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I tried voting but it didn’t work

My pet issue has always been cannabis law reform. I’ve always voted for cannabis law reform. In 1996 I voted in the first New Zealand general election held under the MMP voting system. Naturally, I gave my party vote to … Continue reading

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Won’t somebody else please feed the children?

I got an email from Metiria Turei, co-leader of the Greens. Education is the best route out of poverty. But hungry kids can’t learn and are left trapped in the poverty cycle. Let’s break that cycle lunchbox by lunchbox. We … Continue reading

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Colorado called but you were at home

I wasn’t physically present at yesterday’s NORML conference—one of the few usual suspects who wasn’t—but I was there in spirit and by live stream. The conference went well. Credit where credit’s due and credit is due to Phil Saxby who … Continue reading

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Legalise Drugs and Murder

Green Party to decriminalise abortion The Green Party will decriminalise abortion and assert the right of women to make decisions regarding their own health and the wellbeing of their family or whanau. But will the Green Party assert the right … Continue reading

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Memories of Peter Dunne

Wednesday night last week I was at the Backbencher pub on Molesworth Street, across the road from Parliament Buildings, for the filming of the first episode of the 2014 season of Back Benches. Back Benches is a political panel discussion … Continue reading

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It’s an administrative violation, not a crime

I was contemplating reading a white paper on Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies by Glenn Greenwald of the Cato Institute. On July 1, 2001, a nationwide law in Portugal took effect that decriminalized … Continue reading

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The Big Con. Lew Rockwell

Click>>>> Enslaved by your own Gullible Stupidity! Taxation and Tyranny. Click>>>>> Tim Wikiriwhi’s Submission to the New Zealand Government’s Constitutional Review. 2013 Crank it up….

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Haggling about the price

There is a famous anecdote about a conversation Winston Churchill once had with a woman at a party. Churchill: Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds? Socialite: My goodness, Mr. Churchill … Well, I suppose … we … Continue reading

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Thank God for the Greens

Credit where credit’s due. Credit is due to the Greens—in particular, to Green MPs Kevin Hague, Mojo Mathers and Metiria Turei—for their input into the Psychoactive Substances Bill, which has its third and final reading on Thursday. I endorse the … Continue reading

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Thrash Punks invented Global Warming Doomsday… in 1987.

The Plasmatics. Wikipedia… Maggots: The Record is the fourth and final studio album released by punk / metal band The Plasmatics in 1987. The album was released as a special “9th Anniversary Album”. Despite being called a “Plasmatics” album, it … Continue reading

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