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Blog entry Repost: New Zealand's First Official day of Remembrance of the Wars of the 1860s. The Hauhau Rebellion and the Heinous Murder of The Reverand C.S. Volkner. Tim 2 2021-09-13 18:58:19
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Blog entry The Globalists have been slow to distribute the Vax to New Zealand because they want to Bankrupt us first via lockdowns. Tim 9 2021-09-10 21:43:32
Blog entry My submission on the inquiry into the government's response to Covid 19. Tim 25 2021-09-04 16:08:49
Blog entry New Zealand Lawyer Sue Grey doing some good work with respect to NZ Government Covid 19 response and 'Vaccine' roll out. Tim 16 2021-09-04 16:06:39
Blog entry The year of Covid 19 lockdowns and loss of freedoms. It has always been about the Vaccine passports. They have had this plan for years. Chris Sky. Must watch video. Tim 11 2021-09-04 16:05:18
Blog entry Bill Gates warned us of a COVID-19-like pandemic watch his TED Talk from 2015 Tim 3 2021-09-04 15:57:13
Blog entry The Truth is in Retreat. The Global Kingdom of the Antichrist is at hand . Is The Age of Grace coming to a close? Tim 16 2021-09-04 15:35:07
Blog entry It's all about *The Spike*. Covid 19 is a Bioweapon released upon Humanity for the sake of Global power. Tim 3 2021-09-04 15:24:04
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Blog entry "Unite Against Covid-19 New Zealand" . The Subtility of the Serpent that beguiles. Tim 11 2021-09-04 14:43:27
Blog entry Geoffrey Palmer and the Rape Culture of Socialist Government. Teaching Liberals the Principle of Consent Tim 10 2021-09-03 11:10:19
Blog entry Ex cop appeals to law enforcement personnel to refuse to obey orders you know are evil. Tim 2 2021-09-03 11:06:54
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Blog entry World War 3 On The World Wide Web. The Crushing Of Free Speech in New Zealand. Tim 37 2021-08-26 23:22:32
Blog entry Knock! Knock! It's The New Zealand Police and we would like to have a friendly chat with you about your Opinions shared on Social media: VJM Publishing 19-7-19 Tim 19 2021-08-26 22:37:51
Blog entry OneLaw4all Pamphlet Does Not Cause Me Any Offence: Bugger The Advertising Standards Authority! By Libertarian Maori Tim Wikiriwhi. Tim 13 2021-08-26 22:17:09