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Move over, Mitre 10

This afternoon, my mum and I attended the Episcopal Ordination (Consecration) of Bishop-Elect Reverend Justin Duckworth (previously blogged about here) and his Installation (Enthronement) as the 11th Bishop of Wellington at St Paul’s Cathedral in Wellington. It was a spectacular … Continue reading

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Scott Guy Murder Trial…I find the Defendant *Not Guilty!*

From the information I have received on my distant perch, I must say that I would hope the Jury will find Ewen Macdonald Not Guilty. Simply put: The Crown’s case is Piss weak! That the Prosecutions final summery was an … Continue reading

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Advertising Standards Authority – no jurisdiction over own name

Following my complaint about the Advertising Standards Authority Society misrepresenting themselves as an authority the ASS has ruled that it can not consider a complaint about its own name because it has NO JURISDICTION. It’s an ironic ruling. My complaint … Continue reading

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Jackbooted State Goons lay Filthy hands on Peaceful Law Reformer.

Martin Luther King was one of many Civil disobedient Activists who found himself in jail for resisting Racial segregation. Ultimately He gave his life for the righteous cause of racial equality before the Law. Salmaan Taseer. was martyred for advocating … Continue reading

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Comparing Hamilton City’s Dire straits to Bankrupt City of Stockton.

The Californian city of Stockton is set to become the largest US city in decades to go bust. Mayor Ann Johnston told the city council which endorsed the move it was “the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision” they had ever … Continue reading

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Godless freaks

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Horror stories. How can a Good God exist when there is so much Evil in the world? (Part 3)

Part 1… Part 2… a href=””> Is this a legitimate evaluation of The God of Israel and Chriatianity? After having a short discussion with my fellow Blogger Richard Goode (in the ‘Comments’ of Part 2) I realized that I will … Continue reading

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Caption contest

(The original image was highly offensive to Muslims. It featured actor Kevin Bacon in the bottom panel, with the caption, “Please don’t die.”) [Cross-posted to SOLO.]

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