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The pain of Eternal Vigilance is too much to blog!

The world has been taken over by Sub-humans. ( proof of De-evolution/ Entropy… the world is getting more ridiculous not less)
Seriously… the main reason why there are so few new Blog posts here @ Eternal vigilance… is because of the absolute chaos that is afoot… yet… is numbingly accepted as ‘Business as usual’ by our left/ right/ center socialist Democratic lunatic asylum Masses of dumbfounded dipshits.
Its literally Driving Eternal vigilance bloggers to Clinical depression!

By Gods Grace I try to practice the dictim…

I could Blog on the latest news of arsewipe NZ Bankers and ‘Tax working group’ who think that a 10% capital gains tax would be wonderful because it could be expected to deliver a 10.8% reduction on house prices…. forget the vested interest bankers have in pouring poop on any investment decisions you may dare to make that they dont get the biggest cut…. and of course *the government* is just itching… like a meth addict… to get that 10 %.

I could blog about the latest conundrum in archaeology in the holy land… with respect to a Clay figurine’s decapitated head and the arguements as to which *biblical figure* the head depicts… all options being recorded in the Bible (yes… the bible is history folks… not fairy tales).
But lets ignore the facts… too inconvenient for the many.

I could blog about The most vile politician in New Zealand today…. the guy who is such a snake that he suckered me to voting for him…. Winston Peters… now acting Prime minister… and the dirty coalition deals he did with the super dishonest Jarcinda Ardern… and how ridiculous it is that the NZ Herald thinks that Peters… the Political Dinosaur… will struggle to wear Jacaranda’s Pull up nappies and trendy little disco PM boots!

and lets ignore the ‘Gay abandon’ Shane Jones and Whinnie have flamboyantly Twerked in farmers faces with respect to their choreographed condemnation of ‘Fonterra executives’ for their massive losses in China!
You simply cant get greater shyster political Posturing for the sake of ones own ends… by duping a powerful demographic than that!

I could talk about the absolute pathetic wallowing of National party Leader Simon Bridges pandering to the Greens … ‘Global warming agenda’… in the face of propaganda that Antarctica is melting… despite the fact that NASA says it is growing… a pathetic…. act of desperation on his part!

Antarctic ice has set an unexpected record, and scientists are struggling to figure out why

And on and on it goes…. as we sail towards the abyss of stupidity!
I would quit completely and pray for comets to fall from the sky if it were not for my Children… and their children… and your children… who must inherit this Catastrophe from us… A Generation of abject failures.

The Brain sapping suckiness of it all has reached levels of lobotomy that should not be possible!

Hence I can barely write any blogs as the impetus gets immediately sucked into the void!

I need psilocybin.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

On the Plus side… There was Trapeze!

Obama’s evil minions still entrenched. Revenge of the Deep State: Andrew Napolitano


Read what Andrew Napolitano has to say about the ‘Revenge of the Deep State’….

“Liberty is rarely lost overnight. The wall of tyranny often begins with benign building blocks of safety ā€” each one lying on top of a predecessor ā€” eventually collectively constituting an impediment to the exercise of free choices by free people, often not even recognized until it is too late.”

Here is the back story.

In the pre-Revolutionary era, British courts in London secretly issued general warrants to British government agents in America. The warrants were not based on any probable cause of crime or individual articulable suspicion; they did not name the person or thing to be seized or identify the place to be searched. They authorized agents to search where they wished and seize what they found.

The use of general warrants was so offensive to our Colonial ancestors that it whipped up more serious opposition to British rule and support for the revolutionaries than the “no taxation without representation” argument did. And when it came time for Americans to write the Constitution, they prohibited general warrants in the Fourth Amendment, the whole purpose of which was to guarantee the right to be left alone by forcing the government to focus on bad guys and prohibit it from engaging in fishing expeditions. But the fishing expeditions would come.

In 1978, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which was intended to rein in the government spying on Americans that had been unleashed by the Nixon administration. FISA established a secret court and permitted it to issue warrants authorizing spying on agents of foreign governments when physically present in the United States.

People born in foreign countries who are here for benevolent or benign or even evil purposes have the same constitutional protections as those of us born here. That’s because the critical parts of the Constitution that insulate human freedom from the government’s reach protect “persons,” not just citizens. But FISA ignored that…

Read more >Here< 0f14ae34ccbf9ba4dffe0dd14955a955

My Commentary…..

Donald Trump does not enjoy the Loyalty of his own party let alone Loyalty from the Titan Buraucratic Machinery he has inherited from his predecessor Barack Obama, for the simple reason that He does not have the same Agenda as Obama implemented as a sycophant of the Status Quo… and the powers that be.
It is an agenda that Hillary Cinton was supposed to perpetuate.

These are the loathsome critters whom inhabit the Swamp Trump promised he would drain.

Obama and Clinton were merely Cogs in the Machine… There are far Greater vested Interests at work in the world.

Though there are many things not to like about Trump… none the less his successful election campaign has been one of the greatest of Spanners thrown into the gears of the Beast machine… and he has many powerful enemies as a result… both within Government and without.
All the vested Interests whom were growing the power of the State and suppressing the Rights and Liberties of the People.


Possibly the greatest threats Trump poses to the One world Order is his campaign promises to restore American Gun Rights that have been eroded… Guns in the hands of the people poses the greatest hurdle to the security of the Wealth and powers of the Status quo in the face of the coming Gigantic Financial collapse of the American Government.
They want to render ‘the Great unwashed’ powerless.

and secondly by Trumps moves to End the Rampant Pseudo-environmentalism with regards to the Scam of Global warming, and other diabolical United Nations Agendas… such as their persecution of Israel.

I remind Kiwis that it was Radical Green extremists whom had teamed up with the radical Racist extremists in the Urawera ranges and were practicing Murder, assignation, and hurling fire bombs… (Read about that here)

Radical Green Extremists are almost as fanatical about the destruction of Freedom as Isis and Al Qaeda!
So too are many of the Super wealthy… who look down upon us as ‘Useless Eaters’.

