New Zealand Beer War. Geek Coconut Porter.

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It’s an indisputable fact that Real Kiwi Jokers Drink Porter Ale… not Lager!
Lager is Auzzie Piss.
Ok for chicks…like that Mexican urine they drink with a slice of lemon.
New Zealand is now in the violent throws of a Beer Revolution.
Is Geek Coconut Porter NZ’s finest brew?
It could well be.
Now I like Boundary Road Chocolate Porter, esp when I can get it for $13.00 rather than $18.00 per six pack. It tastes mighty fine yet it’s only 4.5%.
Geek Coconut Porter on the otherhand costs $5.oo per stubby yet is 6%… and tastes Damn fine too!!!
This is a tuff call.
Both taste great.
It’s a play off between Volume vs Bang.

Read about Geek Coconut Porter here:

If your Piss shop does not stock it… GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! … or ask them to get some.

P.S I suggest readers pay little heed of what my Fellow Blogger Richard writes on such lofty issues as Beer. His doctorate in Philosophy is a woefully insufficent credential.
(Hume himself is rolling in his grave!)
Richard should stick to Mycology. (Esp at this time of the year!)


I on the otherhand was born in Tokoroa, Am Founder and Master Brewer @ VonTempsky Heroic Ales, and I ride a Triumph.
Tim Wikiriwhi.


VonTempsky Heroic Ales Here:

10 thoughts on “New Zealand Beer War. Geek Coconut Porter.”

  1. Tim, are you insane?! Coconut?! Whatever next?!! Marmalade?! (I like marmalade.)

    For coconut “beer” just pour Tui in your food processor, add a lamington or a Bounty Bar, and press blend!

    Beer is all about hops. And malted barley. And water. And mycology, i.e., yeast! And NO other ingredients. That’s the legal definition of beer according to the Germans. Whom ought to know.

  2. If Marmalade improved the quality of beer I would have the balls to embrace it!
    Yet I am not saying you *must* add Coconut, or chocolate, or Coffee.
    I am saying that Geek have pulled off something special.
    And how typically un-Libertarian of you to start bandying about ‘Legal definitions’ Richard!
    And You er greatly because Hopps too is a late edition to Beer… See here:
    That it was an innovative improvement in quality and taste suits my position better than yours!
    And Why should I bow down to the Hun?
    Beer was invented in Egypt not Germany!… Probably by a descendant of Abraham when the children of Israel sojourned there during the Famine.
    Do you drink German Beer?
    I bet not!
    It’s Crap compared to Kiwi Porters!

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