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Blog entry Ardern Government Will Use 'History Curriculum' To Indoctrinate Our Children With Racist Falsehoods. Tim Wikiriwhi's submission for ' Aotearoa New Zealands Histories in the New Zealand Curriculum '. Tim 4 2021-07-09 23:23:04
Blog entry Freedom is being snuffed out as Globalists tighten the screws on their Political enemies... anyone who vocally disagrees with them. Tim 7 2021-07-08 17:55:33
Blog entry Epic defense of Free Speech: Ann Widdecombe | We Should NOT Support No Platforming (8/8) | Oxford Union. Youtube Tim 11 2021-07-08 12:47:00
Blog entry Plotting Ihumatao : Unscrupulous Protesters seek to Manipulate the Police and Create another 'Bastion Point' type Flash point. Tim 2 2021-07-08 12:39:16
Blog entry Would be Terrorists Escape Justice. Far Leftist Racist Radicals and Environmental Extremists. Tim 5 2021-07-08 12:23:50
Blog entry Thrown Under The Campaign Bus... The Ride To Hell With Winston Peters. 2017 Tim 11 2021-07-08 05:27:56
Blog entry Tim Wikiriwhi's Oral submission opposing The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification Of Publications And Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill. 5-5-21. Tim 3 2021-07-08 05:27:41
Blog entry Welcome to the Machine! I guess it wont be long before I am put in jail for breaking New Zealand 'Hate speech' legislation. Tim 35 2021-07-08 05:22:26
Blog entry Big Sister is Watching. Tim Wikiriwhi's submission to the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill Tim 6 2021-07-07 23:09:04
Blog entry The Verdict is in... as predicted... 'Closing the Gaps' Socialism has been a disaster for Maori and New Zealand as a whole. Tim 4 2021-07-07 22:19:43
Blog entry Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington. Tim 10 2021-07-07 21:55:32
Blog entry Gab, Mewe. Life on the Frontier. My Post-Facebook experience in Alternative Social Media sites. Tim 6 2021-07-07 21:25:06
Blog entry Libertarian Opposition to the Globalist agenda of Mass Immigration. Tim 11 2021-06-30 19:57:08
Blog entry The lonely road. My divorce from John Ansell. Tim 16 2021-06-26 16:41:50
Blog entry Guilty Plea by New Zealander who shared the Banned Live Facebook feed of the Christchurch attack is a victory for tyranny and a defeat for Liberty Tim 4 2021-06-25 08:01:07
Blog entry Stop with the lies and Blame! Maori need to take responsibility for their own shocking Crime statistics. Tim 6 2021-06-25 07:42:26
Blog entry Falling to Pieces .... Thank's for the music Scott Weiland Tim 6 2021-06-24 11:07:39
Blog entry The Rape Culture of Woke Liberal Transgender Rights: Forcing Themselves Sexually Upon Unwilling others. Tim 4 2021-06-24 05:56:23
Blog entry Life in the Age of Bullshit. Tim 1 2021-06-17 17:35:07
Blog entry Pied Piper Anthony Fauchi's Lies Crippled Western Civilisation. ( While Big Government and Big Tech Censored the Truth Tellers) Tim 14 2021-06-12 10:23:39
Blog entry Outsiders: Victorian Fascist Police and Microsoft 'Bing' cancels 'Tankman'. Tim 2021-06-07 15:08:22
Blog entry Shout out from Johnny Scoville on Chase the Heat! 5 Feb 2021 Tim 2021-06-06 23:16:34
Blog entry Bad Apples. Heretics and Infidels. Tim 9 2021-06-06 19:42:07
Blog entry Very very suspect election results for the South Island. Tim 73 2021-06-06 19:01:10
Blog entry 'Alien Weaponry'. Heavy Metal and New Zealand Woke State Promoted Art. Tim 2021-06-05 11:11:17