On another Front Brexit … Britain seeking to extract themselves from the EU is also of great weight… another return to Unilateral Sovereignty another set back to the One world Socialist Government agenda that will not go unchallenged.

The Wailing from the Millions of Dumbfounded Liberal Dip-shits across the globe has been deafening!
They want a Coup!
They want Trump assassinated!
And remember that *These are the hordes that have Zero scruples* when it comes to committing Violence and other crimes in order to fulfill their political aims.

These are the scum that Love using unchecked democracy to impose their oppressive lunatic policies on everyone yet scream blue murder when democracy fails to deliver the power back into *their hands*.

And the Danger for is very real for Trump and his family, and could Spring for virtually any quarter.
Christians ought to Heed Our Apostle Paul…

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”
(1 Tim 2vs 1,2)

These dynamics expose just how far America has drifted await from it’s foundations.
What is being called ‘the Deep state’ … the 9 to 5 bureaucracy is not supposed to be Party agenda driven… let alone have it’s own, but faithful to the constitution, irrespective whom is elected into office… yet clearly they have been as corrupted by excessive power and over-reach and operate as their own vested interest… just as the Police dont want to end the war on Drugs *because of the loss of Power and revenue this will entail.
Thus the Deep state favors tyrannical executives whom grow the Bureaucracy… and enhance their jurisdictions at the expense of the rights and liberties of the people to whose rights they have sworn to protect, and in virtue of which is the only legitimate function for which they exist at all.
Any reforming President must now content with these powerful vested interests that have been allowed to accrue Un-constitutional powers by a sleepy and gullible population that has foolishly devalued their Rights and liberties and instead have been swindled via Government by Fear, Prejudice, and envy.
And this is extremely dangerous… think of 22 November 1963 in Dallas… 1pm

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.


Michael Moore calls for President Trump’s arrest after Michael Flynn’s resignation

Times Journo Calls for Assassination of President Trump

Sarah Silverman calls for military overthrow of ā€˜fascistā€™ Donald Trump

CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ā€œI Was Part of an Assassination Team Of Killing ā€˜John F. Kennedyā€

More from Me… The Obama Agenda Hillary Clinton was supposed to perpetuate>>>> Do the Mathā€¦Obama is waging a covert war on the American People.

The Coming American Civil War.

Riders on the Storm! Homeland Security already confiscating guns .

Obama is nullifying the Second amendment before our very eyes! FEDS INDICT NEVADA RANCHER CLIVEN BUNDY. RISE UP AMERICA!

NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer
The Second Amendment is the guarantee of freedom…

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty. It is specifically insulated from governmental interference by the Constitution and has historically been the linchpin of resistance to tyranny. Yet the progressives in both political parties stand ready to use the coercive power of the government to interfere with the exercise of that right by law-abiding persons because of the gross abuse of that right by some crazies in our midst.
When Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, he was marrying the nation at its birth to the ancient principles of the natural law that have animated the Judeo-Christian tradition in the West. Those principles have operated as a brake on all governments that recognize them by enunciating the concept of natural rights.
As we have been created in the image and likeness of God the Father, we are perfectly free just as He is. Thus, the natural law teaches that our freedoms are pre-political and come from our humanity and not from the government. As our humanity is ultimately divine in origin, the government, even by majority vote, cannot morally take natural rights away from us. A natural right is an area of individual human behavior ā€” like thought, speech, worship, travel, self-defense, privacy, ownership and use of property, consensual personal intimacy ā€” immune from government interference and for the exercise of which we donā€™t need the governmentā€™s permission.
The essence of humanity is freedom. Government ā€” whether voted in peacefully or thrust upon us by force ā€” is essentially the negation of freedom. Throughout the history of the world, people have achieved freedom when those in power have begrudgingly given it up. From the assassination of Julius Caesar to King Johnā€™s forced signing of the Magna Carta, from the English Civil War to the triumph of the allies at the end of World War II, from the fall of communism to the Arab Spring, governments have permitted so-called nobles and everyday folk to exercise more…. Read more >Here<

Santa, is he real?


What’s wrong with teaching kids about Santa? The message of love, kindness and giving at Christmas time, is Christianity for young kids. So what has Santa got to do with the Christian message? Remember Santa is for kids. When we educate five year old kids for the future, we don’t give them university medicine text books, instead we give them cute little picture books to learn to read.

Who is Santa?

How real is Santa?

Let’s face it. In schools we teach kids that climate change is real. We also teach them the theory of evolution, and not to mention Marxism. Now who do we trust? Karl Marx’s ideals about ending poverty with collective ownership of property, or Father Christmas’s attitude of self producing, and willfully giving?

ps Don’t ever let anyone tell you belief in Santa is anti christian, or false religion.

Swallowing Brontosauri: The great fossil fuel delusion.


^^^^ Hahahaha…. on whom is the Joke really?

Many years ago I herd a very interesting theory, which immediately struck a chord.
Simply put … It made much more sense than the common assumptions.
What is un-questioningly accepted as Scientific Fact and ‘Common wisdom’ is patently absurd.

What am I on about?
Oil and Gas are falsely assumed to be a fossil fuels…. the reality is *there are no Fossil Fuels!*
They are all simply naturally occurring accumulations of Organic compounds of which the Earth is made.

The idea that Oil and gas reserves are the remains of Prehistoric Creatures and vegetation which were somehow buried in massive deposits before decomposition is quite frankly Ridiculous!


Apart from the fact that you can make make oil, gas, and coal via industrial processes from Wood, etc,
the delusion that Oil and Gas are ‘fossil fuels’ was argued from the fact that oil samples under a microscope revealed ‘cellular’ materials.
Yet it later turned out that these Biological ‘bits and pieces’ are not the remnants of Dinosaurs and trees (as supposed, and taught to the Masses) but are the remnants of Bacteria which have since been discovered to live in the Oil deep down below the surface of the Earth.

What is known as Earth’s ‘Biosphere’ … the regions of which Living organisms may be found extends from deep within the Earth itself right up into High altitudes of the atmosphere.
Thermopiles have been found living as deep as 5km underground.

