying to live a Christian life. Jesus is the Word, and the Word clearly says that the most important rules in life are to love God and to love others. Then one of [the Pharisees], which was a … Continue reading

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Should Christians kill all the homosexuals?

I chose the title of this post carefully in order to comply with Betteridge’s law of headlines. Should Christians kill all the homosexuals? (Let’s be clear. The answer is NO.) Not even Pastor Logan Robertson thinks that Christians should kill … Continue reading

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One lot for the Lord and the other lot for Azazel

Consider this. Rosenthal predicts: “A sizeable number of our young people will not mature as they should. Instead, we can look forward to a growing population of immature, under-qualified adults, many of whom will be unable to live without economic, … Continue reading

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Did Aaron the High Priest smoke? || The biblical roots of Jews and marijuana:

Aaron… The ‘High’ Priest. šŸ™‚ Doctor, mohel, and former IDF lieutenant Yosef Glassman finds surprising links between controversial plant and ancient Judaism. ā€œAlso, one will beautify [Shabbat candle lighting] when the wick is made from cotton, flax or cannabisā€¦ā€ Thatā€™s … Continue reading

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Ye shall have their carcases in abomination

Oyster stout? WUT is the world coming to?! TASTING NOTES This silky-smooth stout contains select malt and hops to produce a beer that is rich and complex. It contains Bluff oysters and has a slightly smoky flavour. Contains Bluff oysters?! … Continue reading

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