Prohibition fails again. Synthetic Cannabis still here… driven underground. TVNZ


Oh yes Prohibition is a smashing success.

Here you go all you Anti-synthetic cannabis wowzers!
Read the TV1 article below!!!
When will you learn that Banning things does not remove the hazzards but drives them underground and makes them profitable to unscrupulous criminals who are *more likely* to sell them to minors… than when you have a legal market which has a self interest to self impose an R 18 restrictions?
And also it is funny that all your hysteria disappeared when you got your tyrannical laws… and all the reports about chaos and deaths in hospitals evaporated…. yet the reality is that the drugs themselves never went anywhere… but have been quietly consumed…. without fuss.
This Proves that all the so called ‘dangers of synthetics’ were nothing more than a ‘witch craze’ hysteria….
Just as they are with Regards to Cannabis, BZP, and even P.
That’s how prohibition works!
Upon Lies which generate panic amongst the Masses of Morons whom are governed by fear and terrified of anything novel… or fun… etc.


The reality is Prohibitions actually increase the dangers of drugs on society both directly by putting them into the hands of criminals, and indirectly because of the massive injustice the war on drugs imposes… the wrongful imprisonments, the social alienation, etc etc.
Wasting Police resources on an unjust war that cant be won.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Read this>>>> Synthetic cannabis customer turns up during police raid

“Police raiding a Christchurch property for drugs were approached by a member of the public asking to buy synthetic cannabis.

Police say they executed a search warrant at a rented residential address in Linwood at about 7am today after information was received relating to synthetic cannabis being sold from the address.

A cordon was established in the vicinity while the armed offenders squad cleared the address as the information suggested there may have been firearms at the property. The cordon was removed around 8am.

While Police Specialist Search and a police dog and handler searched the property, a member of the public arrived at the address and told plain-clothed officers they wanted to buy synthetic cannabis, Detective Sergeant Richard Quested says.

The property is divided into two flats and there were seven people at the property including a small child, he says. Some of the occupants are members of a local gang, Mr Quested says.

A quantity of methamphetamine worth $2,000 was seized by police along with a number of bags of synthetic cannabis which appeared to be packaged for sale and over $2,000 cash.

Police investigations are continuing.”

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NZ Research finds Synthetic Cannabis Low Risk. The Star Trust.

Any Doubts? Legalise!

Dunne fails Drugs Test. Colin Espiner. Sunday Star Times. May 4 2014

Low Crime Stats contradict Legal High mania mongers.

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Let’s talk rationally about Synthetic Cannabis and how society ought to manage it.

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6 thoughts on “Prohibition fails again. Synthetic Cannabis still here… driven underground. TVNZ”

  1. Hey Tim.

    How about you stop bitching and whining and blaming the “Anti-synthetic cannabis wowzers” and, instead, take personal responsibility for New Zealand’s ongoing state of peak prohibition? Because I, for one, won’t be holding back on giving myself a pat on the back when cannabis is eventually legalised in God’s own.

    How about you tell us what this “synthetic cannabis” of which you speak actually is? (Here’s a clue. They isn’t cannabis.)

    How about you stop citing prohibition as the cause of the black market? I put it to you that the black market in so-called “synthetic cannabis” hasn’t actually grown in size since Key’s government pulled the plug on the PSA’s interim period provisions around about this time last year. Rather, instead, it has shrunk in size. Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Please cite it.

    1. You are wrong Richard.
      The Black market for Synthetics is growing.
      And *You* are the inconsistent one, not me.
      *You are a prohibitionist*
      *You Support the ban*
      *You Fan the flames of Hysteria and Bigotry*
      Not I.
      I call you what you are…. *Statists*

  2. How about you propose a lasting solution to the ills of prohibition, instead of backing temporary respites that were ever doomed to fail?

  3. Tim, it’s like this. The PSA fiasco was “one step forwards, two steps backwards”.

    You supported “one step forwards”.

    I opposed “one step forwards, two steps backwards”.

    Get it?

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