And recent discoveries in Space exploration are now rendering the Fossil fuel hypothesis even more untenable.
Surely the Lie cannot continue much longer… can it???

Just recently vast quantities of liquid “hydrocarbons’ have been discovered in places like Saturn’s moon Titan … and because there have never existed living creatures on theses moons…. it proves that Hydrocarbons form in abundance within our solar system via other natural processes… On Earth carbon is converted internally under heat and pressure etc.
On Titan, it is the cold which liquefies the naturally abundant Gases and ‘Oils’ rain from the sky and form lakes, etc.
All it takes is the right conditions… no Dinosaurs… no forests required.

Suspicion that Oil was not a Fossil fuel has been suspected for Decades… even longer, yet the belief persisted and is perpetuated because it suits the Oil companies to sell it at a premium, and to the Doomsday Greenies whom cry out that ‘fossil fuels’ are a Non-renewable resource that are being Rapaciously consumed… that there is an Oil crisis ahead… and so Capitalism must be stopped, and that heavy handed State control of these ‘limited Resources’ was essential to prevent the eminent ‘Dooms Day’ … The collapse of modern civilisation and Technology…. and a reversion back into the dark age.

These are the same freaks whom also push ‘Climate change’ hysteria…. which also according to them is fast bringing Global catastrophe…. and so…. ‘surprise surprise’… requires the State to seize control of all the worlds resources and restrain Human liberty.
Putting an end to the assumed Decadence of owning your own Gas guzzers with Ginormous ‘Carbon footprints’… etc


Yet there is no crisis (At least not from Green house gasses or a shortage of Oil!)… no need to surrender the world to a Global Fascist/Commy State….alias Leviathan.

Oil and Gas are constantly being made within the Earth’s crust… out of the Earth itself.
Drained reservoirs refill.
The Idea that Oil and Gas are ‘fossil fuels is one of the great myths of our age.
It demonstrates Humanities infinite capacity to swallow Brontosaurus sized delusions and politically manufactured pseudo-science.
Yet because the Fossil fuel myth it is so utterly believed by the great bulk of humanity, I know that not many people reading this will believe me.
They will say I’m Nuts.
How dare I question the orthodox view?

I on the other hand am wondering how long will these Jurassic delusions continue?

Hitler has been sited as saying… “the Bigger the Lie, the more people will believe it.”

Another saying is…
‘… a person is more likely to continue to believe a lie he has herd a thousand times rather than the truth he has herd only once’.

I wonder what sort of Comments this Blog post will elicit

Tim Wikiriwhi.


Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certainty… The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!


The main topic of this post is the use and abuse of mathematics.
By ā€˜abuseā€™ I mean using math in such a way as to deceive people into believing falsehoods.

Though I am not by any stretch of the imagination a skilled Mathematician, I am an Engineer, and so I appreciate Math.
Engineering is applied Math and Science.
Engineering is ā€˜generally speakingā€™ a very ā€˜Groundedā€™ disciplineā€¦ while there is at times the need for innovation and experiment, It is more often Methodical.
There is little room for wild speculation, with expensive equipment and material, and so itā€™s use of Math is very ā€˜pureā€™ā€¦ righteous ļŠā€¦ and exact.

Engineer at work on a Lathe… Applied Science and Maths… without wild conjecture or speculation.

When making components I often rely on gauges and dials on my machines, calculating precisely what I want the machine tool to do so as to end up with a work piece which will do the job it is supposed to.
Many jobs are done to very fine tolerances so as to achieve the necessary ā€˜fitā€™.
Using high tolerance measuring gear the engineer must decide what degree of rotation on a hand wheel will result in infinitesimal perfection.
Like a captain navigating a ship in the Dark, or a Pilot flying through a storm,
Math becomes essential in Engineering situations where you must ā€˜fly blindā€™ā€¦for eg when a cutting tool is turning out internal details deep within a work piece.
Like a pilot flying in a stormā€¦ Often the Machinist cant see much at all, and must rely on his dials and hand wheels to make very precise and calculated sets of moves.
The smallest errors can result in catastrophe, either in the form of an industrial accident during production of the component, or a failure for it to fit, function or perform when the time comes for it to serve the purpose for which it was designed.

Thus I appreciate just how wonderful Math is as a tool for man in applied scienceā€¦ esp for high accuracy and for working in situations beyond sight verification.
It gets results!
This is applied math at itā€™s purest and bestā€¦ firstly because in these applications theory is practically proven beyond any doubt, ā€¦.Being well understood and fundamentally ā€˜Secularā€™ ā€¦as the term is properly understood ā€¦.there is no need for wild conjecture or speculationsā€¦.in this sense it is very mundane, and secondly because of the advances made in this type of applied science and math, which has resulted in the greatest benefits to mankindā€¦ and advances in almost every other field of Human Endeavourā€¦ for example in astronomy.
Yet alas technical advances are impotent to improve the spiritual condition of Humanity, and instead Mankindā€™s corrupt nature consistently employs even the greatest of Arts into the most terrible evils and infernal purposes.

The Engineering advances in the development of the telescope serves as an excellent example of how ā€˜basicā€™ technical advances led to the expansion of human knowledge of our Universeā€¦. The higher degree of accuracy to which a telescope is made, (and calibrated), the better observations the astronomer can make.
Yet man being man new technical advances not only brought greater knowledge and apprehension, but also brought new opportunities for Man to exercise his vanity and capacity for delusion!


What I am about to talk about now is a very different way in which math is often used ā€¦ In domains where wild Political and mythical speculations are countenanced, being tailored to accommodate the most Rabid and biased agendas ā€¦and even revered as the work of geniusā€¦. Under the guise of ā€˜scientific hypothesesā€™.
I would like the reader to consider just how ridiculous is the commonly touted atheist ā€˜Mythā€™, that Science has always been the tool of Rationalism against religion, primitive ignorance, and superstition!
An Objective survey of the march of Materialist Naturalism testifies to the fact that any pretence that Science may be understood to be the advance of truth against religious superstition is a very naive proposition indeed!

The truth is that on one hand no purely technical scientific advance has ever been in conflict with Religious beliefā€¦ or placed true religion/ biblical Christianity in any retreat whatsoever!
This Atheist contention that the advance of Science has been squeezing God and Supernaturalism out of existence is patently false.
I will have to leave my explanations for this to another Blog post, It will have to suffice for now to say that this belief stems from a misguided yet historic trend which followed the Enlightenment, and also that this atheist assertion as it stands today is not founded upon the solid rock of science properā€¦like engineering is, but relies totally upon wild conjectureā€¦ upon ā€˜impure usage of mathematicsā€¦ and ā€˜Pseudo-scientific theoryā€™ā€¦.all of which are expressly designed to prop up and legitimize an absolutely unscientific ideological bent..
And this type of agenda driven pseudo scientific theory is also visibly operational in political arena as wellā€¦ eg Climate change.
On this subject, I suggest readers go and listen to the arguments of Climate change skeptic Lord Monktonā€¦ He is very critical about the Warmist’s Math!

There are many things which can and do corrupt real and genuine scientific objectivity, and ideology, and vested interestsā€¦ Bigotry, Profit, and power over the mindsā€¦ and lives of humanityā€¦ are all at work today, and have utterly corrupted science so as to render the world to be filled not with lightā€¦ but with utter confusionā€¦ and darkness.

All too often the most wild of hypotheses are quickly christened ā€˜factsā€™ā€¦ and are then wielded as clubs to bludgeon and crush dissenting opinion and scepticism of the powers that be.
And In academic circles today it is the Socialists and the Materialist Atheists whom occupy the Seats of Power ā€¦ and who maintain their position via this corrupt means of employing Mass Pseudo scientific Propagandaā€¦ and by every means at their disposal …they actively protest and prohibit any opposition to their Naturalistic Cosmology, to their ā€˜orthodox medicines, to their environmentalism, etc etc.
Anyone questioning the Priests of Naturalism and Socialism receive similar treatment to Galileo when he argued for a Heliocentric model of the solar system !
How Ironic! ļŠ

Now itā€™s time for me to vindicate myself, yet let me confess to being not only ā€˜an amateurā€™ in the subject of Math, but also of having but a rudimentary apprehension of the modern methods, claims, and discoveries in field of Astronomy.
Just as I have done with Politics, Philosophy, and History, I have had to content my interest in Astronomy by reading the odd book, by watching The News, and Discovery channel, by chatting with friends in the smoko table or on lineā€¦ and by Reading articles in Papers and magazines. And though I have been actively doing so for most of my 46 years, I must say that I do not pretend to be an expert, and what follows is purely based upon the limits of such an eclectic and non-professional assimilation of Data.
And these are my current thoughts on these matters, and I will be more than happy to modify my position should Good reason be provided by some critique.

Modern Astronomy = Modern Astrology!

Mankind had advanced virtually as far as possible in Earthbound Astronomy using ordinary optics, and the micrometer, when advances in Electronics, rocketry and the advent of Computers literally opened up New Horizons.

Mankindā€™s powers have been greatly magnified, yet still we has not been freed from our own self-destructive Nature.
War has become so much more terrible, Thefts have become more massive, Tyranny has become more pervasive, and Mythology has become cloaked in White overcoats, and statistics.
We live in the Era of ā€˜Computer Modelingā€™ which can be a fantastic tool for running massive math calculations and other choresā€¦ yet like everything of Human construction it is not Free of the Human Factorā€¦ and so these thingsā€¦ including Mathematics (which play a major part in Computer modelling) can become a powerful tool of Propagandaā€¦ for selling Ideology to the Masses, and also can be a form of self delusionā€¦ by those who honestly believe their own fancy footwork is something more than mere conjecture and thereby unjustly elevate their hypotheses in the domain of proven *scientific fact*ā€¦ of unquestionable truth which is supposed to discredit alternative theories and propositions.
We live in times when it is a form of blasphemy to question anything deemed to be a *scientific fact*

One Bookā€¦ the title of which is ā€˜How to lie using statisticsā€™ is ā€˜recommended readingā€™ in Libertarian circles, and I even own a copy, yet I have not actually read it.
Still itā€™s Title incorporates a truth that has relevance to a debate I am having regarding the naturalistic theory of the Big bang and evolution of the cosmos which tries to explain the formation of our Home planet the Earth , the solar system, the Moon, etc via the forces of nature, eliminating any need for belief in, or the interventions of a Creator God.

In a recent face book debate, I have been asked to explain the scepticism I expressed about this Naturalistic explanation, and the latest claims by astronomers using the latest techniques to discover new worlds.
I am particularly critical of the latest claims that there are probably billions of ā€˜Earthsā€™ in the universeā€¦ ie the speculation that our planet is in no way special, and that belief in extra terrestrial life is somehow supported by mathematical probabilityā€¦ via the same process of naturalistic Evolution which are supposed by Atheists and materialists to have given genesis to life here on Earth.

One of the latest developments in astronomy which has become possible via the powers of exactitude, and Mass calculations afforded by the Technological revolution is the claims that tiny ā€˜observedā€™ patterns of orbital perturbations and oscillations in the positions and motions of stars are best explained by the postulation of the gravitational effects of unseen orbiting Planetsā€¦ solar systemsā€¦ similar to our own, and without spending my life checking that their methodology is not flawed, and that their equipment is actually capable of such featsā€¦ on face valueā€¦ I have no problem with this basic rationale. I am impressed with the ingenious ways these technologies are being exploited.


If this basic rationale was maintained I would not be writing this blog post, The problem as I see it comes when Astronomers expose their religious Materialistic zealā€¦ and attempt to conflate these discoveries of solar systems with evolutionary theoryā€¦ esp the Abiogenesis of Life.

See here>>>> 4.5 Billion ‘Alien Earths’ May Populate Milky Way

This corruption is so commonplace that almost every article about Astronomy mentions something about itā€¦ eg almost every report from a Mars rover makes some claim that these rovers are vindicating belief that ā€˜Martiansā€™ probably existed ā€¦ā€™Millions of years agoā€™. ā€Mars once had Oceansā€ ā€œMars once had potable waterā€ā€¦etc.
From this speculation you are supposed to leap to the conclusion that their were once also fish

mars fish

Just as Engineers have ā€˜fits and limitsā€™ā€¦ Tolerances within which they can operate successfully ā€¦ the breadth of which being dependant upon the task at handā€¦ so too do the scientists of Astronomy., yet it is much easier for Astronomers to ā€˜play looseā€™, that it is for Engineersā€¦and their maniacal bents mean they are in a habit of so choosing to interpret the data as supporting the notion that a certain observable perturbation in a stars motion indicates the presence of a particular sized planetā€¦ which just so happens to be within the so-called ā€œGoldilocks zoneā€ for that Starā€¦ *even if the perturbation can also be just as accurately explain in mathematical terms via a ā€˜less favourableā€™ set of variables which are just ad valid mathematically yet they would put a different massed planet either Too close or too far away to claim they have discovered a ā€˜Goldilocks planet.ā€™
I proffer this argument both from experience of knowing just how often scientists meddle with data until they ā€˜proveā€™ their own theoriesā€¦ and because I know a larger planet at a greater distance will generate the same perturbation as a smaller planet at a closer distanceā€¦ with the same orbital duration.
Me thinks that ā€˜Materialist Astronomers will tend to play with this extremely broad parameterā€¦ and suggest that a said perturbation indicates the existence of an ā€˜Earth likeā€™ planet orbiting a said starā€¦ simply by arbitrarily choosing ā€˜convenient dimensionsā€™ and by going to ether the inner or outer extremes of tolerance the received Data will allow so as to put the planet conveniently within what they consider to be the ā€˜goldilocks zoneā€™ for that star.
It is most telling that these Astronomers are without doubt engaging in ideological propaganda because they just as easily say the perturbations are being caused by Mars-like planets!… yet that does not have the same Evolutionary wet dream ā€¦.Sex appeal!
I can make this assertion because
Mars is within the tolerances of the goldilocks zoneā€¦thatā€™s how board a tolerance the astronomers set for this ā€˜ideaā€™ā€¦ and We are bombarded with propaganda from NASSA that they consider Mars to be ā€˜a goldilocks planet.
They justify the spending of Billions of Extorted Tax dollars upon the grand delusion that Space exportation is noble Endeavour in the quest for the discovery of the origin of Life. And The Billions of Dumbfounded dipshitsā€¦ swallow this line and submit to their slavery! (oopā€¦did I just say that! Hope I didnā€™t hurt any of you dopey Slaves feelings!)

The fact remains that itā€™s not so mystical to make the claim that the latest discoveries of Planets prove the existence of Billions of ā€˜Marā€™s likeā€™ planetsā€¦ that is not sensational at all!
It is however extremely sensational to say the data supports the idea of ā€˜Billions of Earthsā€™!… and yet this is a purely arbitrary statement!
Via this rationale Mars must be deemed to be ā€˜Earth-likeā€™ā€¦ and yet from this we can apprehend just how bogus such a claim really is!


The original Idea of the planetary goldilocks zone is actually *a theistic ID idea*.
The premise being that God placed the Earth in the Ideal orbit to sustain life.
This is a very devastating idea to Naturalistic atheism as it is one of many amazing factors about the Earth which the atheists must assume is not a matter of intelligent design but another ā€˜fortunate accidentā€™ā€¦

Now lets look at what these sorts of Mathematical shinnaganism really means.
Is this a valid scientific modus opperandi or theory?
Not at all! Their theories are non-falsifiable because when they can jiggy the numbers to almost any Astronomical extremeā€¦ until they arrive at something pleasing to their preconceptionsā€¦ and then declare the numbers add upā€¦ thatā€™s not science!

And astronomy is filled to the brim with such conjecturesā€¦ which are deemed to be established factsā€¦ simply because they ā€˜add upā€™.

Another example to further substantiate my point that Astronomers (and others) ā€˜play games with numbers and then pretend this is science , lets look at a current theory in respect to the formation of the Moon via a collision of another planet with Earth.

moon formation

Scientists set up a computer model and run through a whole series of variables/ scenariosā€¦ different size ā€˜Planet Xā€™ traveling at various velocities ā€¦until they narrowed down the variables to a set which when run through the computer appears to give them a pattern which somewhat resembles the Earth and the moon ā€˜as they assume these bodies would have been likeā€¦ and then they call a press conferenceā€¦ or write an article for ā€˜Natureā€™ declaring they have ā€˜evidenceā€™ which supports their hypothesis that the Moon was created via a collision with imaginary ā€˜Planet Xā€™ and the Earthā€¦ xxx years ago!
Now many reading this will say ā€œwhatā€™s wrong with that?ā€
ā€œIt applies the laws of physics and mathematics and comes up with a working explanation!???ā€

The problem with this type of ā€˜scienceā€™ is that it was *a foregone conclusion*ā€¦.even before they began to run the program, that they would eventually get a favourable scenario because when you are at liberty to feed into such programs whatever variables you like that one of these sets will inevitably produce the required Masses and forces to ā€˜proveā€™ scenario! Ie this virtual experiment is *Non-falsifiable* ā€¦ you simply ā€˜boogie the Masses and velocities until you get ā€˜a brewā€™ which satisfies your demandsā€¦ and then argue that Planet x was such and such a size and it was travelling at such and such a speedā€¦. And yet this whole exercise was nothing more than mathematical gymnastics!

Now that you apprehend the dubious nature of such methodology let me apply this insight to explain just one of the reasons why I am very sceptical about the latest claims of Materialist astronomers using computer modelling etc to make such claims as to have already found ā€˜Earth-likeā€™ planets orbiting other starsā€¦ and further inferring that the earth is not amazingly Uniqueā€¦ but merely one of Billions.

Let me now explain the motive behind why Astronomers are determined to make people believe the universe is filled ā€˜Earthsā€™ rather than ā€˜Marsā€™sā€™ .
They are playing the ultimate statistical numbers scam of them all!

One of the largest problems Materialist/ Naturalist/ Evolutionist/ atheist have is that advances in technology have not only greatly increase our powers to investigate the vastness of the Universe, but has also greatly increase our ability to investigate the Microscopicā€¦ the infinitesimalā€¦ and to the horror of the Atheist what has been revealed is not the simplicity they had postulatedā€¦ and require for their Naturalistic theories of the spontaneous generation of life!

The cell compared to a Factory.

Indeed the advances in real science have done the very oppositeā€¦Looking at the Cell, they have reveled a mind blowing complexity! Thus with the advance of science the hopes and dreams of atheists ought to have fadedā€¦ as the magnitude of improbability of the spontaneous generation of life is today beyond rational belief, yet instead of abandoning their unscientific superstitionā€¦ they are hell bent on fixing the numbersā€¦ so that their wild and irrational belief in Atheism ā€¦appears more rational than it really is.
And to do this they Need either Billions of Earthsā€¦ Or Billions of ā€˜Universesā€™.
Without writing another 3000 words to explain this I point out that the odds of life spontaneously generating on Earth have been described as *Infinitely improbable!*

Read about this improbability on my blog post here ā€¦

Dingbat Atheist Pseudo-science. Instant Lifeā€¦ just add water!

Yet rather than be despondent about any of this, the Hard as nails fanatical atheist instead have postulated myriads of mythical Earth-like planetsā€¦ and or infinite numbers of Universe occupying ā€˜other dimensionsā€™! (and yet they have the cheek to deride theists for belief in Heaven!)


Modern Technology and the growing *real scientific knowledge* about Reality has forced Atheist Naturalists into the most extreme absurdities and Math shenanigans… to maintain their atheismā€¦ and they know it!
What this gimmick does is not make the spontaneous generation of life any less fantasticā€¦ but dupes the fanatical Materialist into a false sense of certaintyā€¦reasoning that if a truckload of 1 000 000 dice get tossed 1 000 000 000 000 times or more that simply by chance every now and then on particular throwsā€¦ all the dices will fall six face up!… by pure chance!
They are so enthralled by this hopeā€¦ their entire atheist faith has come to depends upon it being trueā€¦ and as they have no hope of finding other universes ā€¦they today scan the heavens with the express determination of discovering billions of Earth-like planets ā€¦ because to their way of thinking just finding one other earth-like planet improves the odds for their deranged faith by 50%!
It does not make the appearance of life by natural means any easierā€¦ but by a quirk of mathematics it doubles the opportunity for fate to smile!… and the atheist are betting the farm on this! They are so insane as to believe that if they can prove that billions of ā€˜Earthsā€™ exist that this would somehow move the belief in The spontaneous generation of life from an absolute absurdity into an absolute certainty!
This surely must rank as the greatest majic trick of all time!
If ever there was a pseudo scienceā€¦ this must be the king of them all!
And knowing this powerful ulterior motive is a driving force in astronomy, is why we should be very wary of these latest claims that astronomers have already ā€˜discoveredā€™ Earth-like planets. They have serious vested interests to make such wild claimsā€¦in the vain attempt to add credibility to their absurd Atheism and to rescue Naturalistic Evolution and Materialism from the dustbin where the latest discoveries of Biology indicate such superstitions belong.
The Idea that science has liberated Mankind from superstition via Naturalism and Materialism is a ridiculous joke!
Modern Astronomy differs little from the astrologers of old… in its superstitious notions.
Modern atheists academics are absolute hypocrites! They are barely distinguishable from the Superstitious Luddites of old whom they say resisted every scientific advance. Today it is the priests of Atheism whom rail against the appointment of any Free-thinkers as teacher… whom reject the absolute Religious Naturalistic orthodoxy of our day!
Just look at the extremes to which the will go to combat investigation of the alternative explanations… that God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
King James Bible believer. Dispensationalist. Libertarian.

god created

One of the aspects of the Atheist quest to find life in outer space which I left out of this post is the fact that they stretch the so-called Goldilocks zone to the greatest extremes, and even justify the wildest speculation about life spontaneously Abiogenesising in the most Bizarre and harsh environments such as on Saturn’s Moon Titan, and Jupiter’s Europa… both of which do not fall into what is deemed to be the Goldilocks Zone for our Star by presenting examples of Life living under extreme conditions here on Earth… such as in the Darkest depths of the ocean by volcanic vents, or in Acid, or near boiling pools.

What this proves is that there is virtually no limit to the extremes these atheists will go to convince the world of the Atheistic theory for the Origin of life. All talk of the Goldilocks zone is in fact rendered meaningless. They prove this by making claims about abiogenesis on planets and moons which are’n even in the zone.
NASA Team Investigates Complex Chemistry at Titan

NASA experiment indicates possibility of life on Saturn’s moon Titan

The possibility of life on Europa

Update 2

Update:3 This just in…. so here we have the same game being exposed in yet another field… not only are astronomers, Evolutionists, and climatologists playing funky with Maths…. so are Economists….


Read more here:

Thrash Punks invented Global Warming Doomsday… in 1987.

The Plasmatics.

Maggots: The Record is the fourth and final studio album released by punk / metal band The Plasmatics in 1987. The album was released as a special “9th Anniversary Album”. Despite being called a “Plasmatics” album, it is often regarded as another Wendy O. Williams solo album, largely in part because her name is over that of the band, the merchandise for the tour has the WOW logo from her solo career, and the only other original member is Wes Beech on rhythm guitar.
Maggots: The Record was recorded in 1987 and is a concept album set 25 years in the future, where environmental abuse and the burning of fossil fuels have created a greenhouse effect, leading to an end of the world scenario.
Read more…

To really appreciate this Album you need to get a glow on…:-)

Morbidly Obese Environmetalist Orgy in Climate ‘Blood Diamonds.’


Check out this Blog post (Below) about the Commy Green Mega scam of ‘Climate change’… all the filthy lucre which funds the Environmental Religion… pretending to be selfless idealists, when in reality they engorge themselves in money stolen via lies and taxation… all the while attacking Freedom and generating propaganda as pseudo-justification of absolute Global Totalitarianism…


“The peculiarity of the global warming lobby is that it is partly funded by governments to lobby governments.

Friends of the Earth received ā‚¬3,101,245 from the European Union between 2007 and 2009. WWF did better, with ā‚¬8,794,595.

Between 1998 and 2009, the EU disbursed ā‚¬66 million to the green lobby. Itā€™s a kind of ā€œyou fund us and weā€™ll keep forecasting climate catastrophe and you can produce green taxes on the basis of our forecasts that scare your citizensā€. Some might call this a corrupt relationship. Itā€™s certainly not a healthy one.

Organisations, scientists and governments have so committed themselves to global warming that they need us to keep believing it. Those lucrative funding projects for scientists, those jollies to conferences in five-star hotels to ā€œsave the worldā€, the wind turbines making cash for everyone except us paying energy bills ā€“ will all come to an end once the people rumble the climate con.”
Read on…
Friends Of The Earth & WWF Recieved Billions From EU To Promote AGW Scam


Quit Bitching Zombies! You got what you voted for!

The Economies of the West were bankrupted by Nanny State Social Democracy… You Sheeple are to blame! Because you voted for Labour/ National… Reps/ Dems… and their equivalent shyster parties in every Western Social Democratic Nation whom promised to mother you and keep ‘Evil free enterprise’ in check.
You yourselves voted for the Bankruptcy!
You wanted all their promises.
You wanted all their taxes.
You wanted them to keep spending and keep borrowing.
Donā€™t cry about them bailing out the Mega Rich!
That too was all part of the socialist package you voted for… the idea that the government is responsible for the economy and can manipulate the players as it sees fit.
Donā€™t now pretend it is all the wealthy fascists fault!
Your continued self denial of your own guilt makes me sick!


We Libertarians knew your socialist scam would end in ruin!
We warned you for years this Zombie Apocalypse was approaching!.
We stood for parliament preaching an end to spending, an end to big government…yet you chose instead to burry your heads in the sand and kid yourselves that the socialist madness could go on and on…at least until *You* were gone… and then the problem would be someone elseā€™s problem to fix!
Well your chickens have come home to roost!
When you see growing poverty, and children in ragsā€¦blame your selves!
Take ownership of what *You voted for!*
Know that it was your own selfish lusts for Nanny State socialism which has brought Great nations to ruin!


The day of Reckoning is here!
Will you humble yourselves and admit your errors?
No. Like most criminals you will never admit the truthā€¦You will go the Hell screaming you are innocent.

Your politics created the Filthy Rich and the super powerful, and having learned nothing… having feed your growing Envy and Malice with even greater lies… you will soon elect an even more terrible Beast!
It is *you sheeple* whom will allow a new Totalitarian system to be installed!
You will vote for Full control of the worlds resources via a political eliteā€¦ in the name of saving the world from ā€˜Capitalist exploitationā€™.
You will vote for a global Dictator under the delusion that this will end war.
And you will all receive the Mark of the Beast, and cry out against those arrogant ‘Libertarians’…who refuse to bow down… calling them ‘Enemies of the State.’
Yes you will have your Socialist ā€˜Utopiaā€™!
My heart breaks for the Death of Liberty and prosperityā€¦. And for your Slave Children.


Evolutionary Stimulus… The struggle for survival…


Evolutionary Stimulus… The struggle for survival…
How many times have you read that it was the struggle for survival which stimulated leaps in the ‘evolution’ of new Creatures?
‘Change or Die’ is a Mantra of the Evolutionist priesthood.

Thus if we are to believe this Mantra…. the belief that Polar Bears are facing extinction due to Human action, we had better be ready! (See pic below)


Do you think my Polar bear comments are Ridiculous?
Why not apply that critical thinking to your whole Ridiculous theory!
You may realise that my comment above is silly only because the theory of Evolution is silly.

What is an even bigger travesty, is that many Highly educated ‘Christian philosophers’ that I know can find no contradiction between the Chaos and Cold brutality of theory of Evolution which renders man simply an Ape … and Christian morality and the Value of Human life.
They donā€™t hesitate to say the Bible is full of ignorant myths and fraudulent additions.
“Professing themselves to be wise the became fools”
They would Rob us Christians of our faith in the scriptures!
They tells us bible believers that we are ignorant fools because we have not been ‘educated’ in textual criticism, or in Rationalist philosophy, or in the verdict of modern Evolutionary science!
I say “let God be true but every man a Liar!”


The Evolutionists hope you never figure out that Species either Survive, or they Die.
*They never evolve*… even when facing extinction.
When you figure that out you will aprehend just how Stupid the theory of Evolution really is!

Lord Christopher Monckton- ‘CLIMATE OF FREEDOM’ TOUR of NEW ZEALAND -APRIL 2013-Itinerary

lord m
Lord Christopher Monckton

An Old Libertarian Comrade Robin Thomsen invited me go with him next week to hear Lord Christopher Monckton Debunking Global warming/ man made climate change.
I will be there with bells on! (very cool manly bells that is!)
Monday @ Waikato Uni
It would be great to see other Libertarians there too.

warmist scientists
Muppet science… seems legit.

While I am pondering this subject I remembered reading a while ago that The Warmists had figured out that… Quote:
“People with very strong free-market support had very high skepticism of climate change,” said John Cook, a cognitive psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland.”
He goes on…
“Such individuals also tend to distrust scientists and scientific processes such as peer review…”

Now what is telling about this is that if this is true (and I believe the first part is), then obviously the reverse is also obviously true… ie that Climate change is supported predominately by Quote: ” Retarded Anti-Capitalist Socialists whom hate the free market and believe the State should regulate all trade and Reasources”… said Libertarian Hunk, Tim Wikiriwhi in the greatest blog Ever… Eternal vigilance.
He goes on…
” John Cook is simply another State paid flunkey! The truth is Free thinkers do not have any faith in the heavily Politicized scientific community whose pay checks are dependant upon their manufacture of Pseudo-scientific hysteria mongering which generates mass phobia of free enterprise and conveniently recommends heavy handed government regulation of trade, virtually an end to private property, and absolute control of the earths natural resources, whereas the Earth worshipping Luddite Retards snort it like Cocaine! ”


^^^Criptic message from Roger Waters.


Climate Realists’ Network
was formed in July 2009.

We link to many other like-minded groups throughout New Zealand.

Our main form of communication is by way of fortnightly newsletters to our members. (Contact details below)

Our website contains a number of relevant articles of interest; however anyone wanting to explore the issue of climate on a much deeper level is encouraged to check out our LINKS page which provides a broad range of websites with endless hours of reading to suit any taste.

Lord Christopher Monckton

During April 2013 Lord Christopher Monckton will be in New Zealand to speak on Climate Change and its underlying idealogical framework, the United Nations Agenda 21 and the threat this is to freedom. The tour is entitled Climate of Freedom.

While few of us are familiar with Agenda 21 we are likely to have heard the term ā€œSustainable Developmentā€, ā€œSmart Growthā€, or ā€œRenewable Energyā€. We may think that this is a ā€œnot in my backyardā€ issue that we can take or leave as we wish. But if you conduct even a cursory Google search for some of the key concepts of Agenda 21 you will find that most New Zealand local government long term policy has been explicitly implementing Agenda 21 for nearly 20 years, and that this dictates many aspects of YOUR life.

Understanding the underlying goals and intentions of Agenda 21 makes the Global warming, and Climate Change debate infinitely clearer. The motivations, purposes and methodology of those who persist in alarmism on this topic, despite the mounting scientific evidence to the contrary and the 16 year ā€˜pauseā€™ in rising global average surface temperatures is more transparent. As the evidence increasingly contradicts the theory of greenhouse gas impacts on global temperatures the alarm is morphing to climate disruption, climate chaos, extreme weather and other scary stuff, since the temperatures are not keeping in step with rising CO2.

Donā€™t you want to know what is going on here?

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

al g


Monday 1st April
Northland: ( Please note minor changes)
6pm Ascension Wine Estate, 480 Matakana Road, Matakana.
30 min introductory presentation followed by a brief opportunity for questions from the audience.
Light refreshments may be purchased from Ascension, but no dinner will be available.
Entry by donation.

Tuesday 2nd April
6pm The Kumara Box, 503 Poutu Road, Dargaville
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Wednesday 3rd April
3pm May Bain Conference Room, New Whangarei Library building, Rust Ave
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

6pm, Conference Room, first floor of the Dickens Inn, Cameron St Mall
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Thursday 4th April
10am-11am Lord Monckton will be a guest on the Leighton Smith Show (Newstalk ZB)

7.30pm, Netball North Harbour Function Room, 44 Northcote Rd, Takapuna
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 5th April
7-9pm Fisher and Paykel Lecture Theatre, (Room F&PAA/260-115)
Located at the Auckland University Business School, Grafton Road
No admission charge, but donations welcome.

Saturday 6th April
2pm, St Columba at Botany, 480 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 8th April
7am Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, Events Room 1, Gallagher Hub building, Hamilton Wintec campus.
Price $45
Tickets available at or by going to

12 noon Student Union Forum-Village Green outside the shops, Waikato University
Public welcome, no admission charge

7pm Price Waterhouse Cooper Lecture Theatre, Waikato University, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton (opposite the Admin building)
Gold coin donation.

Sponsored by the NZ Institute of International Affairs (Waikato Branch)

Tuesday 9th April
7.30pm, Bureta Park Motor Inn, Vale St Otumoetai.
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Thursday 11th April
7.30pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Grey and Derby Street
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 12th April
7.30pm, Ellwood Function Centre, 12 Otene Road, Waipatu, Hastings
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Saturday 13th April
Palmerston North:
2.00pm, Masonic Centre, 168 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North
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7.30pm, Anglican Church Hall, 67 Cambridge Road, Ashhurst
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Monday 15th April
New Plymouth:
7.30pm, Devon Hotel and Conference Centre, 390 Devon St East
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Tuesday 16th April
7.00pm, Southwards Car Museum, Otaihanga Rd, Paraparaumu
Tickets: $20 adult, $5 15yrs and under

Tickets to this presentation available online from
or at the Customer Service desk,
Coastlands Shoppingtown,
Contact for this event: Peter Jones (04) 2938966 Mob: 0272266657
Sponsored by the Kapakapanui Lions Club


Wednesday 17th April
Lower Hutt:
7.00am – 9.00am Chamber of Commerce breakfast
Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Silverstream, Lower Hutt
7am- 7.30 breakfast, 7.30-8.30 Lord Monckton to speak, 8.30-9am Q & A
Members $45 +gst, non-members $65 +gst
Bookings and cancellations by Monday 15 April
contact: Donna 09399821 or

Press Club meeting
Associated Audio ‘The Bose’ Experts
5.30pm, 95 Customhouse Quay Wellington
Free entry to Press Club members, $10 non-members
RSVP compulsory as numbers very limited.
Contact: .
Light refreshments provided.

Thursday 18th April
7.30pm Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 19th April
7.30pm Marlborough Convention Centre, 42A Alfred St
Admission by donation to cover expenses, surplus to go to hospice.

Sponsored by Federated Farmers (Marlborough)

Saturday 20th April
Christchurch: ( Please note minor changes)
2.30pm Forum, moderated by Rodney Hide
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Monday 22nd April
8am -9.30am Business Breakfast
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$45 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Bookings essential for catering purposes- no door sales.

7.30pm Sopheze on the Bay, Caroline Bay, Timaru
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 23rd April
12pm arrival for 12.30 lunch
1pm Lord Monckton’s presentation
The Savoy Reception and Conference Centre
50 Princes St, CBD, Dunedin
$40 entry, tickets available from Jock Allison
ph 03 4772903, mob 021 363337
Numbers limited- book early to avoid disappointment.

7.30pm, Burns Theatre A
entrance opposite 84 Albany St
(Otago University Clubs & Socs Building)
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Wednesday 24th April
7.30pm, Gore Town and Country Club, Bury St, Gore
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 26th April
7.30pm, Ascot Park Hotel, 2 East Rd, Invercargill
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

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